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An upsetting weekend

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Before you get into any sort of conclusion, I am perfectly fit, fine and doing great. I am just talking about the upsets that we witnessed during the course of the weekend. There were 3 major upsets in the world of sports;

Upsets from my point of view only because none of the teams or individuals that I supported won.

1. Formula 1 - Ferrari not managing a podium finish in the British Grand Prix (Hamilton Won)
2. Cricket - Srilanka beating India in the Asia Cup Final
3. Tennis - Nadal beating Federer for the Wimbledon Crown

The biggest upset of them all will no doubt be the third one in my list. Nadal managing to win the longest final in Wimbledon History. I was reading an article on 'Brand Fatigue' in Bangalore times the other day. This was an interesting article that talked about people getting bored of seeing the same person win again and again. Nadal has now managed to give people something to cheer about. We have a new winner, a new hero.

It was a sodden Silverstone grand prix that Hamiltion managed to win. It was without any doubt the young lad's (I am growing old) best race ever. A race that was hard on drivers and more so on the race engineers. The race required perfect strategy but it’s a touch disappointing to see that the Ferrari team clearly lacked it. Hamilton's victory has opened up the championship wide. It's now a 4 way or could even be a 5 way battle for the championship with 9 races to go. This is what every F1 fan dreams of. We have a battle on our cards. A battle at 300 kmph :)

Coming to cricket, I am disappointed to say the least. When will Indian cricket team win a final!!?? I know Srilanka had a magician named Mendes in their side who demolished India but why does it always happen to this team? Is it something to do with the team selection? Is it something to do with the players’ fitness? There are lots of questions like these that the team management needs to find an answer for and if they don't do it quickly, I am afraid we'll have to settle for India's remarkable victories in the league stages.

I do not want to speak about what went wrong or what could have been right because there are experts in every field who are better equipped and better qualified than me to talk about it. I am just expressing my disappointment as a spectator who loves watching these sports.

Every cloud has a silver lining and so does every upsetting weekend. The silver lining was 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na'. It's a very fresh, feel good movie. You come out of the theatre or a multiplex with a smile on your face. The movie has no sci-fi story or a time machine or a dard-e-disco but it still manages to capture the heart of audience with its simple and well narrated story. The music is wonderful. AR Rehman is truly a genius. You cannot refrain yourself from humming 'Pappu can't dance saala' or 'Aditi Hans de Tu Zara' whenever you listen to it. The cast of the movie is the main reason behind its freshness. Genelia is cute and Imran can act. I give it four stars (****) out of five. One more movie released over the weekend. Love Story 2050. Couldn't muster enough courage to watch it after reading all the great reviews it had got.

From movies to motor sport, from cricket to tennis, the greatest have their bad days. It's just a matter of waiting for another weekend, another match, another race and getting back to winning ways.

All the Best!!

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  1. Hi,
    Upsets are a way of life. It is this unpredictable nature that makes every thing that much more interesting. But Indians losing the final was expected. I only hope it brings some sense to the over rated team of Dhoni.
    Nadal deserves kudos for scaling the insurmountable Fedex & that too at Wimbledon.
    Jane Tu is good but Imran is just another Khan - more hype than substance !!

  2. Yes I did watch the wimbledon finals and it has made me tennis follower..thanks for ur view on the movie, i was sceptical abt watching it.. now I can .. :)...
    at the end ..well no comments on our Cricket team....

  3. So you have achieved what I couldn't - in terms of making Manjali comment to the post. My weekend sucked big time. I was working all night on Friday and all of Sunday. I have followed Wimbledon more when in India than I have this time when I am in England - irony some would say. Couldn't watch the F1 either. I was cursing my job for not being able to watch the Asia Cup final; but in the end the men in blue made sure that I do not feel bad about missing the game. For a change, the bowlers delivered in the final, and that was the time when the batsmen decided it was there turn to commit hara-kiri (due to lack of a better term).

    I watched Love Story 2050 and had thought of writing a review, but now I have only one thing to say, "Play safe. Do not watch it."

  4. Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

  5. Thanks a lot for awesome words Anon! Means a lot! You can contact me directly as I don't have any copywriters.