Monday, September 13, 2010

The (big) Bang!!

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I have this habit of reading Google talk messages of all my friends at least one time every day and I am pretty sure that this habit of mine is not unique.

People generally update their status with inspirational quotes, new phone numbers, blog updates, song they are listening to, current location, personalized messages, hilarious jokes, movie reviews etc but I had a surprise in store when I read the status messages of my friends today.

Here's what I saw!!

- Dabang!!

- Item ye aam hui... darling tere liye

- Hum tum me itne ched karenge ki confuse ho jaoge... Ki sans kaha se le aur ..... !!

- Munni badnaam hui...darling tere liye...:-P

- Da Bang.....

- Lafander se humein yaad aaya ....

What does it tell you!? It tells me that all these friends of mine have watched the movie 'Dabangg' over the weekend and loved it. No one would spoil their personal space otherwise. So what is it you think has made this movie bigger than 3-idiots (Dabangg got a better opening than 3-idiots).

Following is my take on it;

In an era where filmmakers have become thinkers and trying to out-think the audience by making films that no one really understands (Couldn't really understand the love story in Kites for example), this movie comes as a welcome surprise. You don't need brains to watch / understand this film. It is an out and out Bollywood entertainer. It is something Bollywood is known for.

Right from Deewar where the angry young hero manhandles around 20 people inside a garage to Dabangg where the hero single handedly kicks the hell out of a gang of dacoits, hindi cinema heroes are known to be super heroes by birth. Someone who can dodge a bullet or bomb and kill the bad guy with one quick blow.

We should thank Dabangg and Salman Khan for bringing this brand of hero back into Bollywood. Aamir tried it with Ghajini but it was any day a remake of tamil movie. This one is ek-dum original :)

Frankly speaking, I was tired of watching these crying, mentally retarded, metro sexual, realistic heroes on screen. I see those kinds of guys all the time on page 3 anyway.

Coming to the storyline of the movie, why do you want a story anyway when you so many other
things to cheer and whistle about (Oh yeah! I whistled to my hearts content watching the first day first show in Bangalore) . For instance, you have these amazing dialogues, brilliant songs, action sequences that even Rajnikant fans would be proud of, pretty actress and last but not least, Munni :)

Salman Khan has managed to strike a chord with everyone who has watched this movie so far and I am sure he'll continue to do so for the next few weeks/months to come. This movie is going to be one of the biggest hits of his career and one that will feed Salman's brothers and their kids for generations to come.

All said and done, if you ask me if I am waiting for Dabangg-2, my answer would be, "Kamaal karte ho yaar, ye bhi koyi pooch ne wali baat hai!!?" :)

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  1. Very well written...loved the "feed the brothers" bit immensely!!!!!! I'm planning to watch it soon.....after all the reviews I'm getting of Dabangg.

  2. Nice.. this makes me wanna go watch this movie now. I wasn't too knee, but now I will make sure I watch it. :)

  3. I am yet to watch chulbul pandey.

  4. @Didi - Thanks so much! Salman's brothers have flopped in everything they have tried and this movie was probably their last opportunity to salvage some sort of pride. What they could never imagine doing as actors, they have done as producers now. They have finally delivered a hit!

  5. @Harsh - Watch it in a cinema hall for complete entertainment!

  6. @Mohit - Don't miss it! Chulbul Pandey will entertain you for sure!

  7. Hahahaha.... Guess u saw mine as well. Kya kahe yaar Chulbul ne dil jeet liya. .. like she says, "tune toh pal bhar me chori kiya re jiya...".. bas something like that only....

  8. Hahahaha.... Guess u saw mine as well. Kya kahe yaar Chulbul ne dil jeet liya. .. like she says, "tune toh pal bhar me chori kiya re jiya...".. bas something like that only....

  9. @Vee- Haha.. Yeah. I saw your post as well! Maza aa gaya padh ke :)... Will you stop at 5 times or u planning to watch it again?

  10. u are very correct that no other else would have fit better in that Pandeyji's role...It is very difficult to keep same expression almost in all films...Wheatever the role.."Abhi to dhoia he...abhi nahalaungaa." Only possible for Salman...Remember "Most wanted".. however it should be "Least wanted"...Dirrectors dares to ask him "Salluji! can I take another better shot".. Sallu "in Next film..1st come 1st serv"...Dabangg is "Forget all other issue for the time being" & completely Paisa asool one.

  11. Hey..
    Now I am definitely going to watch it. The name of the movie did not impress me, but now have changed my mind. Good writing btw

  12. @Arup - Yes! Salman has portrayed the role of Chulbul Pandey effortlessly. Glad you enjoyed the movie!

  13. @Sridevi - Thanks so much. Dabangg means "Fearless". Leave all your fears behind and enjoy the movie :)