Monday, June 23, 2008

Karan Johar's following me

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Karan Johar has now placed his step into the world of blogging. For that matter even Amitabh Bachchan and Amir Khan have followed me. I had my own blog way before these guys knew what blogging is all about. This is starting to become a trend now. Bollywood or Indian Film Industry as Big B fondly calls it has finally noticed the importance of internet as a medium to interact with fans, and promote their new movies. The websites (for new movies) were always there but websites never gave the opportunity to interact. By reading a blog a fan feels that he's getting to know that star better than ever and he always has the liberty to drop his comments on whatever his star has written. These guys now a day reply to the comments as well there by ensuring the readership stays on.

Just in case you are interested in reading their blogs, here are the links;

Amitabh Bachchan -
Amir Khan -
Karan Johar -

I am not saying that these guys are good or great writers but they certainly have connected with the outside world quite well.

I am waiting for SRK to start writing. He is one intelligent actor who can make a great writer too. He started blogging briefly during the IPL but that was just about his Knight Riders.

I an honest in admitting that I like TV channels like zoom that showcase Bollywood gossip almost 24 x 7. But as soon as I came to know that news channels get news from blogs like these, I straight away jumped into the idea of reading instead of watching. It’s always better to get the news straight from the source. It gets twisted and turned by the time it reaches us.

If you’ve noticed, I have been quite selfish and have written only about me in the past. This is an attempt to write something out of the box. Will think about writing more stuff like this based on the response I get. Do leave a comment if you find some time.

Looking forward to other great actors joining the blog bandwagon.

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  1. never sent me the link...but still I read this. Anthu you are making good use of your time till work gears up at INTEC. Cool...keep writing more n more....All the Best!!

  2. Hi,
    I started reading blogs only after you started writing them.It showed an excellent side of yours - adept at giving a shape to your feelings - which i never knew you had. As you say the rest are following you now. Keep going. All the best.

  3. You forgot to mention who you followed. I guess no one is following anyone... they are just venting their feeings and reaching out.