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The Movie Maniax Awards 2008

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Ever wanted to be the jury in a movie award function? Ever felt that the award went to an undeserving person? Ever felt that that the award functions were rigged?

Feel it no more! Here's your chance to set all these things right straight away! Here's your chance to support an initiative to honour the best in Hindi Cinema irrespective of it box-office status and star power.

The Movie Maniax Awards 2008
---the blogosphere's final verdict---

Coming soon to a web page near you :)

Please support and participate in this endeavor. Do spread the word amongst all your friends, fellow bloggers, relatives and all netizens you know. Orkut, Facebook and Gtalk status messages are a great place to start :)

Below is the teaser of what is in store. Keep watching this space for more on Movie Maniax Awards. Don't forget to bookmark the award site.

Once the site is up all you need to do is vote, vote and vote... Vote Karenge na!?

This Movie Maniax Blogger Awards is an award 'of the people (Aam-Junta), by the people and for the people(movie stars)'. Isiko Kehte hai Democracy. What an Idea! Hai na Sir jee :)

Endeavor by: Vee with able support from Poonam, Reema, Smita, Yours truly and Vimmuuu.

Creative Consultant: Magik

Awards Badge Designer: Dev

Publicist: Nikhil

Judges: You Bloggers, Aam-Junta

The Nominations are finalized and polls will be live shortly. We are looking for support from all of you in making this a great grand success. You can j 'The MovieManiax Awards' group on Facebook and pledge a vote.

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  1. Well, good attempt!! Let me wait for the nominations...
    seriously Nikhil as publicist?! He hates Bollywood!! don't ya Nikhil?
    Once you publish the nominations - will watch -a movie marathon may be and then vote :D

  2. Whooopiee..finally its getting ready ! Im thrilled !

  3. Lovely!!! Thanks Indeed!!!

  4. Will vote ... Vote Karenge :)
    Great idea!!!

  5. :)

    Am happy the way it is leading, I hope everyone shows the enthusiasm in voting...

  6. Hi Apar,
    Thanks :). We've told Nikhil that both Beer and Bollywood starts with a
    'B' and he agreed :)

    Hi Vimmuuu,

    yeyyyy!!! I am thrilled tooo....

    Hi Vee,
    Thanks! It was my pleasure :)

    Hi IHM,
    Fantastic! Thanks so much! We have our first voter ready! :)
    With the following you have, it would be great if you could spread a word about our small initiative on your blog. You could do it once the polls are live.

    Hi Smita,
    I hope so too! But I have a gut feeling that they'll vote! Don't worry :)

    Hi Sakhi,
    Are wah indeed! :).

  7. i will surely use my right to vote.

  8. Hi Oorja
    That will be great. Thanks :)

  9. great idea. It gives an outlet to aam aadmi to vote for the really good ones irrespective of BO returns or the influence of star sons !! Waiting for the nominations eagerly....

  10. VOTE?
    Whats that?
    I always thought it was VETO.

  11. Wow, sounds good! I can't wait to vote :D

  12. Hi All,

    Thanks so much for your support. Voting is up and live!

    Here's the link.


    Copy and paste the link in your browser address bar.

  13. cool na ../.
    I dont watch that much movies what to vte ?? whom to vote :(

    but nice initiative ...will follow the blog :)

  14. Thanks for your support Arvind. Do spread the word too... :)