Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Arbit thoughts

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- One Day International Cricket and Test Champs (Australia) are still getting grips of Twenty-20 cricket. It is all over for them this year. They can try again in 2011. They are out of the T-20 world cup 2009. What did I feel about it!? Wooohooo... Felt awesome! It was as awesome as watching Pakistan lose to England two days back :)

- One guy is managing to annoy me every single day when I am watching cricket. He is the one who has got a free phone with unlimited calls from his company. He is misusing the phone to the fullest. He has even gone to an extent of calling friends and acquaintance who have forgotten about his existence. Wonder how he found all those phone numbers in the first place. He has his kaka's phone number too. The same old Kaka, who lit up his sets when he was still learning to act. I am talking about Hrithik Roshan and his new Reliance Ad if you didn't get it by now. :) One of those Ads is here for you.

- Formula 1 is no longer exciting with Brawn stamping their authority on all races. As far as I am concerned, if there is no competition between Ferrari and McLaren, it is not Formula-1. The anti-clock circuit didn't produce any surprises either. If FIA had to cut costs, they could have simply asked drivers to sit inside a simulation and race. They could have shown us the video.

- Star Trek is an amazing movie. I simply loved the way it has been shot. Wow! Wonder when Indian Cinema will grow up from Koi Mil Gaya and its Jadoo.

- I happened to watch a Hindi movie too. It's called 99. Yeah! That's it. It is '99' only. There are no Idiots or Fools on either side of 99. Kunal Khemu, Cryus Broacha and Soha Ali Khan star in it. It’s a light hearted comedy. It is worth watching on a weekend and on a rented DVD.

- Roger Federer finally won the French Open which had eluded him for the last three years. As a kid, I had heard a story about a spider that never lost hope and climbed a wall after 'n' number of attempts. Since that spider had no name, it can be named Roger Federer now. With this victory, he also equalled Pete Sampras' record of 14 grand slam victories. Does that make him the world's greatest then? Only time will tell. By the way, did anyone of you cry along with him when he won the last point?

- * Bing * Bing * Bing *, what's that thing!!? It is Microsoft's latest search engine. http://www.bing.com/. I will not go into the details and features of it because there are lots and lots of tech blogs who have already written about it. Grapevine has it that it is as good as Google but will take time to gain popularity. Microsoft is making sure that it reaches people by spending millions on advertising. I have always been a fan of Microsoft and am supporting their latest venture too. Are you?

- Cooking is easy as long as we have the right ingredients to mix only criterion being that the ingredients have to be mixed in right quantities. :D. Didn't get it? Don't worry! I have been cooking at home since last week and this is the effect of it. The best dish I have cooked so far is the Kadhi. It came out really well. Recipe shared on request ;). If you are good at preparing something, please do share your recipes too (Vegetarian only). I am trying out new recipes every day.

- Keeping a house presentable without help from anyone is a herculean task! I realised it only after I started dusting each and every part of the house. My hat goes off to anyone who does it all days without complaining (My mom, dad and sister included in this list). Oh no! This reminds me that I have yet to clean that carpet :)

- Any idea about what is happening with the Indian Government after the elections? Elections remind me of the mark they put on my finger when I voted. It still remains on my finger only to irritate me whenever I see it. They have to find a new ink that disappears in a week or two or they'll lose my vote :). Girls can cover it up with nail polish but what can guys do about it?

- Sitting inside a car, Bangalore's traffic looks double the usual. It takes me fifteen to twenty minutes in a car to reach office when a bike takes only ten minutes. I am not complaing as I am loving every minute of the drive. I tried switching off the Air Conditioner of my car today to save some fuel and help the environment but I have become so used to driving in an air conditioned car, I couldn't survive the noise and smoke for even two minutes. Not sure how I will ever go back to using my bike :)

- Wolfram Alpha. Have you heard about it? It is a computational knowledge engine (not a search engine) which will solve the woes of lot of college going people and lot of people who are interested to learn new things. It has been developed by the same team who developed Mathematica. It is as good as a Wikipedia or an Encarta. It is easier than most of the encyclopaedia sites because it gives all details available about the word you searched for on a single page. It displays even images and graphs supporting the documentation. Try searching your date of Birth for some fun. Format: ,

- Multiplex and Producers calling-off their strike came as a relief to me as that is the whole and sole source of my Friday night entertainment. Since there are lots and lots of movies lined up, it is going to be one hell of a party time.

- I'll end the post as arbitrarily as I started it! :) Until next post...

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  1. nice arbit thoughts....
    i loved Federer winning the tournament..and have been beaming ever since...:)
    bangalore traffic has ditto thoughts from my side...:)
    u managed to clean ur house is itself an achievement...u should be proud of urself..
    no no m not being sarcastic...but when men decide to do something like cleaning their houses...its calls for a round of applause from my side...so here i go...clap clap!!!:)

  2. I have always enjoyed such posts of yours.. after long this came..

    I laugh every time that AD comes and I think 'how silly ad' every time. It is really annoying and it amuses me equally.. in fact Salman's Chlor-Mint one is much better.. a light one..

    U bet.... Aussies are dead meat... I was so glad when they lost.. Their bowling is the weakest.. Happy for Fed as well but I was never his fan.. I still like good old Pete and now Nadal.

    99 - good one.. Star Trek- not my kinda genre of movie.

    Adios till ur next.. So long.. :)

  3. Enjoyed reading your arbitrary post :)
    And woohoo!!! Aussies are out! Pak lost! Federer finally won at RG!
    Don't even get me started at bad/annoying ads!!!
    Been reading a lot about bing, yet to try it out though...old habits die hard. Googling still not binging
    Movies...not much of a movie person :(
    Ok...some self link love here....check out http://shakaharisapadu.wordpress.com for vegetarian recipes. :)

  4. your rambling thoughts made wonderful reading and updated me on the latest in Tech world as also Ad/filmdom. Congrats for trying your hand in cleaning the house and wish you very happy cooking.

  5. Its really nice to read the arbit thougts.. your intimate consosiation with blogging is really remarkable :) .. Kudos..

  6. - Yay!! for Australia being thrown out

    - Check out www.foodrack.blogspot.com for recipes.

    - I asked the same question for that Hrithik Roshan ad, pathetic no?

    - Indian Govt is preparing to take us back by 20 years, the aren't allowing fuel reforms, in Mah there are proposing 90% reservation in colleges for state boards in colleges...

    - fan of MS?? Nah!! but I don't hate it either :)

  7. Just saw Star Trek!
    Wow oh WOW! It was fun. Especially since I liked the old series of the 60s

  8. nice blog.. this shows ur varied interests...
    well i thot some1 would have corrected you by now but not - the next T20 WC is not in 2011 but 2010 in the Carribeans (yes u ve heard it correct!)...
    Kadi is one of my fav and i ve it very regularly... would love to try urs too!
    Microsoft...well less said the better..keep ur fingers crossed!
    keep positing...


  9. This is some collection of thoughts..

    u cleaning and cooking.. great.. one more guy who will respect women more now..

  10. Didn't like startrek one bit...senseless action!! :)

  11. hi buddy... so this is what you have been upto.... nice... :-)

    Lol @ racing in a simulator... wasn't the whole reason to introduce rule changes was to break ferrari's authority on F1? Wonder what FIA's thinking now...! Brawn is ex-ferrari... theres some solace in that!

  12. Hi Richa,

    Thanks so much for the appluase. I enjoy doing it!

    Hi Vee,

    Thanks! I think I do something good in such a post. Few friends on mine too have given me compliments for it :). Salman's Chlormint Ad is quite funny. I enjoyed it only the first time I saw.

    I liked Pete and Goran Evanasevic too.

    Hi Apar,
    Thanks for the link. I'll surely try out some of your recipes.

    Hi Appa,
    Thanks for your wishes! Don't you worry. I'll make sure I make you up to date by the time you come back.

    Hi Mohit,

    Thanks for visiting and welcome to my digital diary! Keep visiting and keep dropping comments :)

    Hi Smita,

    Yay!! Boo hoo.. India Lost out!! Thanks for the link. I'll try out some of your recipes. Hrithik is a pathetic actor too. Not sure why he was awarded everywhere last time.
    Looks like Maharashtra Govt has lost it.

    Hi Vivek,
    Great! Watch X-Men wolverine. It is fun if you've liked X-Men 1 and 2.

    Hi Yash,

    Welcome to my digital diary! Thanks for commenting and correcting. You are spot on. The next T-20 world cup is in April next year. I got that wrong.
    You've to come to Bangalore to enjoy the delicacies I cook :)

    Hi Oorja,

    I respected them even before I started cooking and cleaning :)

    Hi Sakhi,

    Guess It is not your kind of a movie then :)

    Hi EISI,

    Yeah! This is what I have been up to. Did you hear about 8 teams forming their own race!? It would be fun! Formula-2 :D

  13. yea.. heard abt that! crazy!! and force india wants to stay with F1 .... lol

    u've been missing from my blog buddy! last 2-3 posts! grrrrrr!!

  14. Oh come on ! Koi Mil Gaya and Jaadoo weren't so bad :( and yup ! 99 definitely is worth watching once :) a light hearted refreshing movie :)

    Keep practising dear :) Cooking aint difficult :) and with time m sure u ll fall in love with it...

    And yup ! I agree keeping a house perfectly well managed is a herculean task... being home maker also is a full time job :)

    And now that you've got your bicycle ;) give it a try ;) take it to the office one day ;) and then i ll really b waiting for a post on d experience ;)

  15. Cool Arbits! :-) I saw that ad, it is annoying!! And for cleaning the house - it is every home makers nightmare!!

  16. Hi EISI,
    Things at F1 finally looks all sorted. Hope to see a Ferrari on podium next season :)

  17. Hi Nidhi,
    Looks like you are one of those fans of Jadoo :)

    Will surely write a post on the experiences of a bicycle ride soon :)

  18. Hi Ashwini,

    Thanks! I somehow enjoy cleaning! :)