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Utilize your free time - My Way

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Here are few things you can do (rather I do) when you (I) have some free time;

1. Read Newspapers - All of them you can find. e-papers included.

2. Read Horoscopes - Read them when you are nearing close of play. You'll feel great that you proved it wrong yet again.

3. Read Blogs - All kinds of them. From celebrity Blogs to Blogs on Cooking. From Blogs on Sports to Blogs on Literature. I feel women make sensible writers but there are few exceptions when it comes to men. You are reading one of them :)

4. Wish a Friend / Relative - If it's a friend's / Relative's birthday or Anniversary make it a point to call them. I know it'll consume 2 min of your precious time but try wasting those 2 min once in a while. Given us an option we'll choose e-mail any day but it consumes more than 2 min. Think about it!!

5. Call a friend - My favourite pass time is going through phone book of my cell phone. Pick a person who is never expecting your call. Surprise him or her. Make his or her day. The same applies to chatting online. Buzz a friend.

6. Reply to e-mails - It feels great to see a reply any day any time of the year. We wait for acknowledgment in every facet of our life . Even a packet switched network waits for acknowledgment (techie stuff... cannot really help it) then why not acknowledge an e-mail. Please do it. Trust me, the feel good factor will be there both sides. The person who sent the reply will feel as good as the person who received it.

7. Write - Best way to express something is to write. Not just blogs. Write a hand written letter. It's something that has not lost its value with time. It's in fact priceless these days as you rarely find one. Write e-mails, greeting cards, in fact write anything and everything you like. If you feel you express better when you speak, go ahead find a good listener.

8. Play - I love playing games on my PC or my laptop even at this age. This is the first thing I do when I cannot think of anything else. Even a game of solitaire will cheer you up provided you win. You'll have that sense of satisfaction that you won something. Tip: Play at the easiest level. You'll never win the hardest level in your first attempt. In case you have company and like outdoor games a game of cricket or football wouldn't do any harm.Yes, Gym is a great option too.

9. Listen to Music - Thanks to my sis, i have a Microsoft Zune. Now don't ask me what's that. It's a 30GB mp3 player, a Microsoft product. Find a great pair of earphones or a headphones that suits your mp3 player or Walkman or a Disc man without which the music listening experience will not be as good as you want it to be. Do not disturb others by playing music on speakers. Speakers are for Cars and home theaters. Listening to radio is a good option in a city like Mumbai but don't try listening to radio for long in Bangalore. It's pathetic.

10. Keep updating yourself - I'll not ask you about the latest graphics card that NVidia released for gaming but you should at least know that NVidia is a company that makes graphic cards for computers. This is an offshoot of point of 1 and 3. If you read you'll know. There's another option to make yourself aware of the happening. My mom uses this option extensively. Listen to what people talk, ask questions, understand. If you don't update yourself, you'll have very few common topics to talk when you meet any stranger.

11. Making friends on orkut is not socializing - Cyberspace is an imaginary space where everybody is your friend. But you do not live in cyberspace. Wake up!!. Try to use it as a medium to find your long lost friends and a medium to keep in touch. In case you are lucky enough to get his or her number go to point 5 :)

12. Talk - Go home and talk. To your parents, your room mates. This is the only medium to vent out your anger/frustration or share your happiness. Your day will be complete if you manage to do it. In case you don't find anyone when you come back home, pick the best listener from your phone book and call him or her.

13. Dine Out - A dinner once in a while in a restaurant with good ambience and most importantly great food will surely enlighten you

14. TV - I know its addictive but try avoiding it. Ekta Kkaappoorr is the only person making money out of it. Why do you want to help her? There are more needy people in India.

15. Watch a Movie - How the hell did I forget this one. I was about to post this blog without movies. Guess its the sign of me blending in Bangalore. Rent a movie, watch movie channels or the best option would be to go to a theater and watch an uninterrupted movie.

You'll not find Read Books or Novels in my list because i hardly read them. It's definitely a brilliant option. I plan to get it into my list sooner than later.

All said and done if your mommy wants you to run to the nearest veggie store and pick sabji for her, it surely takes the highest priority.

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  1. Investing in your way in free time will fetch far more returns than the market these days!!

    3 Cheers on this wisdom of sharing positive ways of investmenting free time... hope though that you can assure doubly positive returns too.. :)

  2. If anything, you have become a better writer. Good suggestions though. However, you telling not to watch TV - I have to watch that.

  3. You have preached that “we must reply to every or most messages we get but I haven’t been getting any nice forwards from you, as a token of appreciation for my cutie-naughtie forwards!!!!”

    Keep rocking ... IT is full of Guyz Like us...

    You know my team sits in a ManikChand Training room and We keep playing CounterStrike just as we find time... obviously this would have made u 'Jealous' enough!

    He hehe! :)

  4. i definitely need to read up on newspapers...

    West Bremerton florist

  5. One more super blog from u... :)..
    I do have mentioned it to u, during free time in office, I actually check if any new blogs have come up from u...

    keep writing such beautiful things..:)

    P.S:I m jusy following one of ur points mentioned.. ;)

  6. Great blog...hope you follow all of them as you write...:-))
    But your naughty nephew hardly gives me any free will have to wait till he grows up to utilize free time in ur way!!

  7. Hey Varun!!! I am slowly becoming a fan of ur writings.. :)
    U r gradually getting the knack of keeping ur reader engrossed.Also, you have given me the inspration to start my own blog..:)
    The article is very well composed and the suggestions cover many of my interests too..

  8. Nice article and I could add on some of my own "things to do in free time" to that list. However, I am sure, they wldnt be as good as this, probably more destructive. :)
    And i really agree with the last line, Getting veggies and Things from the grocer for Ma, tops the list!!!!

  9. hey varun,super ag baryod kaltbutedya maga neenu :)

  10. Hi,
    Good to learn new ways of spending time. But I honestly feel reading books beats all other hands down. Reading your blogs too comes a very close second. Keep it up.

  11. "TV - I know its addictive but try avoiding it. Ekta Kkaappoorr is the only person making money out of it. Why do you want to help her? There are more needy people in India."

    he he he..that was the best one.........

  12. Bravo, brilliant phrase and is duly

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