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Apologies, Awards, Cricket and Christmas

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I am sorry for not updating my Digital Diary for so long.

I hate to give my work as excuse because I firmly believe if we make an effort to take some time out of work we can surely do anything and everything we think of doing. I promise that I’ll make it a point to post regularly from now on. This is the first time that people have been demanding my next post. It is cheerfully encouraging to see people waiting to read my next post. I will try my best and keep up with your pace.

Now that I am through with apologies I’ll move on to next topic in the title.

The awards have been flowing in even though I have not been a regular here. Thanks a lot for all the encouragement and support. These awards are as big as Oscars for me.

Proximity Award (Awarded by Smita):

Thanks will be an understatement. This award comes with a small write up as well. Here it goes;

This award is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY – nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even
more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.
What more can I say about this award!? Here comes the tough part now.

I pass this award to;
Kreativ Blogger (Awarded by Archana and Vivek):

If there is anything creative in my blog that should be my template :). Thanks a lot for the award. This award will now act as an inspiration for me to write something creative. Blogging is not just about writing. It is about creating something new every time. So this award goes to everyone on my blog roll and to everyone who is making an effort to write a blog.

Now for some Cricketing action;

If you are a cricket fan you would know that the last 10 days have been a golden period for test cricket. If the Indian run chase made me think about writing a post, the South African run chase made me sit up and write. What an awesome run chase it was!? Is it because the well oiled engine called Australia is running out of steam? Or is it the never-say-die attitude of South Africa that helped them pull off such a tremendous win. Only time will tell. But nevertheless it will be match to remember for decades to follow. Same is the case with the Indian run chase. It is one of those matches that will be telecast on TV time and again as a classic match. I am so glad to have witnessed it live. I would like to congratulate and thank the Indian and South African teams for taking test cricket to a new level.

Another accomplishment that any Indian cricket fan would have taken notice of is Rahul Dravid’s century. I was more relieved than Dravid himself. It was disheartening to see him in such a pathetic state. With this innings, he has not just managed to silence the critics; he has made sure he has zipped up their mouths for another season. I just could not understand what was there for him to prove. If there is anything l
eft for anyone to prove in the current Indian Cricket team it has to Harbhajan Singh. Anil Kumble’s shoes are turning out to be to too big for him to fill. Dhoni will not be able to shield him for too long. The so called critics want a scapegoat and I am sure the turbanator is slowly turning(doosra'ing') out to be the right candidate.

That was the cricket update. Moving on to Christmas celebrations;

If I could trade one of the thousands of festivals we have with a festival from a different religion it would be Christmas any day. It has a certain aura around it. Christmas brings with it lots of fond memories. This was one of the festivals we celebrated in school with great enthusiasm. We used to decorate our class rooms, decorate Christmas trees, play lots of games, exchange small gifts, cut cakes and the best part about this whole celebration was the holidays that followed. Now when I am working in an IT organization, all I get is a day off. The office is decorated alright but no one seems to be enthusiastic about the whole thing. This has not left me disappointed though. I have my own plans for Christmas. I will be watching the first-day first-show of Ghajini with my family and will probably be lunching out after that. And since there is a sale going on in every nook and corner of Bangalore I might do some shopping as well. So, What are your plans? How are you planning to celebrate this festive week?

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  1. Deserved it man! Why another? :D :D

  2. Hehe! That dog is so cute! :D
    Congrats on the awards, dude! You deserve more! :)

  3. congrates man!! and Thanks buddy! :) :)

    As Nikhil says, the dog is super cute but somehow looks sad!

  4. Varun, that puppy is so cute, and looks most apologetic :( I saw the pic and was like, "Awww he's so cute!" and I hear a delighted 'thump, thump'! Our Lab assumes any endearment in this house is only meant for him :)

    Thanks and Congrats :)

    And for Christmas I will be reminding my kids to please finish all assignments, applications, HW and revisions - they have exams as soon as the holidays finish!
    (Maybe an odd lunch or a movie in between.)

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  6. hey congratulations n thnx buddy!

  7. Good to see you are back. :) Now start posting something other than awards and CRICKET. :P

  8. Hi Vivek,
    Thanks so much... Aish Karo yaar!!

  9. Hi Nikhil,
    Thanks so much! :) I had seen the picture of this dog in one of the email forwards. Google helped me find it again.

  10. Hi Sakhi,
    Thank you :). The dog is apologetic and hence looks sad. But you don't have to worry about it. The dog owner is extremely happy :)

  11. Hi IHM,
    Finally I find someone who has read the post until its last line and answered my question :) Love your looong comments! Thanks so much for the wishes and these comments

    Exams soon after holiday!! How sad is that!? Poor kids! You can take them to 'Jumbo'. They might like the movie.

  12. Hi Archana,
    Thanks and you are welcome! :)

  13. Hi Pavan,
    Hahaha... Aye Aye Sir! :)

  14. COngrats on the awards!! The Kreative one is new.. and your blog has changed a lot since I came here.. Interesting! :-D

  15. /* I hate to give my work as excuse because I firmly believe if we make an effort to take some time out of work we can surely do anything and everything we think of doing.

    Awww... you make me want to hide myself in a cupboard :(

    I shall definitely manage my time and be regular on my blog now onwards...

    Thanks a lot for the award :) Am touched :)

    and ofcourse congrats on bagging in the awards :)

    Yeah it was good to see Dravid playing like before.. its beena long time since I have seen him playing such a nice game...

    And for Christmas :) Hmm... since i wont be going back home this year... am gonna celebrate it wid my frenz :) we are planning to go for a biking trip to Mahabaleshwar :) Hope it turns out good :)

    Wish you and your family a merry christmas in advance :)

  16. You've been blogrolled :)

  17. That doggie is soooo cute!! :)
    Congrats on your awards and thank you! :)

  18. That Doggie is sooooo cute!!!!!

    Maaf kiya :))

    And you deserve all the awards, congrats for them :-)

    Dravid n century,ah! I was so relieved n happy.

  19. Hi Aparna,
    Thanks so much! Click kar liya karo yaar kabhi kabhi :)

    BTW How is new template? Liked it?

  20. Hi Nidhi,
    Hey I didn't mean to show you the way to your cupboard :).
    Thanks so much and you deserved the award!

    Biking trip sounds real fun. I had been to Lonavala in my last biking trip. Enjoy and ride safe!

    Thanks a lot for the wishes. Merry Christmas to you too...

  21. Hi Apar,
    I know. It is the cutest,apologetic doggy I have ever seen :)
    You are always welcome and thanks so much! :)

  22. Hi Smita,
    Google helped me find that doggie
    Maaf karne ke liye aur award ke liye dhanyawaad :)

    Dravid is back :) Yippeee...

  23. Congrats on the awards!!

  24. dravid is back yay 1!!
    congratz for the awards :)
    Happy holidays to u too