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News that caught my eye

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Following are the news that managed to catch my eye and attention last month (1st August - 31st August); some surprising, some disappointing, some stimulating and some stifling.

Disclaimer: The news items listed are not in any particular order and are not meant to offend anyone.

Beijing Olympics - After centuries, India managed to win an
individual gold and two individual bronze medals. Is it something to cheer about?? No. It is not! Countries much smaller than India, (size of an Indian state) managed to win more gold medals. Please don't tell me about the lack of Infrastructure and all that stuff. I know all the reasons. I am just not impressed.

Bihar Floods - It is so unfortunate to see such a poor state suffer from floods. The images and videos sometimes shown on TV are gory. The news channels either completely ignore that there is a national calamity or show the same news over and over 24 X 7. Can the politicians for once stop fighting among themselves and start helping the needy and poor?

Barrack Obama and McCain- Who are these guys? They are on all news channels and newspapers.

iPhone - Apple launched the much hyped iPhone 3G in India last month. I am waiting for apple to relaunch the same phone at fifty percent discount :)

Indian Cricket team wins a one-day series in Sri Lanka - After leading the Indian team to a series win, Dhoni is suddenly all pumped up. It was sheer luck that got India through and not the young blood that he always keeps talking about. He has forgotten that he's growing old everyday.

Tata Nano - Can somebody please allow Ratan Tata to start working on his Nano? More the delay, costlier the car! From where do you think the company would recover its loss!?

Nuke Deal - Has Unites States of America mislead the innocent India or has the Indian Government mislead its citizens?

Google Chrome - Internet's new heartthrob. It is the Google's latest open source beta version browser. Like all software products it has its pros (Faster than any other browser) and cons (No Ad Blocker and Download Manager). But I am sure Google would have already started its work on all the shortcomings. Microsoft and Apple, get ready for some competition :)

MTV Splitsvilla - I wanted the other guy to win only because he was my namesake. Looking forward to Roadies 6.0

Social Networking halves Degree of Separation - Have you ever heard of Six Degrees of Separation? It refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is an average of six "steps" away from each person on Earth.
The social networking sites like facebook and cellular operators claim that they have now halved it. You are just three "steps" away from each person on earth. “Scary!”?

I got some work - I finally got some work in the new organization. It feels really good to get back on track.

Happy Birthday Sis - Last but not least 31st August was my sister Chaitra’s Birthday. I wish her all luck and happiness in life. Belated wishes dear Chaiti :)

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  1. @iPhone: U can read a post about it pros and cons on my blog .. I am using it since Jan ..

    @Splitsvilla: Vishal and Shradhha are made for each other .. Varun was dumb .. He just wanted to play games and he deserved to lose ..

    @India winning in Srilanka: Great performance by dhoni and company .. all the oldies including sachin are in trouble now..

    @Olympics: congrats to bindra and other boxers for their awesome achievements ..

  2. Barrack Obama and McCain are teh US Presidential candidates :)

    I Phone is too expensive for me :(

    Splitsvilla, whenever I used to watch it I used to curse but then I always watched ;-) I wanetd Priyanka to win. BTW Me too looking forward to Roadies.

    Bihar is one sad situation. Last I had read the water would make the land baren. That would be worst hai na???

    Last but not the least please pass on my belated wishes to your sis :)

  3. Soham
    Welcome to my blog!
    @iPhone - Sure. I'll read it before I buy one.
    @Splitsvilla - ROFL. Nobody loved anybody there. Its all part of the game.
    @India Winning in Srilanka - Sachin will retire only when he decides to retire and I don't see the new brigade surviving for even 3 days in a Test Match against team like Australia.
    @Olympics - Their achievement was indeed awesome.

    Thanks. Will surely pass your wishes.

    Why are US presidential candidates on Indian Television :)

    Splitsvilla - I didn't want Shradhha to win :)

    iPhone - Only reason I am waiting for that 50% discount :)

    Bihar- Haan. That will make the situation of the survivors worse. God save Bihar!

  4. Any news is News in India :D

  5. News!!!!
    Not again, everyday we are expected to analyze news here!!
    It's so boring!!

  6. Hi Aditi,
    Welcome to my blog!
    Sorry about news. There's no news in my other posts. Give them a visit when you have enough time.

  7. A few months, I literally stopped watching news because of the Aarushi murder. Each and every channel had their own version of the case. It was as if the media was investigating and the police/ CBI were doing nothing !!!

    Nice post, and expecting one such article every month from you!!

  8. MTV splitsvilla:Oh my GOD ..... I was enjoying the uncertainty ..:(..I had not finished it.........

  9. Vimmuuu,
    Thanks so much. You've given me a great idea. I don't have to think about what to write at the start of the month now :)
    Arushi murder case was completely sensationalized by the media.

    Hi Manjali,
    Sorry about that! I thought you would know the results by now.

  10. Dude, For Ratan to work he has to first kill that fat-foul-mouth Mamta B.

    Nuke Deal - I say both.

    Obama, Mc Cain and now include Palin as well. :) (I know u were kidding there but Do not ever say u don know them)...

  11. Oxy,
    You are right! Ratan Tata can go no where with Mamta B around.

    Oh yeah! I know Palin very well ;) Not interested in the other two though. Plan to develop interest only on the winner :) Let them fight their battle first

  12. Hi,
    The iphone is not my cup of tea ...!
    Splitsvilla was just sickening and showed how low reality TV can sink into for getting viewership..
    India winning in ODI's against SriLanka was indeed a welcome change though not in the same league of breaking the individual Gold jinx in the Olympics. But giving an honourary doctorate To Bindra by Madras University was a little too much.
    Bihar floods showed how Nature can be devastating but the 24/7 channels showing only the dark side of it or comic side, like Lalu distributing Rs.500/- notes, left the viewers cheated as I am sure there were lot of good Samaritans doing great helping deeds.