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Cricket Mania

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I feel depressed whenever I watch the Indian cricket team lose. The depression increases many folds when they lose from a winning position. I know it is something not in my control. I know it is a sport and the team cannot win all the time. I know Sachin is not God. I know Dhoni is an over-rated star. I know Dravid and Laxman cannot win us test matches all the time. So what is it that causes the depression.

I think it is simply the love for the game and the country. Honestly speaking, inspite of all the match fixing, spot fixing scandals/allegations, inspite of overdose of cricket, I still love the game a lot. I might no longer follow every ball, I might no longer look at the score card every five seconds but I still follow the game whenever and wherever possible.

I hate it when people speak badly about team India. I hate it when smart-asses say idiotic things about the game. I hate it when self proclaimed experts of the game comment unnecessary things. I sometimes speak idiotic things too but deep down inside I am always hoping that the team wins. I simply cannot take Indian cricket team's failure.

Like every kid in India, I grew up watching cricket and hoping that I would play for India some day. I always dreamt about holding a bat and hitting the winning runs for the country. I could spin the ball like Kumble and bat like Sachin. Don't get surprised! Every one in India can do that. It is only a few lucky ones who play for the country though.

Lunch Break

Had started to write this post when Indians were 8 wickets down. Had gone out for lunch dejected and disappointed. Mann hi mann mein I was hoping for a miracle. Wanted to end this post in a jubiliant mood no matter what.

Miracle it was! Vangipurappu Venkata Sai Laxman has taken India home yet again! I have to take one of my words back. Laxman can win us tests against Australia any given day. Australians don't seem to have the key to the treasure chest where Laxman safe guards his wicket.

What an amazing match and what an amazing player. I have been busy reading the articles written my Australian media ever since the win and it is truly a special feeling to read such awesome words.

Here are some snippets for you;

"Edges flew wide and short balls were bunted high and safe early in the partnership but eventually Laxman’s undeniable class kicked in"

"VVS Laxman steers India to very special Test match win"

"VVS Laxman has returned to thwart Australia yet again"

I don't want to discuss anything about the match since it will be the topic of the discussion in all news papers and all conference rooms for the next two days.

I am happy, I am jubilant, I am ecstatic and I am smiling. The frown I had when I started writing this post has vanished. I am as happy as the two people in the picture below;

And BTW, it will be interesting to see who takes the front page of the news paper tomorrow. Abhinav Bindra with his CWG gold medal or VVS. Your guess is as good as mine ;)

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  1. I was closing and opening the score update page, every time one more loss of wicket. Believe me, after 8th wicket I kept the page open. Lunch at Taj brought us a good luck. Really.Well done VVL. Every Inian test , who will sponsore us? Quick voluners!!!

  2. @Arup - Yeah! Lunch at Taj really brought good luck. We will ask if Sahara can sponsor our lunch :D

  3. Paapa CWG viewer-ship is gonna come down because of this test match! :(

    By the way, dude, I too went for lunch dejected after Ishant fell :-)


  4. The day VVS LAXMAN retires from Test cricket, it will be a National holiday in Australia... :)

  5. Dude do you realise India won Gold medal in CWG today....... I too didn realise it unless some yahoo news flash popped! Wow Gold medal...kool keep it up.
    But THE MAJOR WAS AUSTRALIAN KANGAROOS TAMED! Wow VVS did it, Or rather I wud say Ishu and Laxu did it! :)
    And abt the post...... dude as usual u rock!

  6. Famous Last Words
    Gandhiji: Hey Ram
    Ponting: Hey Laxman

    Truly Amazing match and what a display of batting by Ishant and Maestro VVS

  7. Yes cricket is a religion in India. You might have lot of personal complaints against the team - read Gods - but want them to win always. The first thing I did after they ran two leg byes was to send you an sms! Your blog has - meri mooh sey baat chinli hai. Well written.

  8. Though I don't follow cricket anymore...I loved reading your blog. It really is a great feeling when your country wins something which they are good at.
    Very well written!

  9. @Shashank - CWG atletes have to innovate if they have to beat the cricket viewership in India. Something like Bungee Jumping and shooting arrows at the same time

  10. @Bhanu - Hahaha... Poor Aussies.I don't think they will get that holiday for another 2 years.

  11. @Arnab - Thanks so much! Ishu and Laxu! Now where did that come from? Nice nick names btw. You can consider them for your kids :-D

  12. @Bhavin - Hahaha.. Awesome last words!

  13. @Appa - Thanks so much. Glad you liked the post.

  14. @Chaiti - Thanks a lot. I am happy that you loved reading the post.

  15. haah...had a nice tym reading...
    i also feel the same always..

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  17. U know I went to see the 1st day of 2nd test at chinnaswamy and there few guys had put up poster which read, "We Indians are wondering where Ram was born, and Aussies are wondering why Laxman was born" .. Hahahaha

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  19. I really like your post. Will continue reading your blog. :)