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Happy Deepavali

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To me, Deepavali was always synonymous with firecrackers. It is hard to believe that I have not touched even a single firecracker in the last two or three years. It is not that I am against bursting crackers. It is just that I am no longer interested in lighting them. I still love to watch fireworks though. I was one of the lucky few who got to watch the New Year fireworks in London. It was one awesome spectacle.

I believe a lot has to do with company as well. I cannot light a flower-pot all alone and clap for myself! During my school days, all my cousins would come to my place in Mandya and we used to enjoy Deepavali for all three days. The crackers would never suffice. This prompted my dad to go to Sivakasi, a town famous all over India for its fireworks factories, to get a carton full of crackers which, believe it or not, lasted for more than 10 Deepavalis :). If you need tips on how to preserve firecrackers, please contact my mom. She did that! I have never ever dared to complain after that :). I need to thank my parents for providing me with what I wanted and, more importantly, when I wanted. 

Three things then started happening parallelly with each passing Deepavali;

- The contents of the box started depleting.
- My cousins and I were growing older and wiser :) 
- I gradually lost interest.

I have had my small accidents lighting small crackers but then "What is a Deepavali without a burnt finger!?” I am now looking for a spark that can ignite the interest back in me. One such little spark is in US of A, my sixteen month old nephew who has just learnt to say “BA-BA-BU-BU”. If he wants to light a firecracker someday I'll be the first person to get him what he wants and I will be more than happy to light it along with him. 

Now, when I look back at each year and remember each person with whom I have shared my joy, I feel overwhelmed. I want to go back - go back and light that 100-wala all over again.

Here's wishing all the readers of my blog a very happy, safe and a prosperous Deepavali. If you love lighting crackers go ahead and light them. Just make sure you read and follow all the safety instructions written behind those cracker boxes. May the glow of prosperity, happiness and joy brighten your days in the year ahead!

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  1. Happy Diwali to you too! I burn crackers that dont produce noise :)

  2. Happy Deepavali, Deepavalli..whatever...hehehe..

    WE, malayalis, dont celebrate Diwali. Instead we have a festival called Vishu (apr 14) and thats when we burst crackers. I just love bursting them. But as you said, nowadays, its just me and my dad who does that!!!


    @ Reema :

    Crackers that dont produce noice? You mean those cracker biscuits ???

  3. Hey--happy Diwali.
    I just wrote an article for TOI yesterday about a school where all 2500 children have taken a pledge to "say no to crackers" (My kids happen to go to the same school)
    Will send u when its published.

  4. Happy Diwali!

    Its been nearly 3 years that I actually burst a cracker!
    Its the company though, as most of us HAVE lost interest in the bursting fiasco.
    I however prefer the colored ones and never miss looking at the skyline from my terrace.

    Cheese crackers should NOT be Burned. :-)

  5. Reema,
    How do you burn Bingo and Lays!? ;-)
    Hahaha... Don't worry, I understood what you meant. Enjoy the festival of lights :)

    Thanks a lot! Yes, I know about vishu. I have few very good mallu friends.

  6. Hi ps,
    Thank you! That's a wonderful pledge to take at such a young age. But I feel it is the time they should enjoy such things. There are lots of eco-friendly firecrackers in the market now.

    Do send me the article. I'll be waiting. :)

  7. Hi Vivek,
    Thank you! That is one of my favourite pass times too. Love watching skyline from the balcony. Organized fireworks are always fun to watch.

  8. I have stopped firing crackers too ..
    i used to fire a lot during my school days ..
    as u said company matters ..i dont have many freinds here in chennai so not at all intresting in firing crackers. .

    Happy diwali dude. ..!!!

  9. hey thnx a lot n wish u d same dude!!
    hope u hav a gr8 tym!!

  10. Hey Varun :)

    Happy Diwali to you as well :)

    Even I have stopped burning crackers and the reasons just like yours. Somehow the fun n excitement is lost...I wud love to us the day to relax :)

  11. Hi Arvind,
    Thanks mate! It's quite boring to burst firecrackers all alone. I can understand.

  12. Hi Archana,
    Thanks so much!

    Hi Smita,
    Relax and enjoy your holidays :)

  13. happy diwali to u too
    well do out in comments on ma blog for the post....
    n if u lyk ma blog den add in followers list .........

  14. Hi Harita,
    Welcome to my Digital Diary! You've got a nice blog there. I am blog rolling you.

  15. happy diwali to u and ur family

  16. Hi Monika
    Thank you :)

  17. Wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali :)

    Could relate to u so much... Its been around 6 years that I have not lit a single cracker... partially cuz i have lost the interest and enthusiasm... and partially cuz all the cousins and I have grown up...

    I don;t really mind not bursting crackers but I surely do want the zeal and the enthusiasm I used to have for the festival years back :)

  18. Hi Nidhi
    Welcome to my digital diary!
    'Zeal' and 'Enthusiasm'. Right words you've used there. It is just a passing phase and I am sure we will get it back as long as is it there within us :)

  19. happy diwali to you! I love crackers but not the too noisy ones!! Am glad that your :nephew" got bcak a little spark of interest back.

    Am blog rolling you! :)

  20. Hi Sakhi,
    Thanks so much for the wishes and for blog-rolling me :)

  21. hey varun waitin for your next blog on ur trip to mumbai.....

  22. Hi jumpa
    Welcome to my Digital Diary! Post on Mumbai has been published. Don't forget to drop in your comments. May I know who this is? Your blogger profile is unavailable.