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Family away from home

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As the day nears for my roommate to fly back to India, I have started feeling restless instead of feeling happy for him for getting out of the 7 star Jail. Am I feeling jealous that he is getting to India before me or will I miss him here!? I guess it’s both.

Roomies (I don't really like this word but since it sounds cool, I have used it) are one's backbone and family away from home. If you have ever had a bad experience with one, I feel sorry for you but then I am not talking about it here. This blog is like its author. Always positive :)

They are there to share happiness, they are there to share your dreams, they are there to hear your stories, they have seen you crib, they have seen you laugh, they have seen your anger, they have been guinea pigs for your cooking experiments, they are someone who have seen you in all moods and are there for you all the time.

They come in all shapes and sizes, all colour, caste and creed but nothing matters. At the end of the day, they are family! I am someone who did not want to get out of home for anything till I finished my college. Had I got a job in Mandya or Bangalore as soon as I finished my Engineering, I would have missed something big in life. I was always confident that I would survive anywhere in the world but got a chance to experience it only when I got out of home in 2005 and what an experience it has been!

As I am typing this out, every friend I have ever shared a room / apartment with is just walking across my eyes. This post goes out to all my awesome roommates. It will be incomplete if I do not mention their names. It will be one long list though :). I will not bore my lovely readers with their introductions but will surely mention one or two traits I love about them the most. This doesn't meant they don't have other traits :D. If you manage to relate it to your personal experiences or roommates, I would think I have done a good job in keeping you occupied :-).

Ashok Poojary -  First ever room mate and a caring one at that :)

Sushanth - Kannada speaking room mate in Mumbai. What more can you expect!? Free spirit...

Purnendu Shandilya - Giant with a heart of gold :). Ready for anything anytime of the day!

Akshat Jain - Spontaneous, Passionate, Playstation Partner

Vikas Anand - Studious types

Chandan Kumar - One of the Best Friends I will ever find :)

Adityavir Tyagi - Good cook, Prankster

Alok Jain - Butt of all jokes and not so typical Jain ;)

Vikas Dhankar - On phone all the time with his Jaanu.

Siddartha Mohanty - Super Prankster, Movie Partner,

Vikram Dev - Sensible, Extremely hard working.

Abhijeet Shetty - Someone who hated to be tied down in Office, Home sick!

Bibhupada Dash - Aloof, Good at heart!

Shamendra Ekka - Explorer, Adventure Freak!

Harsh Gandhi - Khabri (He actually knew where Osama was hiding too. Pity that Bush never asked). Lovely human being.

Maneesh Shanbhag – Mr. Dependable, Personal Photographer in UK :)

Ankur Badani - Industrious

Mohit Gandhi - Rolu Polu, Someone who loves to follow rules everywhere

Sandeep Bharadwaj - Typical Jatt if you know what I mean and an extrovert. Can make friends in minutes :)

Kamal Prasad - Lively, Have a lot in common, Great Company

Love you all and miss you!!

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  1. Harsh ka best thaa!

  2. Glad you have/had such wonderful room mates. What is still better is that you have accepted them as they are and enjoyed their presence. The best part is you have told them you love them. I honestly feel a part of the credit should go to you too !!

  3. Wow... thats a huge list of Roomies.. I never had so many although I have spent half my life in hostels and boarding schools.. ;). Thats nice!And nothing can be better than having great roommates!!

  4. Varun.... Your words dig out the memories of those days of Saltlake & Joy. Thanks dear.

  5. @Akshat - Thanks. I knew Harsh is someone who wouldn't mind a joke or two on him. :) He is extremely sportive!

  6. @Appa - If you say so :) There is no point in holding feelings back. Both hatred and love should be expressed

  7. @Harsh - Very true :). Miss the times we spent in UK. Hope you didn't mind what I wrote about you!

  8. @Goru - My pleasure! Am glad it reminded you of your golden days!

  9. Hey Varuni,

    This is real Harsh! - Seems some other Harsh is also in ur friend list.

    Great blog as always - those days in UK were amazing - one of the fond memories is when Akshat visited during xmas and we were full on with counter strike along with Maneesh and wonderful vocab from Akshat:P

    Fact is that you are such a cheerful,charming and helping that your roomies should consider themselves lucky!

    Warm Regards,

  10. I liked the one about Shetty

  11. :) You missed me in the list dint ya? Yeah I know I came to Lagos after this post was made, and that too couple of days before you were flying back :P