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Ghajini Ne Bana Di Jodi

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Here we go again! Here are my first impressions on the music of Ghajini and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Two most anticipated movies of the year. I am carrying on from where I left.

Cast: Aamir Khan, Asin, Jiah Khan
Music: AR Rahman
Director: AR Muragadoss

Singer: Javed Ali
Guest Vocals: Sonu Nigam
First Impression: Wow! Sonu Nigam should have done more than just humming in this song. The track would have sounded amazing in his voice. This song is my new ring tone.

Aye Bachchoo
Singer: Suzanne
First Impression: Foot tapping. The track has all the ingredients to set any dance floor on fire.

Kaise Mujhe
Singer: Benny Dayal & Shreya Ghoshal
First Impression: Too slow to my liking. I changed the track even before it ended. The singers have obviously done a great job but the track did not impress me much.

Singer: Karthik
First Impression: Sounds like 'Main Aisa Kyun Hoon' from Lakshya but very good nevertheless. Apparently Aamir Khan has changed his costume six times in this song.

Lattoo Lattoo
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
First Impression: Shreya Ghoshal has made this track her own. She has done an awesome job to say the least

I watched memento(Ghajini is apparently loosely based on this Hollywood movie) last week and see no place for these songs in that kind of action movie. It will be interesting to see where the director fits these songs into. I give the album four stars (****).

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Vinay Pathak
Music: Salim Sulaiman
Director: Aditya Chopra

Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai ( Two solo tracks)
Singer: Roop Kumar Rathod and Shreya Ghoshal
First Impression: Slow but beautifully sung by both the singers.

Haule Haule
Singer: Sukhwinder Singh
First Impression: Probably the best track of the album. Haule Haule Ho Jayega Pyar is very true for the album as well. Keep listening to fall in love with this album. I do not have the patience but in case anyone of you do, please go ahead.

Dance Pe Chance
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan, Labh Jajua
First Impression: I have started liking this track after I saw the visuals. There are absolutely no second thoughts on the quality of the singer. She is one of the best we have today.

Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte
Singer: Sonu Nigam
First Impression: Innovative! The lyrics are at its innovative best. It's like this song 'Mere Jeevan Sathi' from the movie Ek Duje Ke Liye. The only difference is this song has mukhdas (in a different tune) of famous old songs as well. Sonu Nigam has done justice to the song.

I give the album three and a half stars (***.5). I have given the album an extra star only because it has SRK on its cover. :)

Conclusion: Given an option, I would listen to songs from Ghajini any day.

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  1. Thanks for the music review. So I have some good new songs to listen to.

  2. hmm /..have heard 2 songs of gajini thats it ..
    never knew songs for RNBJ's songs released :P
    thanks for the review :)

  3. Xtra ishtar for SRK Uncle??? Another Dostana in making??? ha ha ha...

    Ghajni songs jitne sune didn't like them but "Dance Pe Chance" is the song which i have been humming aaj subah se...:_

  4. haven't heard gajini's songs..but yeah haule haule is a lovely track..I watched the making of this song..good work by both Sharukh and Vaibhavi Merchant

  5. Thanks for the music review dear.. Shall soon check out the songs of both the movies :)

  6. I haven't heard many of these songs yet. Due to poor connectivity (and even worse television privileges.) I feel both movies will be well received (For obvious Reasons). :)
    Kind of like Dostana (You feel bad while eating but eventually you think man that was a good meal!) The music was good too.
    Lets wait and watch! :)

  7. Hi Reema :)
    Yes you do! You are always welcome.

  8. Hi Arvind :)
    The music of RNBJ released even before Ghajini. I waited for the music of Ghajini to release so that I can compare the two big releases and also I didn't want to write a review of just one movie.

  9. Hi Smita :)
    SRK aur humara Dostana to bahut purana hai :D. Dance pe chance is very hummable.
    You didn't like Ghajini!!?? Why why o why?? Rediff.com has given Ghajini 5 stars :D

  10. Hi Soumya :)
    Ghajini's songs are good. I didn't know that Haule Haule was choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant. Thanks for the info :)

  11. Hi Nidhi :)
    You might want to update your N73 with these songs. They are pretty good.

  12. Hi Vivek :)
    They have not yet started to relay all the songs on Telivision. Vishal and Shekhar have done a good job in Dostana. The movie was hilarious in bits and pieces.

  13. Ghajini is a remake of Memento. Bah, why can't they come up with original stuff??

  14. Hi Nikhil :)
    Yes it is! It is just loosely based on memento. Where did the word remake come from :D.
    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is an original piece :D

  15. My view -- Except for Haule Haule, the rest of RNBDJ are boring. and im sure even Haule Haule would sound stale after a couple of listenings.

    The songs of Ghajini is the biggest disappointment for me this year. I expected a lot for Aamir-ARR team. Guzaarish and Kaise Mujhe were good; thats all. Behka did sound different but as the song progressed, it was irritating !

  16. Well guess I would agree to u on the review of Rab ne bana di jodi...........Good job.......

  17. Hi Vimmuuu :)
    Oh no! You should go ahead and read rediff's review then :). He has given it 5 stars. I've come to know that the track ARR has composed for the movie slum-dog millionaire is awesome. You might like it.

  18. Hi Valerine :)
    Thanks so much! Welcome to my digital diary.

  19. Hey I must say I could just relate to the emotion in ur post for Munna......Though i couldnt comment on dat one thought I shud let u knw that it was really very touching......

  20. Have listened to a couple of songs in either movies. Will listen to the rest and then see if my review matches yours...but seriously, an extra star for SRK?!?

  21. Ghajini ko 4.. and RNBDJ ko 3.5.. Aah, u r too liberal.. Ghajini has just one song good and behka is just about ok. So a 2.5 and RNBDJ is a complete waste album.. I felt so.. probably 1.5

  22. Hi Apar :)
    That additional star is for the expectation I have from SRK and the movie :). Let me know once you listen to all the songs.

  23. Hi Oxy :)
    Hahaha... I seriously liked Ghajini ke gaane. RNBJ to SRK ke liye de diya :)

  24. Don't know much about music.My tastes are very basic.
    I it makes me dance or of someone had dedicated a song to me I like it!
    And aren't music , movie or book reviews very subjective anyway?

  25. Hi Preeti :)
    It is very subjective indeed. Especially music. Noise to one ear can sound music to other.

    Dedication mujhpe udhaar raha... I'll find a song first and then dedicate it to you :)