Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time to celebrate

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It is my Dad's birthday on 11th October and since he will not be in India on that day, I have come up with a unique way to clebrate it here in Bengaluru. I have decideded to take part in two events. I have registered for one and yet to purchase tickets for another. Both the events are equally awesome and I am sure any person any where in this world would love to attend them.

Enjoy the teasers :)

To book tickets log on to

Yeah! Sonu Nigam Live. That's what the Poster says! I just cannot wait another month to attend this concert. I'll be booking the tickets by next week. Tickets are priced at 550,1100 and 2200. A touch too high but then I am sure it will be worth every paisa.

For registration and more information, Log on to

After the success of Bengaluru Marathon, it is time of cycle enthisiasts to do something similar. Yes, It it Cyclathon time! It is sponsored by BSA Hercules and is a Network 18 venture. I have already registered for this event and am looking forward to being a part of the first Bengaluru Cyclathon. Join me and get healthy. I'll be taking part in the 'Green Ride'.
Did you know about any of these events? Are you planning to attend them? Let me know if you do...
Apart from dad's birthday and these events there is one very important reason for me to celebrate! It is finally confirmed that we will be getting our salary hikes this year. We might get it next week! Yey, Yippe!! Yey!!. Can't stop grinning :D
From now on, I am planning to end all my posts with a Did you know section!. It might or might not be related to the post but will definintely be something new. Let me know if I should continue it or not! I promise it will not be techie stuff all the time. There are lot more interesting things happening in this world.
Did you know: Yahoo have launched thier own version of twitter (The world famous micro blogging site). It is called meme. You can create your accounts there in two ways. Either through invitation from your friends or through a waiting list which is quite long. I have created mine! When are you creating yours!?
My meme's titled Goodness Gracious Me(me) -

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  1. Hey! If I forget read if u don't do a post abt it again, best wishes for ur dad's birthday :)

    Sonu Nigam and Cyclathon - Oh :( If only I cud make it ;)

    Congrats on the hike dude -really diff nw :P

  2. What better way to celebrate ur dads birthday:)
    good u posted the link to sonu nigams concert..i will definitely book te tickets:)
    i so want to participate in the cyclothon..but i have 2 reasons...i dont own a bicycle...:(and im most probably not going to be in bangalore at that time:(

  3. Hey Swaram,
    Thanks. I'll convey. Hyderabad is not too far. Just 12 hrs away. You should be able to make it. I've told you about the events one month in advance.

    Salary hikes have become oasis. I am glad my organization is giving it. Thanks

  4. Hey Richa,
    :) Yeah. Couldn't think of anything else after I saw these two events lined up.

    You don't have to worry if you don't own a cycle. You can get it on rent. Organizers are providing it too. If you can just take some time on rent you'll be able to make it for the cyclathon :).

  5. Oye don't cycle too will go invisible :D

    On a serious note that is a good initiative and I too would love to be a part of any such thing...and I crave to buy two things a) Cycle & b) Carom board hoping to buy them soon ;-)

    May you get the Sonu Nigam concert tickets!!

    And my heartiest wishes to your dad :-) and liked your spirit to celebrate the day!!!

  6. Oh Sonu Nigam concert, huh? How I wish !!! Waaaahhhhh !!!!

  7. 'Did you know' section??
    Well you know that reminds me of someone both of us know :D

    Remember the DID YOU KNOW mails in BReCon??

  8. Wow! Nice way to celebrate Varun. I've missed Sonu's concert everytime, no exceptions this time too :(

    Did you know section will be good. Great going!

  9. Hey Varun that's so sweet of you of celebrating your dad's b'day..
    BTW I had been for Sonu Nigam's concert last year in April 08..and trust me was floored....

  10. wow!!!!!!!!!!
    i cant believe sonu nigam concert and cyclothon

    amazing way to celebrate your dad's b'day//

  11. Wish ur Dad a many happy returns....

    Btw, how young he is than Big B as they share it.. ;)

    P.S. I am done with Sonu and done with concerts/shows/private performances... Get bored soon.

  12. Oh my god! you sound like an advertisement for all these products! hahahah just kidding! :P

  13. LOVED your post on Oudin!!

  14. and wishing your dad happy birthday :)

  15. I would've preferred a beer and some women on my birthday, but, whatever makes you happy, man.