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The Last Lear - Review before Preview

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I was one of the few privileged people who sat alongside the Big B himself and watched “The Last Lear” when it was showcased in London Film Festival “LAST YEAR”. I even shook hands with the legend. It was ‘a dream come true’ for me. I stayed in Bombay for more that two years but never managed to catch a glimpse of him but my seven month stay in London bore fruits.

'The Last Lear' is undoubtedly Amitabh Bachchan's best movie ever. He will sweep away all the awards this year unless the 'Khan'dan can do something about it.

It's the story of a seasoned thespian Harish Mishra (Harry) who lives with his live-in girlfriend (Shefali Shah). The movie starts with Harry in Coma. The film shoot has taken its toll on the old man. The co-star is truly worried but the director of the movie does not want to meet the ailing actor and is busy preparing for the movie premiere.

The story takes shape in flashback but keeps meandering around past and present.

A young impatient film maker played by Arjun Rampal (Siddharth) tries to woo Harry out of his retirement from stage into films. The interaction between the film-maker and the stage actor produces some of the pleasing and best scenes of the movie.

Harry meets Shabnam (Preity Zinta) on the sets of the movie. Shabnam is a lovable character though her husband in the movie thinks otherwise. He does not like the name and fame that his wife gets out of her movies and is very jealous of her.

Harry initially thinks that there is lot of deception in movies and performing on the stage was grander than performing / acting in movies. Impressed by Siddharth's moviemaking ability and professionalism he slowly adjusts himself to the movie sets. The bond that Harry's young live-in girl friend and Harry share is portrayed beautifully as well.

There are few questions that might remain unanswered. Why this title? What happens to Harry in the end? Will he come back from his coma? How did that accident occur? Why Siddarth does not visit the ailing Harry? I would have loved to disclose everything here but I do not want to spoil your movie going experience.

The silver mane gives Big B yet another look. He looks good though. Arjun Rampal has proved he can act and I have no comments to make on the other actors. Rituparno Ghosh has made sure that he gets the best out of all his actors. Big B has brought the characters of Shakespearean plays back into life with his impeccable dialogue delivery. I cannot praise the dialogues enough because those were written by the master himself :)

I give this movie four and a half stars. I have not given it a five because there is always room for improvement :)

I have tried hard not to disclose the story. Make sure you don't miss watching it.

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  1. Read the first para--skipped the rest as this is one movie i intend watching.(even though u said U haven't given away the story i didn't want to risk it)
    Glad u got to see it with the man himself.

  2. good one Varun!
    Wondering why the movie has taken so long to hit Indian screens if it was screened in London last year?

  3. Way to go bro!! U met Big B , Lucky fella !!

    I am not going to miss it. Btw, is it in Hindi or English???

  4. Preeti
    I have left all the questions unanswered. You can go through the entire post. There's absolutely no risk in it.
    It was one of my best days in London. I loved it.

    I'll check with Rituparno and get back to you. He might have the answers to this one :)

    Yeah!! Very lucky!! I need to thank the guy who got me tickets for that show. It's an English movie. You get to hear some Bengali too.

  5. Wow!!! Lucky you :)

    I have three reasons to watch this movie
    - Priety Zinta
    -Arjun Rampal
    - AB

    Strictly in that order :)
    Cool review

  6. Hey..
    this seems to be amazing..
    U met BigB..Pheww..
    i have heard they are releasing the movie in its hindi version..
    nways ...looking forward to lifetime performances from the starcast...
    Thanx a lot for this review.
    Definitely on my TO WATCH LIST.

  7. it surprising to discover u as a blogger.
    its a nice blog.
    the one about mandya was touching to me too somewhere...
    i guess u have ur house in mandya.
    or ur parents shifted to bangalore with u ??

  8. Hey Smita

    Thanks so much! You may be a little disappointed to know that the screen time that these people have got are strictly in the reverse order. :)

    Hey Vivek

    Welcome to the Diary!! You are most welcome. I am afraid that the Hindi version will not be as good as the English one. After Raj Thackery's outburst they should try releasing it in Marathi ;)

  9. Hey Abhishek

    Thanks so much! We still have that house in Mandya. It has been rented out. Don't forget to watch this movie.

  10. shall read it after i watch d movie.. i m really looking fwd to it's release..
    n yeah- congrats for having met Big B!

  11. Arjun is having a ball.. The dude is really rocking these days.. Finally his days have arrived.. Hoping to catch it this weekend?

    P.S. Did you say you met Big B.. Aah!!

  12. I am not sure..even after reading your good review about the film i will watch it...i am not such big BigB fan!
    But I am sure chandan would!

  13. Hey Archana

    Thanks! Do comment on my review once you watch that movie.

    Hey Oxy
    Yeah! I somehow wanted that chap to do well in bollywood and am glad he's making right moves and acting in right movies.

    Big B.. Oh yes!! I did :)

    Hey Akshat
    You might not like it. It's not your kind of movie ;). Mujhe baad main gaali mat dena

  14. good description varun.
    well, i watched this movie this weekend and it was too good.

  15. Hi Abhishek

    Thanks :)

  16. Heyy, you have been tagged :

  17. This still remains in the pending list! Hope to watch it soon

    You have all the luck!

  18. Hi jeeshan

    Welcome to my diary! I don't see the movie surviving for long in theaters. Make sure you catch it before it disappears.