Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Incredible Get Together

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Incredibles is a group of people who happened to have cleared the same aptitude test and cleared the same interview from various parts of the country who met each other on 8th July 2005 in Mahindra BT (Now known as Tech Mahindra), Mumbai for the first time. We call ourselves ‘Incredibles’ because everyone’s special in one way or the other. It’s a group of 28 people out of which 7 of us decided to meet believe it or not in London on one particular day. 18th November to be exact. I had written a mail to our group the very next day about the visit and the fun we had. I did not want to spoil the format in which it was written and hence kept the post as it is.


To say that the get together was incredible would be an understatement. We had lots of fun when 5 of us met after long time. The meeting was decided after long mail chains on Friday. 7 of them agreed but only 5 turned up (which includes me). Sagar did not come due to the hangover he had of the previous night and Pavitra did not turn up because she had other appointments to attend to.

Manny (Manjali fondly called Manny) was the first one to arrive at the scheduled time. I had not even taken a bath when I got a call form her from London Victoria. I knew I had 30 min before she would arrive in Wembley. I got ready as soon as I could and rushed to the station. I was there; right on time to greet the always smiling Manny :). After the initial chit chat we decided that we should go home and wait for other people. While on our way I got a call from Nandita telling me that she has left Watford junction and on her way to Wembley. So we decided against going home and went back to the station to pick Nandita up. As always we were there well before time to greet the nervously smiling Nandita who was trying to find a familiar face in Wembley. Her smile widened when she found both of us waiting for her.

We had got intelligent this time and called Bhavin to check where exactly he is. As expected he was just 20 min away from Wembley. This gave us the opportunity to shop in Wembley. Nandita was dumbfounded when she stepped inside Primark. She liked anything she saw and wanted to buy everything. She finally bought some 5 to 6 items and wanted to come back for more. After the shopping stint we went to the station again to wait for the guest of the day. There he was in his usual style all smiles. It was 1.15 by the time he came which meant it was time for lunch. Called Harsh and asked him to join us in a nearby restaurant (Tulsi). By the time he joined us we were freezing outside the restaurant’s door.

The lunch was fantastic. It was as though we were having our lunch in Mumbai (just paying 4 to 8 times for each dish and some 20 times for a roti)

The menu was

Stuffed Capsicum
Paneer Kadai Masala
Veg Kofta
Garlic Nan

Isn’t it mouth watering?

After the lunch we headed to a nearby sweet mart (Suraj Sweet Mart) where we bought some laddus and Jamoons. The sweets were really sweet …I mean to say the vendor had put an extra pinch of sugar in all the sweets. After lunch we just chatted, chatted and chatted as if there was no tomorrow. I had vacuumed our drawing room especially for this occasion… It was fun… We had so much to talk and so less time.

By 6.15 we decided that we wanted to have some Dosas. We headed to the very famous ‘Chennai Dosa’. The menu for Dinner was

Chole Battura
Onion Rava Masala Dosa
Orange Juice
Mango Lassi

The dinner lasted for more than an hour due to the mad rush in Chennai Dosa. But it was fun again… We had no complaints. Nobody needed to rush anywhere.

The dinner signaled the end of the wonderful day. Everyone really enjoyed a lot. Special thanks to all people who turned up. For people in UK who did not come… Don’t worry we can get together one more time on some other day. And for people in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore and US of A, we’ll plan something like this in the next year well in advance so that everyone can join wherever they are at that point in time.

Chalo phir.. Its time for me to sign off… Before anybody can say anything, I had no work today and I guess I have utilized it very well by writing to you guys… I would love to get some replies.

Love ‘n’ Regards,