Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's raining tags

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I was out on a short afternoon stroll in the blogosphere when out of nowhere a tag hit me. The assailant’s name is Aparna. She is a pioneer with a wicked smile - Muhahahahhahaha. She has started a tag and has started to pass it to any person who dares to even come close to her blog. There’s one good thing about this tag though. It’s the rules. We can set our own rules and play along with it. The tag was quite simple as there were not many questions to answer.

What do you do when!?

- You see a man (or woman) making a pass (trying to woo / flirt / impress) on a woman (or man) you like?

The girl would slap me if I try and object it. Girls love all the attention they can garner and I dare not take that away from them.

- Someone you like, is not attracted to you?

I’ll try doing an Item song. ‘Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me’ :)

- You are attracted to someone, but both of you are in two different cities?

I’ll take my chances as long as the city she is living is reachable by a local call :)

- You are reading a book, and your best friend wants to borrow it and can’t wait for you to finish reading, ‘coz he/she has been looking for it for all their life?

If that is the level of his or her desperation, I will definitely have to hand that book over. A friend in desperate need is a friend indeed :)

- You help plan his / her career, and then, they go on to achieve it, leaving you behind, alone…

Aree oye!! Sun to… Apne girl friend ko bhi saath leja…


-You cannot tag me back on this one!
-You can create your own rules, as long as the above rule applies!
-Rules added as a late thought in the comments section does not hold!
-Tag Aparna whenever you get a chance!
Anybody reading this post and in dire need of something to write is tagged.

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  1. Muhahahaha--stealing that wicked laugh from Aparna.

    Now that I have seen your pictures, I was imagining you doing that item number.LOL.

  2. vimmuuu

    HaHaHa. Would you playback for me? :)

    Everyone's trying to steal her laugh these days :)

  3. U guys are just taking revenge! Unfair!

    Your answers are pretty good.. the last one.. "Arre.. Sun to"... Classic!!! :-D

    & the item no! Really??? 'Touch me touch me?"

  4. @Vimal - Stealer! But then again, I stole the laugh from my brother.. So, I give you permission, dear nobel peace prize winner, to use my laugh, as long as you use my name in credit every time ;-)

  5. Her laugh is a lill feminine...So Im creating my own devil laugh...Buhahahahahaha (its b and not m ) no more credits for you my dear nobel prize winner...Buhahahhahaha!!!!

    playback for you? and seeing u seduce someone? are u crazy?? i havnt done that myself..hehehhehe.

  6. Aparna
    Thanks! Everything is fair in love, war and blogs :)

    And Item song... Why not!? If SRK can do it why not Varun ;)

  7. vimmuuu
    Remember the answer for your first question! You said you wouldn't bother.

    You are rejecting your first break. Soch lo :)

    Huhuhahahah ... The conventional devil laugh :-D

  8. LAst wala toh mast tha...;)

  9. haha.. so u enjoying being tagged..

    apni gf ko saath leta jaa.. hahaha.. rofl

  10. *apni gf ko saath leta jaa..*
    ROFL !
    Hilarious post!

    bloghopped in rolling yurs tu mine :D

  11. Akshat
    Thanks mate! :)

  12. Oxy
    Yes I did! That answer was ek dum spontaneous :)

  13. Hi Priya (alphabetworld)

    Welcome to my diary! Glad that you blog hopped :)

    Thanks! Those were spontaneous answers :)

  14. LOL ..very well answered for question number one ...

  15. Hey Arvind

    Thanks! Welcome to my digital Diary.

    You've got a great entertainment blog there. I am blog rolling you :)

  16. I truely Belive that you are neither married nor have a girl freind to flirt with. Blogs dont get you a girl...go out and meet people so that you find a girl of your choice. Best of luck in your in the present so you can live the life to the full. If you live in the past, you can't change things. If you dream too much about the future...then you will end up as dreamer. So My best Advice is live your life to the full ....where ever you are ! Make more freinds and find the love of your life.

  17. Hello Anonymous
    Thanks a lot for those comments. Would have loved it if you could have come out of incognito and told me who you really are. I am not blogging to impress anyone or find a girl. Why should I waste my time blogging when I have It's just one way to express what I feel.

    There are some great pieces of advice in your comment there. Thanks for that. Keep visiting... :)

  18. @ varun: oh screw the people who make fun of u.. i m sure u can beat Katrina any day! ;)

    @ vimmuuu: Buhahahahahaha really doesnt sound 'manly' in ne way.. believe me!! it might jus sound like a burp + a cough + a pang of laughter, all coinciding at d same instant. :P

  19. Hi Archana
    HaHaHa... You bet!! Thanks! :)

  20. @ AV :


    @ Katrina urf Varun :

    I wouldnt bother if it is my gf. How do you expect me to playback for you when you are seducing your gf when I myself havnt done anything remote to that???

  21. lol at Zara-2 :D

    Great going :D

    Loved your answers :)

  22. vimmuuu

    She's not my gf my dear. She's just a person I like. That's what the question says. Everything has a beginning :)

  23. Smita

    Thanks so much!

  24. Thanks for blogrolling me! You've got a nice blog here... And you know Aparna... Hmmm... The plot thickens! :D

  25. Nikhil
    Welcome to my digital diary!
    You are most welcome. And Aparna... Yes! I am one of the accused in her never ending list of criminals :)

  26. I have something for you :-)

    Do drop in at