Sunday, January 9, 2011

Incredible India - Pleasures of Travelling

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Whenever I come across pictures of amazing locales or read about them, I add them to my never ending list of places I want to visit. Worst part about this list though is, it is no where documented! It is stored in some corner of my mind. Before I lose track of all these lovely places, I thought I'll list them out here. Listed in no particular order. I want to visit the first place in the list as badly as the last one.

♥ ♥ I love to Travel ♥ ♥

I will stick to places in India for now and in the part 2 of this series, I'll list out the places abroad.Please note that I have not listed the places I have already been to.

Travelling is something that gives one new insight to life. It also gives us an opportunity to learn new cultures, taste new delicacies and it makes us realize that there is lot more to life that updating Facebook status and it also makes us realize the importance of the place you are currently living in. 
This post will be incomplete if I don't thank my Dad. If I have been to so many places in India (20 states out of 28), it is only because of him and it is only because of him that I love travelling. I can argue that I am a Sagittarius and travelling or wandering comes to me naturally but then as a kid if someone's infused that travelling is good and something that can be enjoyed and not something to be feared of, it has to be him!

Here goes the list;

1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands / Lakshadweep - Two Amazing islands in India. One in Bay of Bengal and the other in Arabian Sea.

2. Leh and LadakhJammu and Kashmir / Vaishno Devi

3. North East India (Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura - Sister States)

4. Jodhpur / Jaisalmer  (Rajasthan) - Only desert in India

5. Daman and Diu

6. Puducherry

7. If possible, every small village in Himalayas. Himalayas is one mountain range I never get tired of seeing. Have loved all my trips there.

8. Gokarna

9. Kanchipuram Temple and Madhurai Temple for its architecture.

10. Nainital / Kanatal / Kodai.  In fact all small and big hill stations of India.Have been to most of the famous ones.

11. Reserve Forests / Wildlife Sanctuaries / National Parks  - Would love to go to every one them. There are about 100. Bharatpur, Kaziranga, Gir and Corbett are on top of my list.

12. Goa - Yes! One more time.

13. Ajanta and Ellora Caves

14. Hampi - Want to go here again with a DSLR Camera

15. Alleppy - Kerala - Backwaters and House Boats

16. Dhanushkodi - End of land. Very close to Srilanka

17. North Karnataka - Bijapur, Badami, Patadakal, Aihole, Kudala Sangama

Since I am posting the links of each and every place, I am getting lost reading through them and have been typing this post since last 2 hours. I have a strong feeling that I have missed a lot of awesome places and I will surely keep visiting this post time and again and keep updating it. It also increases the numbers of hits on my blog you see :-)

If you think I have missed anything, please let me know! I'll surely add it to the list. In this busy world, I have no clue when and how I will find time to visit all these places but I am someone who firmly believes that time can be controlled and can be tweaked the way we want it to work.

I had watched the video below earlier but when I watched it on a television in Nigeria, it suddenly brought a sense of pride in me. Told my Nigerian friend proudly that this is India!

Watch out for part 2 of the series :) Hope you had a great weekend! Have a wonderful week ahead!

Update from Nigeria: Nigeria is treating me very well. 4 weeks out of the 12 have flown in no time. In 8 more weeks, I'll be back in India. Have plans to go to a nearby reserve forest and shop for some Nigerian handicrafts. India vs South Africa test series was awesome. Looking forward to one day series now.