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Jab We Met

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Before you get into any sort of confusion or conclusion, this is neither a movie review nor a discussion about the size-zero girl Kareena Kapoor. I will be talking about my first ever blogger get together(Not exactly the first meet because the first blogger I ever met was Preeti during her book launch) with Oxy who is probably four or five sizes more than our very own size-zero girl :)

It was an email reply to a comment on my blog post 'India Bleeding' that made this meeting possible. Here goes the conversation;

Oxy: "Exactly, I too did not feel like writing anything on it but my reasons were not same as yours that they all had written it greatly. I disagree. I came across many blog posts, which were absolutely trash."

Varun: "I hope you didn't classify my post in the trash list :)"

: "o no no no no.. not at all.... else I wudn't have commented at all buddy..... chill... moreover u had clearly written many have already written on it.."

Even though I was just kidding, Oxy felt that I might have got offended by his comments and disclosed him to me by adding me to his Google-Talk list. I recognized him by his profile snap (Cowboy hat made it easy). We cleared all confusions we had and chatted for some time. While we were chatting on Thursday, he told me that he had an extra ticket for the movie (First-Day First-Show) 'Dil Kabaddi' and asked me if I could join him. I could not say NO for the following three reasons;

1. It was a movie invitation :)
2. It was going to be my first ever Blogger-Get-Together.
3. It was a First-day First-show.

I was so excited about the meet and movie that I reached PVR Cinemas fifteen minutes before time (The guards did not allow me to get inside the mall :)). Luckily for me, I had to withdraw some money from the ATM and that helped me kill time. By the time I withdrew money and came back to the mall, they had opened the gates. I parked my bike, came to the rendezvous point and waited. Oxy made it just in time for the movie and we rushed in after the initial Hi-Hellos. We got time to chat only during the interval as the movie was pretty interesting and we did not want to miss Irfan Khan's antics.

Both of us liked the movie and reached a common consensus that the movie deserved three and a half stars (***.5). The conversation during interval led to disclosure of few secrets about fellow bloggers and I also got to know more about a person I always knew only as Oxy. I had always read about blogger meets but it was fun to be part of one. The movie was entertaining and so was the meet. Thanks for the invitation Oxy. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you.

The movie and the meet kick started my weekend a little earlier than usual. How I wish every single day started with a movie :)

I received few lovely awards over the weekend. I would like to thank Vimmuuu for awarding me a trophy and a beautiful 'Butterfly Award'. I have proudly displayed it on the right panel of my blog and I hereby pass it to Ashwini, Archana,Arch-Fully, IHM, Valerine and Vivek. I have tried not to repeat awarding the bloggers who already have these awards.

Here are the awards;

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  1. Varun Thank You :)
    And I am truly honored!

    And what perfect reasons for not saying no for 'Dil Kabbaddi' :) I have NEVER met any bloggers, sounds like a lot of fun!!
    Thanks again!

  2. Hey Varun congrats in the first place............btw dat was sweet of you to award me too......thanks for that........feels really v encouraging especially for a novice blogger like me..........

  3. hye, i am glad the meeting turned out to be fun for you.I missed one such meet in the last month in mumbai.. i hope i can see my blogger friends sometime :)

  4. Thanks a lot Varun!!
    An honour this is.

  5. Congrats!! I also wanna watch Dil Kabbadi.

  6. Looks u two had fultoo fun.

    I have met one blogger & few people from other internet site where I used to write & everytime it was fun....


  7. u guys finally met up, huh? Gr8...remember, we had a plan months ago!! Sigh !

    Anyway, let me plan my trip tp Blore soon and then we will make it a bigger meet, what say????

  8. size zero girl kareena LMAO :P
    wow ..blogger meet.. coool :D
    my first blogger meet too was a movie :D
    I love blogging :D

  9. Hi IHM :)
    You are most welcome and you truly deserved those awards!

    I am always game for a movie. So the first reason always manages to overshadow any other reason I may find :)

  10. Hi Valerine,
    Thanks so much! It is an award from one novice blogger to another one :)

  11. Hi Sakhi :)
    World is too small. I am sure you'll find many such opportunities to meet your blogger friends. In case you are coming down to Bangalore some time give me a call :).

  12. Hi Vivek :)
    You are always welcome!! This is just the first of many more to come. Make sure you have enough space in your blog :)

  13. Hi Reema :)
    Dil Kabaddi is hilarious. Watch it after your exams :)

  14. Hi Smita :)
    Yes we did! We'll definitely meet when I come to Mumbai next :).
    Other internet site!!? ;)

  15. Hi Vimmuuu :)
    That plan didn't materialize but let us know if you are coming to Bangalore. We'll surely plan for something BIG :D

  16. Hi Arvind :)
    LMAO - I had to google it. I LMAO after I found the results ;)

    I love blogging too. :D

  17. It was pleasure meeting you. For me too, it was first meet (after coming to blog world), otherwise I have met people from the site where I used to write.

    And for mentioning the Kareena, haha, good as I am her fan. Mention of Rakhi too would have been nice though. Lol..

  18. Meeting bloggers whose blogs you like is always great as minds have already met before and now the souls meet physically. :-)
    It was great when i met you too.

  19. Hi Oxy :)
    Oh Yes! I forgot to mention about your dear Rakhi! :)

  20. Hi Ps :)
    Sahi philosophy hai! Oxy and I had so much to talk even though we had met for the first time.

  21. hey.. congrats on receiving these awards n thnx a lot for d awards dude!
    n sorry for d late response.. was blocked outta bloggers site! :)