Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's a new day, it’s a new template

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I loved my old template, I really did but I think I loved it a little too much. I got bored! So here's presenting to you, the all new, the trendy, the cool, Varun's Digital Diary :)

In case you have still not noticed, I have changed my blog template :). The dictionary meaning of change is 'Become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence'. That is exactly what I have tried.

Changing templates is one BIG task. Believe it or not, it took me an entire week to zero-in on this particular template and modify it according to my needs. The search for template was no less than a treasure hunt. Even though I had the best tool in business (Google) for my hunt, the filtering process took a long time.

Here is a little erudition that I would like to share about template changing;

- Create a new blog to test your templates. Never ever make changes to the existing one. You can always delete the new one once you succeed in changing the template of your old blog.
- Make sure you have enough space for all your widgets.
- Make sure the new template supports all your widgets.
- If you are particular about the number of columns as I was, the search becomes a lot easier. I searched for a three column template.
- Make sure the colour of the template you select is soothing to eyes.
- Learn basics of HTML. It really helps.

Few links that helped me a lot in my search are listed below;

- Link 1
- Link 2

I have had to compromise on the width of writing space but then compromises are a part and parcel of everyone's life.

I have shuffled my widgets around and have managed to add a new picture. The movie, 'A Wednesday' inspired me to light this candle. It is a candle lit for all those poor souls who lost their lives in bomb blasts.

There are few awards that I have proudly displayed under the candle. It was awarded to me by Smita. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her. It means a lot to me. Thank you. :)

Coming to the most important thing now, Please don't forget to comment on my new template.

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  1. wooh!!even im trying to get a new template for my blog...and its been 3 days now...
    thanks for the piece of advice..
    you are blogrolled:-)

  2. Hi Pradeep,
    Thanks so much :)

    Hi Richa,
    Welcome to my digital diary! There are lots and lots of pink-pink, girly-girly blogs available. You might like them :). BTW, thanks for blog rolling.

  3. I like this one better than your old one...:-)
    Looks like U are really very serious about this blog world!!
    Enjoy these days when you have time...

  4. Ur old template was better man.....

  5. Hi Chaiti,
    Thank you :). I like this one too. I am enjoying my time blogging and hence take it quite seriously. Don't really want to blog just for the sake of it.

    Hi Anonymous,

    Old things have to give way to new some day. Even if the old ones are slightly better. Just like Ganguly is retiring to give way to the new breed of Indian cricketers :)

  6. Nice template!! I have subscribed to your blog.
    I use this id to comment on blogspot but u know i m at wordpress.

  7. good choice. First time here, so don't know how your old one was; but this looks nice :) Good post.

  8. Hi Reema,
    Yes I do. You are on my blog roll. Thanks for dropping by and for those comments :)

  9. loved your digidiary's new look. the best part is that it has autumn colours which completely compliment the season. good choice

  10. heyy... nice new template!! i actually liked d old one of urs too..:) n thnx for sharing d links dude... :) (but i shall definitely not prefer pink-pink, girly-girly ones tho :P)

  11. Hi Apar,
    Welcome to my digital diary!. Thanks so much. You can click here to have a look at my old template. :)

  12. Hi Harshada,
    Thanks so much. Frankly, I never thought about the season when I selected this template :) but its great to see that you noticed even the most minute detail.

  13. Hi Archana,
    I like my old template too. Like I said I just bored looking at the old template everyday.
    It's absolutely fine if you don't prefer pink-pink girly-girly templates, there are lots more on offer :)

  14. Now, its loooking gr8 !!!!

  15. Hi Vimmuuu,
    Thanks for that timely help :)

  16. Nice template.. u can even try It provides some of the best templates :)


  17. Hi Manasa,
    Welcome to my digital diary! I did go through that link but somehow did not like the templates it offered.

  18. Hmm, Yes I agree. U get bored of the things with which you get associated on daily basis. That was good template, this one is good too.

  19. Hey Varun

    Though am liking the template but suddenly it is looking so empty-2

    And thanks for the sweet mention but now I'll ur old blog as we can't say same pinch ;)

  20. I liked the earlier one!! Will mail u a link where there are so many templates.
    Yes--I know how hard it is to find the right one.

  21. Hi Oxy,
    Thank you :)

    Hi Smita,
    You are most welcome. I'll tell you the reason it's looking empty. This template is centered and there is lot of space wasted on either sides. I am working on correcting it. You are right. Template ke liye we can no longer do a same pinch :-).

  22. Hi Ps,
    It is a very tough job. Thanks for the links.

  23. dude ...i really envy u blogspot people :( ..
    ur template is awesome .. :D .

  24. Hi Arvind,
    Thanks so much. Is it not possible to change templates in WP?

  25. I like this one :D What Arvind means is choice is limited in WP...

  26. Hi Apar,
    Thank you :)

  27. Nice nice nice.
    I first thought this was some Diwali special template with the color.
    Nice otherwise too!

  28. Hi Vivek,
    Welcome to my digital diary! Haha.. Diwali colors, autumn colors. I have got it all :). Lets just say it is perfect for the season :D

  29. really nice template.... I like this

  30. Hi Divya,
    Thank you :). I am glad you liked it.

  31. I disagree with people...The template u used earlier was better...but ya...people get bored looking at the same thing, however nice it is...

  32. Hi Akshat,
    I still have that old XML saved but I don't think I will go back. There are lots of new templates to explore.