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How does it matter?

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If it is a Dilemma for slum kids to Act or study

- How on earth can news like these make headlines on NDTV? I have had this dilemma whether to study or not since the first day of my school. It never got published :(

If Sharif emerges winner in Pakistan and If Zardari is the loser

- I really don't understand why the Indian media is still interested in Pakistan's news. Guess it is now up to the new government to take care of 26/11 issue. Old government seems to have completely forgotten about it and is busy distributing Rahul Gandhi's masks.

If Freida Pinto is married

- One film wonder, the eye candy of hollywood. Why should we waste our precious time to know if she is married or not. Who the hell cares!? I am not going to marry her any way :)

If Shilpa Shetty decided to call or meet the ailing Jade Goody

- Why was it necessary to print such a thing on Page one!? Didn't Shilpa have Jade's phone number or address?

If BCCI and home ministry keep fighting over the dates of Indian Premier League

- IPL is such a rich tournament. Please don't tell me it cannot arrange its private security.

If Mayawati invites third front constituents for dinner

- I am glad I couldn't find the menu anywhere

If Infosys is cutting costs

- According to an article on rediff, Infosys are planning to close down all their loos by 7:30 pm. Not sure what they are trying to save. Any ideas?

If Jesus cooks for Madonna

- Before any one gets confused, I am talking about a model named Jesus Luz who is currently dating Madonna. I am not sure if Madonna wants to adopt that guy or marry him because he is just 22 year old and she is 50. And why are we Indians concerned about Madonna any way!!!??

If Obama sneezes or Michele catches cold

We Indians probably know more about Obama and Michele than most people in USA.

These are few news items that I got to read today out of which only the last one is exaggerated. We are bombarded with such pathetic news every single day. I just hope and pray that the Indian media does not go the UK way where it is 90% gossip and 10% news.

Gossip is definitely good. It was my favourite pass time in Mumbai and it still is but I know which sites or paper to read to get my daily dose. I would prefer to read them only there and don't expect to read them every where I log in. At least don't expect to read them on sites known for their great news coverage.

Times of India, NDTV / CNN-IBN , Are you listening?

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  1. lol..I know I shouldn' be laughing but can't help it....

    I gave up on Indian media...long back....

    They aren't worth following...they only end up making us feel frustrated!!!!

    BTW u know na what Kasab haves for dinner & which t-shirt he was wearing last :D or

    Do u know na woh baaju waale teele main bhoot hai...

  2. I just hope and pray that the Indian media does not go the UK way where it is 90% gossip and 10% news.

    i thought it was already the 90-10 news here in india :P ..
    Aaj tak might have even 95 percent gossip and guess what it wins the prize for best hindi news channel . :D

  3. lol...m laughing:)...
    loved the thing about infosys...a few of my friends told me...that it really is kinda happening..though m not sure how:)...

    Juts hope this silly media frenzy takes a halt somewhere...or else soon we will end up knowing what shilpa shetty have for dinner n not how hundreds of suffered another attack:( wish media could their power constructively!

  4. Infy closing Nirmalas??? Hahaha, that's news..... so ppl back to peeing on the road... LOl, as if they were not.. I have seen many peeing right next to the Nirmala.

    A ROFL post.. Give up on them. Do not get bothered. I am talking about Media. I know we do not ignore them. We see these headlines and we read them. Though, it is a ROFL post, it conveys a lot deeper meaning. How many of us refuse to buy TOI, or watch CNN-IBN or NDTV even after knowing all this?

  5. WORD!

    Frieda Pinto being the new bond girl was the last rumor to hit the lesser known papers.
    Infy shutting down toilets???
    Don't they know where all the thinking/stinking up is done?
    IPL couldn't probably organize security due to high investments in the betting and rigging of the tournament.

    Now does it really matter if Obama cooks for Madonna while she sneezes and Jesus and he ends up giving Michelle a cold?
    NDTV? Seriously, better to read news of the net.

  6. Lol:)This was fun to read!:D

    Hmmm the problem with the news 24/7news channels.Gap fill kar ne ke liye kuch bhi dikha dete hain..
    'Sensationalise & scream' seems to be the only mantra these channels are following now.

  7. LOL. Is that your usual week summing up post on a sarcastic tone?? Nice post.

  8. Hi Smita,

    Wahi bhoot na jiski shaadi kal ho gayi bhootni ke saath :)

    It is sad but I even know what all dishes Kasab's mom can prepare :)

  9. Hi Arvind,
    Aaj tak is an exception! It is an entertainment channel :)

  10. Hi Richa,

    Halt! I don't see this trend stopping. It is in full swing now and is here to stay. It is better we switch off all news channels and use that time constructively.

  11. Hi Reema,
    Nahee!! One word comment! Not again!!

  12. Hi Vee,
    Infy is not closing its Nirmal. It has planned to close all Nirmals in its own office by 7:30 pm :D

    You'll soon see Software engineers peeing on the Electronics city highway :)

    Infosys I guess have asked rediff to cut that piece of news out but it is still available here

    We get back to buying TOI or watch NDTV because the options we have are equally good :)

  13. Hi Vivek,

    Exactly! Nothing really matters but we still have to read or listen to these news. And these news are from and

    Check this link for infy's story

    Frieda Pinto is in the race and has yet to become a bond girl! She's just auditioned for the role! I am amazed at the details I know about her :)

  14. Hi Shayari,
    You can add sleaze to that mantra. Sensationalize, scream and sleaze!

    And these news are in no way gap fillers. They are all HEADLINES. I have picked all of them from the home page and from the first or second line.

  15. Hi Vimmuuu,
    Thanks :)

    This is not my usual round up. I was a lil free in office today and decided to catch up on some news but all that I got to read was this stupid stuff!!

  16. Its a sad joke - Indian Media.

  17. Hi Varun,

    Seems you did a lot of study aint it.

    But for these kind of news please log on to "Aaj Tak", "India Tv" too. You would laugh your heart out. One I remember was in Aaj Tak and that too a breaking news :- "Big B ko hua zukham...beh rahi hain unki nak"

    These are comic reliefs like we have in dramas. They are no more news they are like drama scripts.

    Keep the research I have stopped it after following it up for a long time. You would stop it trust me, cause after some time you'll find that nothing is news which actually matters.

    luv 'n' luk

  18. Yeah- U expressed my sentiments completely.
    But still, despite all of that here I'm craving for Indian newspapers!! Reading it online isn't just the same.
    It's only when you dont have something you realise how much you miss it!!

  19. Haan wohi bhoot and u know what???

    Us bhootni ne us bhoot ki maa ke saath milke padosi ki hatya kar di ;-)

  20. Very good post. i just loved it.

    I always had this worse feeling for the 24hr news channels. the constructive/helpful thing they do is least. you only get frustrated after seeing them for a while.

    Gone are the days when we used to wait for that time for news around 8 where we used to get precise and important information.

  21. Hi EISI,
    Sad joke! I know! Hasein ya royein!?

    Btw, Thanks for the tag :)

  22. Hi Arnab,
    It was not a lot of research. Just a day's work. Aaj tak is a comedy cum entertainment cum total time pass channel. It can never ever be considered a news channel. Journalists there must be having a ball everyday :)

  23. Hi Preeti,
    I completely understand when you say you miss reading the news papers. E-papers can never come close to the traditional printed news papers in terms of the reading experience. It somehow feels incomplete.

  24. Hi Kumuda,
    Thanks you :).

    Ahh!! Nostalgia... Like Bryan Adams sings, Those were the best days of my/our life/lives :)

  25. Smita,

    Oh no! ye actually bhootni bahu ki saazish thi! apne bhoot saas ko bhooth bungalow i mean bhoot jail bhijwane ki saazish! :D

  26. You forgot to mention Britney Spear's stretch marks due her pregnancy! :D :D

  27. Hi Varun,

    You are tagged here.

  28. Hi Nikhil,
    Most recent news item I had heard about Britney was she lip-synced her concert yet again..

    Stretch marks is something new :)

  29. Thanks Varun!! I needed this laugh after the start of the most stressful period!!
    I think Reuter's oddly enough can stop publishing as the mainstream news itself is oddly enough!!

  30. Hi Apar,
    Thanks. Am glad it brought a smile on your face! Looks like you've updated your blog too. Couldn't read the post though. It says it is password protected.

  31. How true.

    The amount of crap these papers deliver everyday...really..!

    I've given up on media too!

    Nice one!

  32. LOL

    you have time to read all this?

  33. You are tagged :

    Buhahahahahaha !!!

  34. Hey Varun,
    Nice post buddy. If you're having issues bout NDTV, IBN I recommend 'Aaj Tak', '(live) India TV', etc. they give you a 'pleasant' change; they mostly talk about aliens, cows being abducted, and a host of other issues that are really really worth knowing ;)

  35. Hey Varun .........Every word u've written is so v true! They blow things out of proportion and every damn thing is a 'breaking news'......its so commercial and its just maddening competition......

  36. I love the post. I used to be a fan of indian news channels for all the drama, but I'm already getting sick of them! And I seriously don't get the hype over Freida Pinto!

    Also, Jai Ho is just playing everywhere and it's starting to get so annoying :@ (ranting here coz I haven't blogged in a while!)

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