Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Number 9XXXX 23130

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In case you had my old number and in case you've noticed, the last 5 digits are same. There's no big history behind this number nor there is any numerology involved. It's just that i am emotionally attached to it. 23130 was our first land line number in Mandya which makes it the first phone number of my life. As long as i can get the last 5 digits of my choice i would continue this wherever i go. It's just a miniscule attempt to keep myself attached to Mandya. A place I love so dearly.

Call me!! :)

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  1. Will call you....I too loved the fact that 23130 is still alive. I am sure these small things in life have lot of value.

  2. Hi,
    Life becomes beautiful only when you appreciate the value of good things life offers you.I am glad 'pahele phone tumhara dilme aise bas gaya hai ki tum abhi bhi vuski yaad rakhteho'. 'Chotisi powda badi pedh tabhi ban sakta hai jab uski neev majbootho'. I am glad you are attached to your roots so well. Uninterrupted flow of fruits will follow. All the best. Love