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Look who’s back!

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Work, work and work is all that I have done since last 3 weeks. New job is no cake walk after all :). A lot has been happening around me, around the world, in cyberspace, in blogger space but I have not been able to catch up on anything. Not even sleep.

Here's a small list. Varun's e-News follows:

I have no clue about the happenings in my city and the worst part is I know nothing about republic day sale and deals in my city :(

Tennis: It is the Australian Open that I am not able to follow. I am sorry Ana. It is Ana Ivanovic I am referring to :). I am sure by the time I would finally get an opportunity to watch the open, no-more-a-sensation Sania would be nowhere to be seen!
Cricket: I am missing Australia's battle to retain the numero-uno position.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was the last movie that I have watched in a theatre :(.
I have heard/read a lot about Slum Dog Millionaire. I'll try and catch it over the long weekend. ARR nominated for Oscars was not a surprise but being nominated for 4 awards was! Is ARR's music so good? I somehow didn't like the songs as much as I have liked ARR's other songs. Give me 'Dil Se' any day. Is Oscar turning out to be Obama's key to India?
Is Billu Barber a movie about Item songs?

Black is Beautiful! First Hamilton, now Obama, Who's next?
Did Obama take his oath twice? I watched only the first one.

What is Anandi (Balika Vadhu) up to these days? I am missing watching that sweet girl on TV.
I have not been able to watch Roadies :(

Culture and Tradition:
There was Sankranti that flew past as quickly as it came. I wanted to come up with a 'How-to' post on that day illustrating the method of preparing cute moulds from melted sugar. I have all the pictures and that post is on my to-do list. I'll definitely come up with it as soon as possible. Belated Sankranti wishes to all readers :)

Recession, Satyam, Ramlinga Raju! I think its better I keep out of all these depressing issues.

It is that time of the year in India when all of us have to submit our investment proofs to save tax. Trust me this 3 letter word can give anyone sleepless nights. I am glad I finally got time to make some good investments.

Microsoft launched a new operating system Windows Ultimate 7.0. I downloaded the beta version on the day it was launched. So far so good! Touch wood! :) It is better than Vista in terms of performance and working fine.

Dilli 6 is different and good.
Visuals of Billu Barber is better than its soundtrack.

I read few posts but haven't left my comments anywhere. Sorry for that! I'll catch up on all your old posts and will make sure I drop in my two cents.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will undergo a heart bypass surgery today. Even though he is just a puppet PM, he is a good man. I wish him speedy recovery and good health.

I am going to Mantralayam today to spend the long weekend (Pilgrimage). It is going to be a family outing. I will be attending two weddings next week. One in Mysore and the other in Calcutta (Best Friend's Wedding). I'm looking forward to having great time everywhere.

Until next time...

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  1. Finally !!! U r back.. Good to see..
    Have a nice time with family!!

  2. Welcome welcome!
    Windows 7 huh?
    Tell me how it plays out!
    Dilli 6 hopefully good. :D
    Good luck on the Pilgrimage.

  3. after 3 weeks of only work.. i guess its time for your break. have a great time with yur family and a blast in your friends weddings :)

  4. hey varun good one !
    republic days r celebration in mumbai and upper parts. in bangalore u may find flags selling near majestic or soudha.
    slumdog got attention coz of boyle. oscar is all about lobbying....
    keep writing...

  5. Dude, Slumdog has a music of international standard and the emphasis is more on the music which can be incorporated at various stages throughout the movie rather than on the lyrics and Songs Jai Ho, Paper Planes, O.. Saya are good man. Ringa Ringa reminds you of 'Choli Ke Peechhe Kya Hai' .. hehe

    Nothing much is happening in B'lore apart from murders in Jayanagar now and then. And since when we have sale because of Republic Day?

    I am following Australian Open and Roadies as well. It's still in its initial stages so U haven't missed much. That's all I watch on TV other than repeat telecast of 'Oye, It's Friday' sometimes.

    Billoo Barber has so many item songs because SRK is playing 'himself'.. He is an actor so he is dancing around.But the movie is not based or even closely his. It's all about Irrfan's character and it's Irrfan's movie. SRK can be termed supporting actor.

    Did Obama take his oath twice? Haha, ROFL... :)

    Oh, u wrote Dilli-6, that was the working title of the movie. It has been changed to Delhi-6 but I wish it was Dilli-6.. Dilli sound so real. That's the way people up there pronounce it.

    Happy 'Long' Weekend.

  6. Well-rounded e-news :) Mantralayam sounds like a nice place to visit. Have a great time! Hope to read all about it.

  7. Welcome back! A good round up :)
    Have a nice trip to Mantralayam. Do pray for all of albeit some of us being atheists ;) Enjoy those weddings!! Do find time to blog more often :D

  8. Welcome back buddy !

    I liked all the songs of SDM. It gels with the movie; O saya, Mausam and escape, Liquid dance, Latikas theme are great.

    Delhi 6 songs grow on you like an infection.

    That was a great wind up, I guess you had a similar e-news months ago. This is a coool series, please continue this.

    Have a great time !

  9. "Black is Beautiful!" - Dude, that's a very dangerous statement, if you know what I mean! ;)
    And you're back and you're going off again! Hehehe!! Have fun! :)

  10. hellooo!!!
    well, for one, i loved most of d scores frm slumdog millionaire!
    n abt dear little anandi, EVEN I AM NOT SEEING HER THESE DAYS since i m back on campus!! hope she manages to study despite dadisa's sabotages n befriend jagya n live happily ever after! my blessings r wid her! :P

  11. Delhi 6 is good and Masakalli is awesome....

    Anandi is quite subdued these days, the focus is more on her new taiji...

    Hope u get free soon....

  12. Rahman's music rocks..

    Dilli-6's music too is great.. ya it grows on u like Vimal said..

    so.. on a trip.. have a Safe jouney..

  13. Wow good to see you write after reallllllly long time....Well everything you wrote sounds sum where each one of us.....But yeah too bad you dint watch Slumdog millionaire.........Awesome is just an understatement.... Dude you got watch that movie as soon as youo can....and enjoy your best friend wedding :)

  14. Hi Shweta,
    Good to see you blogging. Welcome to blogosphere! :)

  15. Hi Vivek,
    Thank you :)
    I'll write a post about Windows 7 soon.

  16. Hi Kumuda,
    Good to see your comments. One wedding down, one more to go :)

  17. Hi Abhishek,
    Welcome to my Digital Diary!
    It is sad to see that the Republic Day has lost its sheen and is just another national holiday for all of us.

  18. Hi Reema,
    Thank you. Will do...

  19. Hi Oxy,
    International Standards. I think you are right. Slumdog's music was used in Paris last week for a ramp show.

    Murders! Scary! My mom told me about it.

    Ana is no more in the open and I just cannot see Serena jumping up and down the court. Fed-ex's singles final and Bhupati's doubles final should be fun to watch.

    I am not complaining as long as Deepika, Priyanka and Kareena are dancing to SRK's tunes :)

    Obama stuttered and missed few words when he took his first Oath. No one's spared in US of A. Even the president had to correct his mistake :)

    I always thought it was Dilli 6 :(
    Delhi 6 sounds International...

  20. Hi Shivya,
    Thanks so much. I'll write a post about my weekend getaways as soon as possible :)

  21. Hi Apar,
    Thank you :)
    I have prayed for all my friends there. I have started to respond to comments and started reading all your blogs now. I'm going to Kolkata this weekend. Should be able to take time out to blog once I come back.

  22. Hi Vimmuuu,
    You remembered!! Thank you :)

    I will definitely continue writing series like these.

    Dilli 6 is slowly but surely growing on me :)

  23. Hi Chiranjib,
    Thank you :)

  24. Hi Nikhil,
    Hahaha :) Yeah

    I am off to Kolkata this weekend :)

  25. Hi Archana,
    I have not had enough time to listen to those tracks again and again. That is probably why I have yet to like tracks from Slumdog.

    As far as Anandi's update is concerned, like Smita said, the emphasis is now on her new taiji. I watched it yesterday.

  26. Hi Smita,
    I hope so too..
    Thanks for Balika Vadhu updates :)

  27. Hi Oorjas,
    Thank you :)... ARR always rocks!!

  28. Hi Valerine,
    Thanks so much! That's a lovely compliment. I am off to Kolkata this weekend to enjoy the wedding :)
    I'll watch Slumdog as soon as I am back from my trip

  29. Well it's nice to see you back :)

  30. Did u say u were back??? I still can't find you :P

  31. Am reading ure blog after 3 weeks too.....

  32. hey varun

    there are awards waiting for you :D
    chck out my blog :D

  33. welcome back :)

  34. Look at brighter side...
    On valentine's went for an air show...with 3-4 guys..what a nice day to celebrate the good day...

    One more might call that a typical of me...
    Bengalooru - sounds like..Bengal + loo + r you?
    Is it really the spelling...?

  35. Hi IHM,
    Thank you :)

    Hey Smita,
    I am finally back :)

    Hi Divya,
    Fantastic! You are keeping up with my speed :D

    Hi Chiranjib,
    Thanks for the tag and award. :)

    Hi Arvind,
    Thanks so much!

    Hi Akshat,
    I celebrated Valentine's day with one of the love of my life! Fighter Aircraft!! :D