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Sons of India

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Why do we mourn for a day or two when our favourite cricketer fails to score a century or fails to take wickets? Why do we feel bad when a movie of our favourite star flops? One of the reasons being that we see these people as part of our own family. We feel the pain that they are going through. We feel the pain as though it is our own. But why don't we feel the same when a soldier breathes his last protecting our country. 

I was watching a kannada serial directed by Prakash Belawadi yesterday which touched upon this topic quite beautifully. The female protagonist in the serial is a war widow whose husband has died in Kashmir trying to protect our country. She brings this topic up and asks a simple question to her parents. "Why aren't the soldiers treated as part of everyone's family just like a cricketer or a movie star is treated? Are they any lesser to these people in importance?”

There have been instances of huge Puja being performed when the one and only Big B fell ill or just before Indian team left for West Indies for World Cup but I haven't seen or heard of any Puja being performed for the well being of the Indian soldiers. They are always taken for granted. 

Do you think the soldiers need to fight in a Colosseum in front of a large audience or fight in front of a camera to gain this place in people's heart or keep a count of the number of kills that they have made so that it can be put up in the list of never ending world records? 

I am not here to answer any of the questions that I have raised or the lady in the serial rose. I shamelessly confess that I don't have the answers. I just feel that it is high time that the martyrs of war get more than just the two minute mourning we give them. May their souls rest in peace. And in case any of you know the answer, please let me know. 

According to me, they are the true sons of India.

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  1. this is by far the best blog you have written. truly thought provoking!!

  2. These unsung heros deserve the real praise and prizes not the cricketers and actors!

  3. Sooper blog Varuni...I am glad u have made so many people think about this topic...great going!!I personally know a dear friend who lost her husband last year during Kashmir riots...hats off to that brave son of India!!

  4. Varooooon, nice post buddy. You seem to be inspiring everyone with your recent posts.Good going man.

    This is one reason why I liked 'Heroes' movie. It doesnt show a soldiers sacrifices or his hardships at the battle field. It brings out the story of the loved ones who lost him. Try watching it, you might like it.

  5. Why don't the real heroes get the respect they deserve...

    Well may be because there deeds aren't even brought to forefront. If we are responsible for it then so is the current media circus who have their priorities all jumbled up.

    Having said that I will just add that we have taken our protectors for granted. And this post of yours is not only thought provoking but makes us think as well....

  6. Great Post!! The feel of the post is of sadness and despair for our soldiers. It tugs at everyone's heart. I wonder why don't we have a day dedicated to the martyrs and it must be celebrated for them. Do we already have one? I dont think the Republic or Independence Day give them enough attention.what we lack is awareness of their humongous contribution to make India safer.

  7. You are telling right. But why we are not remember them because of lack of advertisement, publicity.
    It is real!

    U see If rajeev dixit told some thing about Swadesh no body Liston,
    because of lack of publicity.

    But If Ananth murthy told 'BAN RSS'
    It ll come every media as flash news.

    U got it.

    Media want the people who will give the statement which leads to controversy.

    So that people start telling For/Against the topic.

    But What soldier ll give us any controversy statement.

    Any single army never told Kashmir should go to Pakistan and Jammu with India.

    Is it right?

    Thats why no body remember themmmmmmmmm

    But people know, when to remember and where to give respect.

    Thats why Soldier son get more respect from the people rather than Police son.

    Think yourself....

  8. Hi Harshada,
    Thanks so much! The moment I saw that scene in the serial, I knew I had to write about it.

  9. Hi Reema,
    You are absolutely right! They deserve all the awards.

  10. Hi Chaiti,
    Thanks a lot :). Kannada serials are not followed by everyone out here. So I just wanted to pass the message across.
    Hats off to your friend and her husband and to all those people who have sacrificed their lives for this country.

  11. Hi Vimmuuu,
    Thank you :). I just hope I am not crossing the line and sounding too preachy.

    I'll surely watch Heroes when I find some time. One more friend of mine has recommended it.

  12. Hi Smita,
    I am beaming! I am happy that the post has at least made people think about the issue.
    There is one NDTV show where famous movie stars visit the jawaans in Siachen Glacier and Kashmir but even that show comes across as a publicity stunt by the actors.
    It's high time somebody untangles the jumbled up media.

  13. Hi Arch,
    Thank you :)
    We do celebrate martyr day. It is celebrated every year on 30th January (Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's martyrdom). Media has to step in somewhere to create that awareness. I am happy that few directors are working towards it.

  14. Hi Pradeep,
    You are right in saying that we respect the sons of soldiers a lot.

    But its not just about the respect. There are lot more things that they deserve. They deserve recognition, they deserve the applause that these cricketers get, they deserve the praise and prizes. Their widows deserve a better life. A piece of land (compensation) in some remote place of the country is simply not done.

    If creating controversies is the only way to gather people's attention, Indian army needs to hire a Rakhi Sawant soon.

  15. I think you yourself know the answer...It's cuz they are not visible, they don't hog half of the TV times with their ADs, their interviews, their parties, their personal life, they don't talk of what color is their fav and how many dogs n bitches they have as pet. That's why. They are never talked of so they are not known.

  16. Absoulutely right... i think, we are safe because they are there to protect us!!

  17. Hi Oxy,
    Yes. But that's very sad. Isn't it!?

  18. Hi Sakhi,
    True! We sleep peacefully at night because we know that guys like these are guarding our borders. I just hope that they get rewarded for it.

  19. Of course it is sad. How do we change that....? I mean we youth talk of bringing change and this n that but when it comes to what you speaking of, nothing can be done apart from just talking about it amongst ourselves.

    After watching RDB, many youth like you n me got encouraged, got enthusiasm to do this n that but how many succeeded ...? Forget succeeded, how many even tried anything to bring about the change...

  20. So very true! All we can do is write about it here or talk. Unless the media steps up I don't see anyway that these guys get their share of recognition.

  21. Hi,

    "They also serve who only stand and wait" said the famous poet Milton albeit in a different context. As you have observed it is high time that the country awakens to its bounden duty of respecting their soldiers. These is the least we can do. It should start from the school level where it should be taught that the soldiers are really great. Rewards and awards can follow later. Glad you have made a few to think about it.It is bound to have a cascading effect. All the best dear boy.

  22. HI varun,

    This one Inspired me!!!

    When i saw blogs of someone i use to feel...these are just for the sake of fun.
    but after going through this particular blog...i really felt great reading it!!

  23. Hi Appa,
    You have got a great point there. School is the perfect place. Cascading effect or not, I am happy that I could pass the message across and happier that the post has made at least few people to think about the issue.

  24. Hi Deepa,
    Welcome to my Digital Diary!
    Thanks so much! Keep visiting and keep getting inspired more and more :)

  25. Well this piece deserves the appreciation it is getting...

    And I remember that show it was great show...

  26. hi
    excellent post like it


  27. Hi Sm,
    Welcome to my Digital Diary! Thanks so much!

  28. dude wonderful post ..
    U have made a great point ...But i guess no one can answer that ...
    its really sad that we dont pay much respect to the soldiers who fight for us ..

  29. Hi Arvind,
    Thanks so much! All we can do is just hope for the condition to improve.

  30. This is the thing I keep telling people like chandan (who are big fan of cricket and Big B)...nothing against Chandan for liking them so much... but shame on Media for publicizing Big B's stomach ace or Cat's Climbing roof top....but not the critical events a student securing highest in IIT entrance exam or some paper publishing event...or some new scientific work .... or anything good that will make us proud of being indian...or that would encourage us/youngsters... the closest thing shown by media to what i am saying is IIM guys making big bucks!

  31. Hi Akshat,
    IIM's somehow always attract media. Be it their fee hike or the fat pay cheques their students get. Media follows money these days.

    You are absolutely right! There are lots of better news around that deserve more attention than these gossip and unnecessary information.

  32. Dont worry dude. On the long run, only brave men and their patriotism remains in our hearts. Even for the generations to come, Soldiers and their sacrifices will be cherished forever.

    Soldiers are like stars in the skies,bright and magnificent always. Film stars and sports icons are like crackers, they are bright but short lived.

    People remember Bhagat Singh for his sacrifice than Dhyan Chand for his skill.

    We should ask ourselves, the culprit is within us. We prefer to read about what SRK said about DON2 than reading how Tukaram Omble captured Ajmal Kasab.
    There is a ten page bio-data on Ajmal Kasab in Wikipedia, half a page on Tukaram Omble.
    We gave Omble a posthumous Askok Chakra and have forgotten him forever.

    Omble had to be the national icon, but shamefully his sacrificed soul is buried in denial to accept his heroic acts.
    There is no wonder if Kasab is released tomorrow on humanity grounds and he becomes a MP in congress :(

    We care for nothing, we live for nothing worth living, we just exist and scream for India only for cricket.
    Our media is cleverly utilizing our inactivity in all spheres of society.
    They show what they want to us to see, not what we want them to show. Money and greed has ransacked the noblest of professions.
    They can portray Anne Hazare's revolution as a comedy show, Baba Ramdev as greedy politician.... etc etc

    I remember two songs, one from AK 47's 'hey raam, this is India.......' , second is from SP Bhargavi ' ee deshad kathe ishte kaanammo'.

    I agree with you, it is a disgrace for the brave 'Sons of India', 60 yrs after independence, its time for another round of revolution.
    This time the enemies are within us, rebelling against oneself and the way i and you live.

  33. There are two aspects to the issue that you have raised. Just because people do not say it does not mean they do not feel for the men in uniform. Today, if there is one institution in India that has unflinching support of the people are our defence forces.

    Besides, soldiers and even bureaucrats work on the principle of anonymity. It is for the top generals and the political leaders to hog the limelight while the soldier endures silently.

    Since you have raised it, why stop at the soldiers. No body sheds a tear for the farmers who commits suicide. They feed the nation, including the soldiers - however brave they may be, they cannot fight on empty stomachs.

    I agree that the media has a big role to play in making people aware of the ground realities. But then we, as citizens, talk but seldom carry out our responsibilities.