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First Impression

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I finished my work quite early today and have been listening to new movie songs that I loaded on to my Zune this morning. I have been listening to songs from the movies Fashion,Golmaal Returns and Yuvvraaj

This is not really a review. It is just the first impression that that these songs have had on me. I am going to give them my stars anyway :)

Yuvvraaj - A.R.Rahman and Gulzar have teamed up alright but that Jaane Tu Ya Janane Na spark is missing. Tu Meri Dost hai which has already hit the TV screens is undoubtedly the best track of the album. Salman Khan has managed to strangle Beethoven in one of the tracks but there are other tracks that sound good. The album surprisingly has 8 original tracks and just one remix. The first impressions are not mind blowing but I am hoping that it might start sounding good to ears once I get to watch Katrina in the videos :). Until then, they will all be any other ARR melodious numbers to me. I give it three stars out of five (***). 

Golmaal Returns -  The chor Pritam has managed to compose (or steal) three peppy tracks for this album. Vacancy, Tha Kar Ke and Tu Sala. The rest are just remix versions. The music entertains by illustrating the hilarious feel of the flick. It is not as good as RACE or Jannat but it fits the bill. The Viva girl Anushka Manchanda has one solo track Tu Saala Kam Se Gaya to her name too. Golmaals Returns also gets three stars out of five (***). Three stars for the three lively tracks in the album. 

Fashion - Surprise! Surprise! I loved almost every track in this album. Salim Sulaiman has undoubtedly made a fashion statement with his tracks. The instrumental track Theme of Fashion simply rocks! The santoor used in this track cannot go unnoticed as it is very soothing to ears. The other tracks Jalwa, Mar Jaavan, Kuch Khaas and Aashiyana are quite good. The find of fashion is Shruti Pathak who has sung Mar Jaavan. Her husky, melancholic voice suits the track perfectly. Another Viva girl, Neha Bhasin has made her mark in Kuch Khaas. I give Fashion four stars out of five (****). 

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  1. Ur kidding me, jus 3 stars for Yuvvraaj???? and im even more amazed when you gave the same rating for Yuvvraaj and Golmaal Returns !!!

    Except for Shano Shano, I liked all the songs from Yuvvraaj. My personal favs are Tu Muskura, Manmohini and I am currently hooked to Dil Ka rishta, what orchestration man!!!

    I liked the songs for Fashion too. It was a surprise like the album of Aamir. My favs ones are Mar Jawan and Fashion theme remixed.

    ...again Yuvvraaj and Golmaal, same rating?????

  2. Chill dude! I felt it was a bit slow to my linking. I will surely revisit this post once I see the videos and listen to the songs at least 10 or more times :)

    For you, I give Yuvvraaj 3.5 stars. Happy!!? :)

  3. I love music that are fast. .
    that was something missing in yuvaraj :( //.
    amyhow i loved the songs..
    i am yet to hear other 2 movioe songs

  4. Yuvvraaj is working for me.. I would give it 4 straightaway. 'Tu Muskura', 'Dil Ka Rishta' and 'Tu Meri Dost Hai' are in simple words 'Good'.

    Fashion would get 3-1/2, 'Kuchh Khaas' is my personal fav. Mohit Chauhan rocks..

    Golmaal Returns as you said have peppy tracks but easily forgettable in due course. Just 2.

  5. I liked the songs in Yuvvraaj!
    Definitely worth 4/5 atleast.
    Fashion I din think was very groundbreaking or anything.
    Golmaal Returns had what I'd call slapstick tracks that I WOULD eventually forget.
    SO much for First impressions.

  6. Haven't heard any of the songs, yet :)

  7. Hmm music reviews. Good idea. I will listen to Yuvraaj. Someone has been pestering me to listen to a song in it.

    @That someone :P

  8. Arvind,
    You will surely like the songs from Fashion then.

  9. Oxy,
    Like I told you in the comment section of your blog, you should definitely think about becoming a movie critic :)

  10. Vivek,
    Haha. That is what is called a great first impression :)

  11. Manasa,
    Don't worry. The music channels will soon start airing each and every song on TV.

  12. Reema,
    That someone or any special someone ;). Do listen to songs from Fashion also.

  13. That was a quick one and guess what???

    I am liking the Songs of Fashion....Yuvraaj ke I know I'll love the picturisation for obvious reasons ;) but lemme download the songs...

  14. Smita,
    Where were you!!? I was waiting for you to comment on Sallu's Yuvvraaj :).
    I am waiting for Fashion to release. Movie promises to be good too.

  15. Oh only that someone...not special.

  16. What to do re....been pathetically busy :(

  17. You own a Zune of all devices? Buy an iPod or an iPhone dude! :)

  18. Pavan,
    Read this! You might change you opinion :)

  19. And, Obama is a Zune user too :D


  20. Read THIS and YOU might change your opinion.

    PS: I don't usually fall into a pit just because someone famous has fallen into it. :P No offence meant dude. Just a friendly Apple vs MS fight. :)

  21. Hahaha... The comparison you've seen is the one when Zune was first launched. And the link that I have posted is the comparison done very recently... Chalo koyi baat nahi.. It's a matter of persona choice anyways :)