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India Bleeding

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I wanted to write a post on the Mumbai Terror Attacks but I was in a complete state of shock and could not express what I felt. Moreover I have nothing left to write because great writers and great bloggers have already written everything about it.

It is now the time of post-mortem of the entire episode when facts and secrets are dug out from the dead bodies of the terrorists. It is also the time when every secret agency claims that it had warned India about the attacks. Every citizen of India has lots of questions in his or her mind but I don't see any person who has the answers to all of them. So it is time to find our own answers. Why do we always wait? I think that is how we are taught in schools. We always ask questions and wait for the teacher to respond. It is that time of our lives when we have to change and act.

I came across a lovely poem (written by famous lyricist Prasoon Joshi) that more or less sums up what I wanted to convey;

Nahin aaney doonga zindagi ko aasani se patri par

Nahin utarney doonga usey keechad main,tedhey medhey raston pe

Nahin sookhney doonga deewaron par laga khoon
Halka Nahin padney doonga uska rang

Is baar Nahin banney doonga usey itna laachaar ki paan ki peek aur khoon ka fark hi khatm ho jaye

Is baar ghawon ko dekhna hai gaur se thoda lambe wakt tak

Kuch faisley aur uskey baad hausley kahin toh shuruat karni hi hogi

Is baar yahi tay kiya hai!

My heartfelt condolences go to all the martyrs who played a big part in digging us out of the hole that we had dug for ourselves (The blasts just made it easy).

I would not like to put the entire blame on the politicians here because they became our leaders only because we voted (or not voted) for them. Please use your power, your vote judiciously and choose a worthy leader instead of moaning later.

I reached a milestone last week. The “five thousand hits” milestone. I wanted to celebrate it in style but this whole episode made me sad and I could no longer celebrate it. But since life has to move on, here I am, proudly displaying the number of hits on the left side of the screen. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers from the bottom of my heart for making it possible. With each comment and each post I have improved and I would have been just another unknown blogger (Google finds me now:)) in this big wide blog world without you all. Thanks again!

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  1. Ya sure man.
    One thing I ll tell u political people have more power rather than any body.

    They did good things to us and same way bad things to us.

    For example reservation system which leads to people clash each other for their cast. It was done that's it.Nobody can change the system forever.

    Same way we signed for LPG(Liberalization,Privatization, Globalization)
    Because of that India is developing as Big Country in the world.

    Both done by Our great politicians only.

    Fact is that
    We have an option to choose the somewhat good person in entire bad worst political peoples...

    But it takes time!

  2. One more thing I want to add here.

    This is the right time to show Indian muslims, to show Unity and Patriotism towards India.

    Now What Bombay muslim people did yesterday.

    1) They should send FATWA against the people who are support to Terrorist people
    2) Boycott from their community

    3) They should do strike when such incidents happens. (This is not for rights (only RSS, VHP and Bajranga Dal should do) )

    4)They should read about Abdul Kalam not about Bin Laden.

    That's show Real Indians........

  3. Few words, but well said. We need a response or there is no way ahead.

  4. Vandae matharam!!!!

    I think time has come to make compolsary miltary training so that we can defend our motherland...Like how countries like israel follow.

    Wish Chidambaram!!! makes an another operation like black thunder...and flush out the traitors.

    I think we are only country in the world which has removed POTA what a useless congress govt.

  5. Exactly, I too did not feel like writing anything on it but my reasons were not same as yours that they all had written it greatly. I disagree. I came across many blog posts, which were absolutely trash..

    Anyways, each to his own.

    Prasoon's poem is nice and touching but I do not agree to how media used it to their advantage. May be I will write on that soon..

    Congrats for the milestone.

  6. Congrats on your 5k milestone! Many more to go! :)

    And yes, I join you in saluting the brave heroes who died for the country!

  7. That is a lovely poem...

    As far as the terror attacks are concerned I have said enough...the only thing that I feel like doing right now is change everything....I have been fighting with my frenz colleagues...and all I can say that we shud change ourselves, question the politicians....stop taking things as they are...

    Congrats for the 5k landmark :)

  8. Congrats on 5000 not sure how significant it is in blogging world...anyway..keep writing. I feel u express a more lot when u blog than u talk!!
    Love U

  9. Hi Varun .. Congrats on your 5000 hits and wishing you many more. Mumbai attacks is on everybody's mind now and it should be that way. The poem expresses it so wonderfully .. Great going Varun.:)

  10. I am glad I finally came across a post where politicians are not being blamed. Indeed, we need to stop playing the blame game and find a way to make ourselves useful.

    Congrats on the 5000 :)

  11. Hi Pradeep,
    You are absolutely right. It would take us some time to rebuild. There are a lot of good things that our politicians have done. But its just a matter of selecting a politician who can keep doing it.
    And regarding Mumbai Muslims, I have no comments to make. It is a time when all of us have to stand united and fight against this menace. And for your info, The Mumbai Muslims have refused to cremate the bodies of the terrorists.

  12. Hi Trailblazer,
    Welcome to my Digital Diary! Thanks. But the BIG question now is who is this person/organization who'll give us the response?

  13. Hi Anonymous,
    Vande Matharam!

    No point in blaming Congress or BJP. Both are equally good or equally bad.

    Black thunder or Harpic, It's time to flush out terrorists from every nook and corner of this world.

  14. Hi Oxy,
    Thanks so much! I'll be waiting for your write up on that poem. I have so far not come across trash blog posts. Lucky me :)

  15. Hi Nikhil,
    Thanks so much! :)
    In this big wide blog world, I know I still am 'a nanna sa pyara sa chota sa bachcha' :)

  16. Hi Smita,
    Thank you :)
    Why don't you start with your profile photo ? :)

  17. Hi Chaiti,
    Who better to understand me than you. Love you too :). 5000 hits is just baby steps here but I am glad that I have at least started to walk.

  18. Hi Ashwini,
    Thanks a lot! That poem is beautiful and thought provoking.

  19. Hi Shivya,
    Welcome to my digital diary! Thanks! I personally do not believe in blame game and its just come across in my post.

  20. Congrats on the 5K!
    Get the next 5K too!
    Nice Poem.

  21. there are no genuine politicians around who are willing to wrok for teh country ..
    whom to vote ??

    PS :congratz for ur hits :)

  22. Yeah yet another attack........its like these terrorist think that v have become accustomed to their attacks....I came across yet another article which says that the soldiers who bravely fought for us and laid down their lives were transported in best buses where as the cricketers get paid even if they loose a match.......such is the plight of our country..........

  23. well its like these terrorist think that we have got accustomed to their attacks..I came across a article which reads that the dead corps of these brave soldiers who laid down their lives for us were sent to their family members in best buses where as our cricketers down step out without AC buses...they get paid like 5 corers even if they loose a match...nd these soldiers who laid their lives protecting us get 5 lakhs as a compensation........this is the state of our country!!!!!!

  24. Hi Vivek,
    Thanks buddy! I'll get the next 5K too. Don't stop clicking :)

  25. Hi Arvind,
    Thanks! You have a very valid question there but it should not stop you from voting. We do get few good people once in a while but they lose out only because they don't get enough votes.

  26. Hi Valerine,
    Movie stars and cricketers are given GOD status in our country. It was sad to see the NSG commandos sitting in a BEST bus. There was an email forward that was doing the rounds last week I am not sure if you have seen it. "An Olympic Shooter wins Gold medal (Only a game), Govt gives him 3 Crore + Awards
    Another Shooter dies, fighting with terrorists (Saving our country and our lives), Govt pays his family just 5 Lakhs". I had written a post about this bias very recently. You can find it here

  27. Hi,

    Hearty congratulations on reaching 5000 hits. I am sure that it is just the beginning of more and more hits to follow if you continue to write straight from the heart as you have been doing all these days.

    Well - as for the Mumbai terror India should act really tough even if it means a war with Pakistan lest the world mistake our forgiveness to weakness. First a beginning should be made to get a strong central government next year.Here you and your friends can all make a difference and you better do it.

  28. Congrats on the 5 K milestone :)

    I think what we need is, to continue to feel this positive anger - nothing else will make us take the trouble to fight for change.
    Sign petitions, join Peaceful Protests, work for creating awareness and most important - FOLLOW THEM THROUGH.

  29. Hi Appa,
    Thanks a lot for those encouraging words.

    If not war, few things that the government has to do is
    1. They have to destroy Internal Terror Support Network
    2. All known training camps outside the country should be attacked and destroyed.
    3. All known terror suspects hiding out openly in neighboring countries should be flushed out by mounting unprecedented global pressure on their governments.

    There's a petition you can sign for this. Visit the following link. Click Here

  30. Hi IHM
    Welcome to my Digital Diary! Thanks a lot :). You've put it very correctly. Positive anger is what we'll have to continue to feel. Please send me any link of the petition that I can sign. I'll do the same thing if I find any.

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  32. Congrats buddy on the milestone.

  33. Hi vimmuuu
    Thanks a lot! For the award and wishes! :)

  34. A sweet little surprise for you here..

  35. Hi Smita,
    That was a lovely surprise! Thanks a lot for the award!

  36. Congrats on the hits!!