Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Between Breaks

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Break - 1

I have been allocated a new project called 'Meteor' and have been put into two day training. The training is going on really well but I have decided to enjoy my breaks too by writing something whenever I get one.

The new cubicle allotted to me is really good. It's very close to the entry and exit door, the rest room, the cafeteria and most importantly the fire exit :). The people around here recognize me unlike the old cubicle where I sat all alone. It’s a good feeling when somebody smiles at you early in the morning and wishes you good morning. Gives you a good start.

Break - 2

The training that I am attending is a financial training. It's a training about financial and accounting aspects of a telecom billing world. People in my organization have waited for almost 2 years to get this kind of training but lucky me, I am attending it the 2nd day I got into my project. I always wanted to get a degree in commerce but feared that it would take me no where and followed the crowd who were jumping into the world of Engineering. I have no regrets about the decision as it has done a world of good to me and has given me a lot of good friends along its way. Finance is a domain one can learn any time one wants irrespective of his or her educational background and since the term ‘finance’ is so closely associated with money it always amazed me. The words 'assets', 'liabilities', 'expense' etc never fail to astonish me. Break - 2 was a lunch break. The menu for lunch was two chapatis (6 inch radius) with chatni and a sabji. It was a welcome change that I enjoyed thoroughly. Resorted to chapatis instead of a meal because I did not feel like having anything heavy during training. Sleep factor you know!! I fall asleep in almost all my trainings unless I find an interesting trainer or some activity that can keep me awake.

Break - 3

The activity or exercise that we did was certainly refreshing. Never drowsed off and most importantly, I managed to complete it with only two minor mistakes. I am feeling like an expert already. Bring on the account books!! :).

Final - Break

The day finally comes to an end. I was playing with Alice in our very own wonderland for most of the last session. Tomorrow promises to be an interesting day. I’m looking forward to it. Hope you enjoyed reading this piece during your break :)

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  1. Hope u have a nice day today too :)

    And its great na that u got to get trained :) congrats..BTW Accounts and me don't see eye to eye...I was literally thrown out of my Accounts class in MBA...as in on the last dya of my sem by lecturer told me not show my face to him hehehehe....

    Enjoy the training :)

  2. oh !! training ..the only thing it reminds me is our ITP days .... :D..
    anyways enjoy urs ...:)

  3. Hi S,

    I am done with my two day training and feel exhausted. No wonder you don't see eye to eye with Accounts. So many terms to remember... Baap re!!!

    I did enjoy my training nevertheless not sure whether I'll be able to put it to good use :)

    Hi Manny,
    ITP Days!! I remember it all the time too.

    Let me define ITP training for others; Its the training carried out for freshers by Tech Mahindra. We were a team of 29 and had a ball.

  4. Break - 1

    I dread sitting near the entry/exit as many would be able to peep and find what I am up to?

    Break - 2

    I hated finance and I still though. I wanted to get into law but like you jumped into world of engg and like you no regrets either.

    Break - 3

    Kudos. I can never fathom myself as an expert of accounts/finance. take all my account books..:)

    Final - Break

    Yes I did...:)

  5. Hey Oxy,

    I sit facing the door.. Instead of people peeping into my PC, I get to see who's wearing what :)

    Accounts nahi yaar... training ke baad i feel engineering is much better.

  6. Hi Varun,

    Good to see your words on HTML page especially your experience sharing.

    when i read your blog, first thing came in to my mind was college days. As in college we were sitting next to each others and now same sort of place (desk) allocated for both of us in different companies:).

    "Finance"-very power full term in one's life. And you are working in that Domain..Good..Enjoy.

    All the best.


  7. Hi Varunie,

    I am feeling sorry as i am not able to keep in touch with Inc from past couple of months...but whenever i read ur blogs atleast i feel that i am in touch with u!

    reading ur blog is like talking to u..man i guess ur in wrong industry..the way you express urself is just superb..ur blog of "driving back from BLR airport"...was too good...keep it up..will try to speak to u all soon..

    best regards,

  8. Hi Harsh,

    It was really good to hear from you. Thanks a lot for those lovely comments. Will surely take your advice on changing the profession. It's actually a part of my post retirement plan ;)

  9. i agree abt how just a smile from some ppl around u can make ur day. makes one feel comfy n wanted. one wud go nuts sitting all day amongst strangers. gud tat hav been shifted to a better place now.. :) nice blog btw..

  10. Hey av,

    Welcome to Varun's Digital Diary! Thanks for those comments