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India shaken but not stirred

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The title of the post appears like a James Bond's drink but no, it's got nothing to do with the Vodka Martini. I am talking about the bomb blasts that rocked India last weekend. The serial bomb blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad have definitely shaken India to the core. Life is always unpredictable but these guys have made it worse. If accidents weren't enough, one now has to make sure he or she is not driving or walking around a place that can be bombed any second. Life has become a mine sweeper game. One wrong step and kaboom. Major difference between a game and life is you can always restart a game but not everyone's lucky when it comes to life.

Media has definitely played its part in hyping the issue but I believe it has become a boon in this case. The government rose to the occasion and tightened up all the screws and prevented blasts of high intensity in Surat. Coming to government, why are only the states ruled by BJP targeted!!? Does one see any reason for it? I go with co-incidence till I find something concrete to blame someone.

The blasts might have created fear in people's minds and hearts but for how long ? The last blast in Bangalore took place in the afternoon and the life was back to normal by evening. There was definitely a little fear somewhere in some corner of the mind but then you cannot sit idle waiting for some maniac to blast something. The people who plant bombs are losers. What are they trying to achieve? If they think they can imbibe fear into people's minds by blasting few bombs, their thought process needs an overhaul. They think they've won a war by killing few people but the truth is they've won nothing. Nobody fears a person they've never seen. You'll not be able to even convince a kid to get to bed by telling him 'soja beta warna bomb uncle aajayenge'. In matter of weeks, the whole bombing episode is going to become a laughing stock in shows like laughter challenge.

I take this opportunity to condemn the attacks and pray for the people who've succumbed to such hideous acts of crime.

The statements above looks like a statement cut from a politician’s speech but trust me; I don't have a spokesperson to make such bold and beautiful statements

A few crude bombs can never stir a country of the stature like India. The life in Bangalore returned to normalcy the day after and the news channels told us that the life was normal in Ahmedabad by Sunday evening. We even worked full time here on Friday which goes to show the effect t hat the bombs had on us.

It’s quite evident that India's shaken but it’s all the more evident that it’s not stirred. Yenna Rascala... Mind it... :D

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  1. Hi Varun,

    Life turns normal because we have no other option. But then another fact is that something should be done to prevent such things. I was reading somewhere that post Kargil some "Saxena Committee" was formed who gave some report to make our intelligence concrete. Acc to that some 3000 ppl shud have recruited and u know how many were recruited just 800.

    Here is the link

    What I want to say is that there is a government and if we check out their JD then the item topping the list wud be "Security of its people" but has anything been done for that?

    Why is it that we have fend for ourselves? 7 live bombs diffused in SUrat, how secure does that make u feel? To be frank for the first time am scared.

    But i have no other option but to put a brave front....

    lets wish for better sense to prevail...

  2. Hi S,

    Thanks a lot for your comments. The article published in Hindu is truly eye catching. 7 bombs were diffused only because the intelligence agency acted fast. I completely agree with you that the prime responsibility of the government is to safe guard its people but its also our responsibility as citizens of this Nation to help them in this noble cause.
    Lets wish the government reads our blogs and acts upon it :)

  3. Varun,

    B'lore faced this for first time ever and trust me there is still fear inside the hearts and minds of B'lorean especially my mom and many more moms like her. I was told not to step out during weekend but how long can anyone sit idle at home. I did go out and saw many people outside. Of course people have chores to do. But in their talks and eyes you could see the scare.

    P.S. Lol @ Mine Sweeper. Perfect analogy.

  4. Hi Oxy,

    Thanks... I play minesweeper quite often and that was the first thing that came to my mind when i started writing about bombs and bomb blasts. I was out for lunch and shopping on Saturday and had a birthday party to attend to on Sunday.

  5. It is true that Bangalore has been caught unawares and napping. But the fear of uncertainty when you step out each day robs you of complete happiness. It will take some time for the city to out grow this. It is good that a beginning has been made in the right direction by the citizens in condemning the act as cowardly.
    Let us hope good sense will prevail at the end and even the Rascalas will turn out to be good.

  6. Sitting somewhere in Dallas we feel helpless and scared when something like this happens in India, but I guess, as U have mentioned life becomes normal after all the tensions. I really feel sorry for the innocent people who died for no reason...anyway I guess thats life!!
    Good blog Varuni...keep writing!!