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Little Rascal

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He opened the refrigerator whenever he saw it, he loved to bang and close any open doors, he loved to mess up the pooja room, he loved to scream for no reason, he loved the elevator and wanted to ride in it whenever the main door of our flat was kept open, he loved to ring the calling bell non-stop, he would switch off Television if he was not interested in watching it. He is one guy who managed to change the lifestyle of everyone around him in a short span of one and a half months. We were literally scared as to what his next move would be.

Pic: Archith Planning his next move

But now when he's gone back to USA with his mommy and grandparents (my parents),Pooja room is intact, nobody switches off Television when I am watching, nobody bangs doors, nobody screams aloud. The house is at its peaceful best but is no longer charming and lively. There's no laughter that can be heard of, there is no one to run towards me to give me a hug when I go back home from office, there's no one to shower unconditional love, there's no one to laugh uncontrollably at the silliest of faces I make or silliest of games I play, there's no one to dismantle my cell phone. Ahhh! I am missing everything badly.

It is hard, very hard not to miss kids once we get used to staying with them. With them around, the atmosphere of home is always so energetic and rattling with excitement. It is like this edge of the seat action movie. One is definitely going to miss something if one blinks at the wrong time. Kids have so much energy in them that they pass some of it on to people around. It is contagious.
Time used to fly playing with him. Blogging to chodo, I had no time even for office :). I made sure that I stayed just the stipulated time everyday and got home as soon as possible.

Now that I am all alone and have lots of time in hand I am planning to get back to cyberspace and blogging. A dear blogger friend of mine reminded me yesterday that blogging is one my jobs too and I have to get back to it ASAP :)

I would like to keep the post short and end it here. It is for you to decide whether it was sweet :)

Missing you terribly little rascal! Love you!

PS: I was talking about my nephew all along. He will turn two this month and my blog turns 50 posts old :). Quite an achievement for an irregular blogger.

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  1. cute:)
    and congrats for the success of 50 posts:)

  2. Hey Dude,

    Congrats on ur 50th post...u getting old!! ;)

    And as far as Hero is concerned...I happened to meet him once, and he is such a lively kid! And my prediction about you is spot on!!!

    Happy birthday in advance to him. Though think the treat would come from you..aint it?

    luv '' luk

  3. really cute!!
    and happy 50th. I was going to celebrate my 10th post :P

  4. wow that was a real cute post. i was able to relate it with my nephew :(. Congrats on the 50th post.

  5. Hey congs 4 ur 50th one..
    As far as post is concerned amazing...
    Hope little master meet his mama ASAP...:)

  6. oh kids are really sweet especially the naughty ones...

    hey conrats on your 50th post.. half century huh... :-)

  7. Yes Varun, I echo every word you said, except it relates to my kids. They definitely make sure your days.. and nights are filled with fun and not so fun times...:-). Chaits shared a lot too when we met up. She did mention that you wanted to join too but you were busy with work. However (i love that word!!), you're always welcome home and you will not miss the screaming and all the noise.. take care n let me know when you'd like to visit.

  8. ahhh! Kids...dont like them :|

  9. Congrats for the half century!!! Keep them coming now on a regular basis!

  10. Hi Divya,Thanks so much :)

  11. Richa Pareek,Thank you :) He is indeed very cute!

  12. Arnab,Thanks. Old and wise you could add :)

    You were right. I really miss him.

    Treat. Anytime mate!

  13. Anjana,Life is about celebrating every lil things... Go ahead and celebrate your 10th post and thanks for the compliment and wishes.

  14. Kumuda,Good to see you commenting regularly :)

    Thanks so much! I had met your nephew at your wedding. He is a smart lil guy :)

  15. Richa,I hope so too and thanks for the compliment :)

  16. Bhargavi,^.^ Thank you ^.^

  17. Oorja,He is very naughty. Always up to something.

    Thank you :)

  18. the post is super sweet. :)

    congrats on your 50th post. hoping for many many more. :))

  19. Hi Vanessa,Welcome to Digital Diary!
    Thanks for the invitation and thanks for dropping a comment. I'll visit you for sure but don't know when. However,(I think I like the word too!! :-))I'll give you a call before coming. You take care too.

  20. Reema,Ahh! and why is that so!!?

  21. Vimmuuu,Thanks so much! Hope to become a regular :)

  22. Harshada,Thanks so much! I hope I can utilize my free time effectively and write as much as possible

  23. Kids I like till they start speaking. :0 It was a sweet post and Happy 50th...

  24. Kitty,
    Loved your blog.....I knew how you felt about Archith and glad to know that you let your feelings out through blog atleast. We also miss you a lot...Archith would tell us how much he missed you if he could talk!
    Love to you soon..

  25. An excellent blog - truly well written. It is hard not to miss a kid like Archith. Glad you wrote about the wonder boy for your 50th blog.Go for the century and beyond. love.

  26. boo..hoo..hoo... now i am missing my nephew!! Waaaaaaaaa.... :'(

  27. Varun, it was one of the sweetest description of missing a kid.. it was very sweet!!! Wish him a very happy birthday...

  28. Vee,
    Thanks Man! Ya he's still not speaking. You would have liked him :)

  29. Hi Chaiti,
    If I could cry, I would. But I couldn't :) Love you too...

    Hi Appa,
    Am glad too that the timing was right. I will definitely go for the century now.

  30. oh yes--even at my place the house is so quiet and still when kids aren't around.
    Congrats on the 50.

  31. Awww!!!!

    Kids hote hi aise hain...when with u they irritate u and when gone they are missed :)

  32. cute!! Kids do have a way to do what you have written :) congrats on your 50...

  33. Kids whatever they do ...just cannot ignore them...I have a cute & adorable niece with whom I would spend every single minute when I went home on vacation..

    Btw ur nephew is so chweet & doubt u r missin him...

  34. Awww ! Cho cute...

    Am sure your little baby Archit also would be missing his uncle back in US...

    And hey Congrats for the 50th post :)