Friday, February 4, 2011

A handwritten blog post :)

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This is something I have always wanted to do. Post a handwritten blog post. In case the written font is not too clear you can click on the picture to enlarge and read. Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Blog 10 out of 10, but handwriting need to improve :P

  2. Blog 10 out of 10, but handwriting need to improve :P

    --maneesh shanbhag

  3. @Maneesh - Hahaha.. Thanks so much :) Trust me my handwriting was better than this in School :)

  4. Wow.. this is a great idea... :)- Handwritten blog post. Has your hand writing changed since engineering??? ;) although it is legible.. looks like a 10yrs old's.. :P.Anyway.. I enjoyed reading this. handwritten blog over the internet! :)

  5. @Harsh - Thanks and am glad you enjoyed reading it! 10 yr old's!!!? Really!!? :)

  6. oh wow Varun!!! nice change this time for the blog post. it was just a few days back that one of your friends had posted a comment of not being able to hold a pen well and write. how true was it.. I love to write and have been writing since that post. trust me my handwriting is nowhere close to yours. i loved this post of yours :) keep it going varun.

    PS: oh yes your handwriting in school was really good.(not that it is bad now :))

  7. I was inevitably searching for a :Like" option :)

  8. @Kumuda - Good to hear that my posts have brought about a change in people's lifestyle... You should start using copy writing books if you have to improve your writing :)

    And thanks so much for loving my post. It is lovely readers like you that keep me going.

    Your handwriting if I remember correctly was very neat in School. But then every girl has neat handwriting.

  9. @Aparajita - I'm looking for the same option for your comment :)

  10. Hey.. That was a really nice update on Nigeria.. a refreshing break from just the tickets that come from there ! :p Anyway.. you didnt really mention if u shopped at those markets.. Wonder what you could hv picked up though! Anyway.. have fun while you're still there.. N ya, stay safe !
    Cheers !!

  11. good mate.. I was thinking to give you handwritten comment :). liked it .. nice.

  12. Your handwriting is not bad baaba....
    Anyway its readable...

    Can I ask one question... Are try to write BLOG IN KANNADA WITHOUT ANY WORD ENGLISH WORD.. TRY MAN...

    You will enjoy..
    Today in Bangalore Kannada SAAHITYA PARISHATH SAMMELANA is going on...

    I will visit tomorrow, any way I am not writer and I wont get ANY COMMENTS ON MY POST...

    I will go old procedure put some photo and MASALA COMMENT on kannada habba...

    Stay tune.....

    You know one thing

    11 AM in ORIGINAL KANNADA says hannodu eruhottu

    11 PM as hannodu ilihottu...

    Today only I know this one....

    See this one for clarification

  13. @Mohit - Thanks! You can give that to me when we meet next or scan and send it across... :)

  14. @Rashmi - Thanks so much! you Will surely take care and enjoy rest of my stay! I did pick up few things actually. Pineapple, Tomatoes and cucumber :) They were extremely cheap compared to the super market we shop all the time. It is sort of direct marketing. No middlemen involved!

  15. @Pradeep - Kannadadalli ondu blog post bariyabekendu bahala dinadinda aase ide. Nodana devaru yaavaga kan terithaano avaga barithini :D

    I did not know about AM and PM at all. Thanks for the link and enjoy sahitya parishat sammelana :)

  16. I was wondering on the title of the blog and now listen, I loved the whole part. The title, subject, emotions :) and of-course ur handwriting :)

  17. I read your blog a few seconds back and loved it for the concern you have expressed for the have nots. Having empathy for such people in itself will make one a better human being.

  18. The earlier comment was mine.

  19. @Pooja - Super comment there! Thanks a million! :)

  20. @Appa - I knew it was you! :) And thanks for loving the content!

  21. One of the cutest post from you varun....Lovedly since your handwriting is legible :)

    I would love to visit Nigeria some day....I would still love the market any given day than the hep malls in the city :)

  22. @Valerine - That is such a lovely compliment! Thanks :)

    Everyone should visit Africa some time in their life!

  23. Hand written blog!!
    Amazing, it’s innovative Idea. After I passed my college, I don’t remember when the last time I read any hand written note was :)
    Thanks for such a nice blog Varun:)

  24. Awww!!! This is such a cute post! There was a time when every word I wrote shone like a peral now to I feel I am dragging a dagger across a page ;)

    BTW I do not agree with your conclusion on Salary! Though I sympathise with ppl who get less pay but I also know that I also get paid less :D

  25. @Smita - Cute.. Haha.. Thanks :) This was an idea that I had since long time but never got time to actually implement it!

    With what I have seen here, I will stick to my statement about salary :)

  26. @Athira, @Sagar - Thank you :)

  27. Hey Varun, love your creativity. You come up with something novel it FB status msgs,comments or blogs....its a pleasure to read them. But yes.....handwriting dept needs improvement dear :) Well, the basic problem is the computer.....who uses the pen anyway!!!!

  28. Cool - Whenever I can I write (as in literally write) before posting it :) I love writing with a fountain pen - and these days we don't write much do we?

  29. @ Moumita Didi - Thanks so much. Such words of encouragement mean a lot to me. I am glad I have such lovely readers. I have plans to get back my writing. Lets see how it goes.

    @Hari - I love fountain pen too. I used a parker fountain pen to write this. You write well. Make sure you pass on the link to everyone...

  30. Nice Idea.
    I'll also post a handwritten post soon, let me see how bad my handwriting has gone. :)

  31. Hey Varun. I completely agree with you. I've met a few people that has so much potential and ambition in life, and where they born in a different country they could be some of the greatest people they are. But here they struggle in poverty and traffic. I've helped several people with some money, but I cannot help all of them. It makes me sad. Regards.

  32. wow!! your handwriting is awesome!!

  33. Just stumbled on your blog...nice creative idea...and you haven't noticed how handwriting really can b like...yours is way better :D

    and the bouquet, well that's one thing we can't have in a digital blog...was a nice read...'ll go through more in a while...

  34. Thanks a lot for such lovely comments!

  35. Array sahi hai re.. ek bhi cancellation nahi.. if i start writing with pen.. my hands will surely start paining now.