Thursday, January 28, 2010

Schumi is back!

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Before my comment section is taken over by spammers an

d before that poor thing surrenders into submission, I have decided to stage a comeback and kick them out!

You read it right! I am back! Tonnes and tonnes o

f work in office took me away from blogging and I somehow never made an attempt to come back after that.

My comeback news may not be as exciting as Michael Schumacher's comeback to Formula-1 but I am sure it will be more exciting than India's test series in Bangladesh :)

My parents and few friends who've seen me drive an Alto at 140 kmph, a Santro at 150 kmph, a Swift at 160 kmph and a Vauxhall Zafira at 190 kmph fondly call me Schumi and that explains the title of the post. I've been called a BMTC/KSTRC bus driver as well but I'll stick to the best name of the lot.

I get maximum number of comments when I let my thoughts flow arbitrarily and that is what I have decided to do for my comeback post. Here it goes;


Cricket: It was good to see that none of the IPL teams hired services of Pakistani players. I simply loved reading the comments of Pakistani players after the auction was over. India Vs Bangladesh was a waste of time, money and players. It cost us Rahul Dravid and Yuvraj Singh. Hope the replacements find their feet soon.

Tennis: Haven't followed Australian open very keenly this time around but I'll be rooting for anyone who'll be playing against Serena in the finals. Good to see Andy Murray in the finals. He'll be a tough nut to crack.

Formula 1: Can't wait till March. It will be one awesome, adrenaline pumping and exciting season.

Play-station 3: I am not sure if this qualifies as a sport but I love playing it whenever I find some free time. This is by the way the latest addition to my gadget showcase and another culprit that's kept me out of blogging :). I am currently playing Uncharted 2: Among thieves, FIFA 10 and Gran Tourismo 5 prologue.

Current Affairs: Shashi Taroor's tweets are more popular than any statement made in any parliament these days. But Abdul Kasab with his tandoori chicken demands and cheap comments and without any twitter account beats even Shashi Taroor to the headlines of all news papers. Not sure why they've not hanged him yet. If both of them fail to make it to the headlines, then it is definitely an Indian thrashed in Australia who gets the footage. Padma awards were a total mess this year with Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Sant Singh Chatwal making it to that list.

Movies: Haven't watched any new movie lately (My definition of lately is one week) but have plans to watch Ishqiya, Rann and Road to Sangam this weekend. Can't wait for My name is Khan.

Television: I am hooked on to 'Ye Pyar Na Hoga Kam' on Colors, musical reality show Music ka Maha Mukabla on Star Plus and Dance India Dance on Zee. I do watch Balika Vadhu too but don't mind missing it once in a while.

Travelogue: Had been to a lot of places nearby and far in last two months. Every place beautiful than the other. Goa, Mumbai, Mudigere, Chikmagaluru, Devaladakere, Horanadu, Shringeri, Kalasa, Shivmogga, Jog Falls, Linganamakki Dam to name a few. Now that I have started writing again, I'll probably write a post on my trips in detail very soon.

I’ll end the post with a section that I had promised I'll write with every new post.

Did you know? : A Haitian girl was found alive 15 days after quake. Miracle? What do you think?

PS: Apologies for not writing regularly.

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  1. Welcome back.
    I didnt know you were the fast and furious kinds :)

    Movies--sigh..Now look what you have done..I am sulking!


  2. That was a pretty quick post & u cud have as well called it Varun has come back ;-)

    Even I watch DID, it is a pleasure to see all those guys!

    Hope u stay here for long :)

  3. @Preeti - Thanks so much. Fast and Furious and Need for Speed Kind :)

    @Smita - I hope so too. Thanks. Schumi is a touch popular than Varun. Hence used his name :)

  4. Ohhhhh you are back huh !!! make sure you are here for good now ! and you made sure that your comeback post would be a potpourri, huh ? :D :D

  5. I have seen u drive Maruthi 800 @ 80K's an hr ;)

  6. Hey I really liked your thoughts on current affairs...Good one!

  7. glad you are back. Really missed your long absence in the blogosphere. Eagerly waiting for your trip details. Schumi or not please do cut down on speed in the four wheelers and increase in it in your pen pushing! All the best.

  8. Welcome back! Am thinking of catching My name is Khan too...hope I get the tickets!

  9. U announced ur comeback only to return after 6 months... I know I know.

    Wow, I never knew you could go so fast...... 150... impressive... I am surely not sitting with you if you r in ur mood to zoom off.....

  10. @Vimmuuu - Yeah! Planning to stay here for as long as possible. Hope I succeed! Had to come up with something popular for my comeback :)

  11. @Varun - Thanks for commenting! You had closed your eyes when I was driving at 100 kmph and by the time you woke up it was 80 :D

  12. @Vinoo - Welcome to Digital Diary! Am glad you liked it!

  13. @Appa - Thanks so much :). How is Suchumi supposed to win this year if he cuts down on his speed!? :) On a serious note, don't you worry about my driving. It is all controlled agdression :D. I'll try and post the trip details ASAP.

  14. @Apar - Thanks :). I'm sure the tickets are going to sell faster than Train Tatkal tickets. All the best! :)

  15. @Vee - lol! No. I actually returned after 3 months! After reading your latest post I can understand why you don't want to sit with me. :)

  16. Welcome bk :)

    Whatz that show on Colors? Any daily soap? Music ka Maha Muqabla is as usual full of nautankeys :P :P

    I am happy Serena won :)

    Waiting for detailed Travelogues .. awesome places u hv visited there!

  17. @Swaram - Thanks! Yes! It is a daily soap on Colors but way better than any K-Soap.

    You are happy that Serena won! Naheeeeeeee

    Will be writing a post on my visit soon!

  18. and ur gone again!!! haan?

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