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34 Bubblegums and Candies Book Launch - Bangalore

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The collage sums up Preeti's 34 Bubblegums and Candies Bangalore Book Launch. It was an amazing experience. I had always seen Book launches on television or had always read about it in the newspapers but to be a part of such a book launch was indeed amazing.

The launch started with a crossword employee introducing the author and the guest of honour. Mr. R.K. Mishra of Lead India fame was the guest of honour. I had always read about him but it was wonderful to hear him speak.

The book '34 Bubblegums and Candies' is based on true life incidents. The title might sound a little peculiar but here is what the author has to say about it.

"Because, there are incidents that make you ponder and make you want to think and may be re-think. Like chewing a bubble gum. Then there are others, spiked with doses of humour that make you laugh and leave you a feel-good sensation. Just like eating a candy." (Excerpt from
The book contains lots of such bubblegums that will make you think again and again, and candies that will make you go into a guffaw.

I have yet to read the book but have already heard 4 beautifully woven stories from the surefooted author. It was amazing to see the confidence in her. Even though it is her first book ,there was no touch of nervousness. She was talking and interacting with people as though it was her tenth book launch :).

While the book reading session was going on, the real bubblegums and candies were distributed. I ate the candy as soon as I got it and I am chewing the bubblegum as I am typing this post. If you look at the collage closely, you will be able to notice the empty candy wrapper and the bubblegum placed on the cover of the book.

Some of the stories that were read out were, Please hug me, Sly Stallone does not open up easily, Radiators and Drains and What women want. The title of each story is as interesting as the title of the book. Mr. Mishra made even Satish to read a story. I am not sure if the Pune crowd were so lucky.

After the book reading session ended, it was autograph time :). I simply loved what Preeti wrote for me on my book. You can view that in my collage. I was overwhelmed with joy when Preeti's kids, Atul and Purvi gave me my personalized bookmark.The bookmark says 'Thank you for buying my mom's book' and 'Dear Varun, This bookmark was made specially for you. It was made by Atul and Purvi. Hope you like it.' I didn't just like it. I LOVED IT.

The question and answer session gave us a slight peek into the future. The grapevine has it that Preeti has started working on her second book. Shhh...

Here's congratulating Preeti on a successful launch of 34 Bubblegums and Candies and wishing her luck for all her forthcoming ventures.

Cost of the book: Rs 100
Available at a book store near you.

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  1. hmm ...... the title makes me curious :P
    ,,,and the price is quite low too >..
    how about writing a review ???

  2. Hi Arvind,
    Yeah! A curious title indeed! In case I manage to finish reading it over the weekend I will definitely post a review.

  3. Aha!!! A book launch and Do i envy you?? Yes indeed :)

    The title is eye catching and the idea of Author's kids giving booksmarks is not only unique but very sweet as well...

    BTW Mr. R.K. Mishra of Change India u mean Lead India???


  4. Hi Smita,
    Hahaha :)

    Haan, its the Lead India R.K. Mishra. The campaign is now change India.

  5. ya man, looking 4wrd to read the book

  6. Hi Jagjit,
    Welcome to my Digital Diary! Grab a copy as soon as you can :)

  7. Hi varun.
    Well--thank you!!
    Have mailed you :)

  8. Please do mail me th pictures you clicked.They are great.I enlarged the collage and saw it.

  9. @Smita: The bookmarks were very special and were not given to all, but only to a few people! In case you wish to read about why they are so special click here

  10. Hi Preeti,
    I have replied to your email. I'll upload all the pictures that I've clicked and will send you the link.

  11. was at the launch and agree with all that you say.

    enjoy the book

  12. Yes, her confidence was there for us to see....loved her interactive was a great event.

  13. Good going.. Hope the book is good and that's Lead India not Change India.. I had the opportunity to meet Mishra Sir at a function and the man is grounded to earth still (after winning the Lead India)

  14. Hi Gazal,
    Welcome to my digital diary! You enjoy the book too :)

    Hi Prats,
    Welcome to my digital diary! It was indeed a very nice event. A new experience for me.

  15. Hi Oxy,
    He is a great guy. I have made the necessary changes :).

  16. I missed this book launch.. Hope to meet her during the launch of her 2nd book :)

  17. Hi Manasa,
    Welcome to my digital diary! Don't miss buying the book. It may disappear from the shelves soon :)

  18. the launch was a nice experience... really enjoyed it :)

  19. Thanks Varun for the post.
    The launch was too good :)

  20. Hi xh,
    Welcome to my digital diary! It was an amazing experience. I speak about it with every second person i meet :)

    Hi Nikhil,
    Welcome to my digital diary! You are most welcome :)

  21. I'm piqued now!! Jut HAV to get that book...great post :)

  22. Hi Priya,
    Thank you :). Go ahead, grab one asap.

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