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Mauja Hi Mauja at 90 kmph

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The distance between my office and home is just four km. This has given me an opportunity to commute using a two wheeler. In a city like Bangalore, I am really very lucky to find an office that is so close to my home. Like most of the two-wheeler riders these days, I too have my hands-free plugged into my ears all the time. They might use it to receive calls but I use it to block the terrible honking sound and to listen to music. I tried listening to the FM radio for few days but Bangalore FM radio stations are pathetic. The final option that was left with me was to resort to a play list of my own.
I have a play list of few hand picked songs that not only entertains me but each song changes the manner I ride my bike.

1. Aditi Hans De Tu Zara - A smile is what you need to have on your face when you are riding in Bangalore without which the ride becomes mundane. This song makes sure that I at least start my ride with a smile.

2. Pappu Can't Dance Saala - This song manages to keep the smile going that Aditi started. I just change the lyrics a little to 'Pappu can't drive Saala' and start laughing at any person who's passing me or attempts to pass me.

3. Bachna Ae Haseeno - This song gives me the feeling that I am announcing myself to the world. 'Lo Main Aagaya'. It is a feeling that can sure bring smile on anybody's face. More that the smile it brings out, it manages to bring out the guy who wants to impress the haseenas with his style of riding. Don't ever try it on Bangalore roads because you never know when a haseena might bump you off the road.

4. Mauja Hi Mauja - The title of the post would have now given you a fair idea of what I do while listening to this song. This is one adrenaline pumping song. By the time this song gets its opportunity I hit a ring road which is wide and usually free of traffic. This is a stretch of about 300, 400 metres where I get to live my dream of becoming a Valentino Rossi or a Michael Schumacher everyday. The more I manoeuvre my vehicle the faster I go. This is what I call the 'Controlled Rash Driving' :)

5. Tashan Mein - With lunch box in one hand and laptop bag on my shoulders, I feel no less than a Saif Ali Khan or Akshay Kumar walking into the office. What if I don't have size zero Kareena by my side, I have an equally smooth and sleek dell laptop on my desk :)

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  1. Loved the way you ended it. But I am not too sure if your parents would be happy to know what you have been doing. Though I know, and am sure they know it too, that you are a very good driver.

    Take care and have a good time on the roads. Enjoy madi!


  2. heyy...atlast someone who respects songs :)...hehehe...I do and feel the same way while riding, When I listen to Azeem o shaan shehanshaa, I felt like an emperor on the roads.hehehe...but I do have a lot more in the list. I mean, it keeps changing monthly.

    This is my first time to ur blog and im gonna explore more.

  3. varun, u wudnt believe...I just commented in ur blog and checked my mails....voilaa! ur comment in V-lokam. now, is that coincidence or not!!!!

  4. :)

    Songs 1- 4 are my favorite too and trust me even I play them while driving but not always. The reason is simple, my attention gets diverted and I start concentrating more on the songs :D

    Happy listening & happy driving :)but be safe

  5. Abe Gadhe Jab drive karteho to kaan bandh karteho to theek hai magar kabhi aankh bans karke muth jhoomna. Take care drive safely

  6. Sahi hai...

    I gave up listening to songs while riding my bike.. No specific reasons.. Just like that.. And yea, that stretch on ring road is quite cool.. I like it too and I go zoom zam zoom...

  7. Oye Vimmuuu,

    And what do ya mean by 'at last someone who respects music'... U overlooked me or wot.. I know I haven't written anything specific related to music but I can bet when it comes to Hindi music, it's hard to beat me.. try me... :)

  8. @ Chandan,
    I am somehow fascinated with that size zero word and wanted to bring it out in one of the posts. Tashan and Kareena finally gave me that opportunity. Will surely take care. Thanks.

    @ vimmuuu,
    Welcome to my digital diary. 'Azeem o shaan shehanshaa' I tried listening to it while climbing up the stairs and it certainly felt royal ;). Have a nice time exploring...

    @ Smita,
    Thanks... I thought girls are better at multi-tasking... :)
    Thanks for the concern...Will ride safe...

    @ ggiridhara(Appa),
    Don't worry. Will ride safe :)

    @ Oxy,
    Now i know who zip zap zoomed past me yesterday ;) and vimmuuu, better be beware of Oxy. Bollywood flows in his khoon... :)

  9. @ Oxy :

    I meant, giving respect to music while riding.More often than not, people scold me for doing so.hehehe...and how can I ever think of over looking u in terms of Bollywood???As Varun put it, Bollywood is in ur khoon!!!

  10. @ Varun, Oh yea I guess that was me.. hehe.. :) and I had to zip zap cuz U were not giving me enough room to pass..

    @Vimmuuu, Haan ji.. in khoon, sweat and what not , its all bollywood... :)

  11. well..
    @ vimmuuu & oxy : songs - bollywood or hollywood or kollywood, in my blood too! n u know wat i luv d most? freaking ppl by singing aloud on roads with my ear-plugs.. they wud think i m a freak (which in a way i am! :P)

    @ varun : he he.. gr8 songs! well, u cud use a bigger song collection though!!

  12. @ av,
    Yes, I do that in my office. I listen to an even bigger collection.

    For the bike ride it has to be special songs which keeps changing with time. For the time being these are the 5 lucky songs :)

  13. mate i hope u soon get one (manny i wish) "Partner" as well behind u...and i am sure then ur list of songs will change!!

    Drive Safe.


  14. Harsh,
    Ha Ha.. I hope so too...I need to buy a car to think of many partners. Filhaal my bike has room for only one :) Partners mile na mile gaane to zaroor milenge... :)

  15. Loved the post..and it will be a must atleast on blore roads with all its traffic .... [:)]... have a safe ride...

  16. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks a lot :). I would love it if you could write your name next time.

  17. love 'mauja hi mauja' too.
    BTW I had left a comment on your post 'Slow down culture'
    Hope you saw it.

  18. i Preeti,
    Am really sorry! I have finally replied to your comment on the other post. It's hard to find a person who doesn't like this song :)

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