Monday, March 16, 2009

How does it matter?

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If it is a Dilemma for slum kids to Act or study

- How on earth can news like these make headlines on NDTV? I have had this dilemma whether to study or not since the first day of my school. It never got published :(

If Sharif emerges winner in Pakistan and If Zardari is the loser

- I really don't understand why the Indian media is still interested in Pakistan's news. Guess it is now up to the new government to take care of 26/11 issue. Old government seems to have completely forgotten about it and is busy distributing Rahul Gandhi's masks.

If Freida Pinto is married

- One film wonder, the eye candy of hollywood. Why should we waste our precious time to know if she is married or not. Who the hell cares!? I am not going to marry her any way :)

If Shilpa Shetty decided to call or meet the ailing Jade Goody

- Why was it necessary to print such a thing on Page one!? Didn't Shilpa have Jade's phone number or address?

If BCCI and home ministry keep fighting over the dates of Indian Premier League

- IPL is such a rich tournament. Please don't tell me it cannot arrange its private security.

If Mayawati invites third front constituents for dinner

- I am glad I couldn't find the menu anywhere

If Infosys is cutting costs

- According to an article on rediff, Infosys are planning to close down all their loos by 7:30 pm. Not sure what they are trying to save. Any ideas?

If Jesus cooks for Madonna

- Before any one gets confused, I am talking about a model named Jesus Luz who is currently dating Madonna. I am not sure if Madonna wants to adopt that guy or marry him because he is just 22 year old and she is 50. And why are we Indians concerned about Madonna any way!!!??

If Obama sneezes or Michele catches cold

We Indians probably know more about Obama and Michele than most people in USA.

These are few news items that I got to read today out of which only the last one is exaggerated. We are bombarded with such pathetic news every single day. I just hope and pray that the Indian media does not go the UK way where it is 90% gossip and 10% news.

Gossip is definitely good. It was my favourite pass time in Mumbai and it still is but I know which sites or paper to read to get my daily dose. I would prefer to read them only there and don't expect to read them every where I log in. At least don't expect to read them on sites known for their great news coverage.

Times of India, NDTV / CNN-IBN , Are you listening?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Movie Maniax Awards 2008

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Ever wanted to be the jury in a movie award function? Ever felt that the award went to an undeserving person? Ever felt that that the award functions were rigged?

Feel it no more! Here's your chance to set all these things right straight away! Here's your chance to support an initiative to honour the best in Hindi Cinema irrespective of it box-office status and star power.

The Movie Maniax Awards 2008
---the blogosphere's final verdict---

Coming soon to a web page near you :)

Please support and participate in this endeavor. Do spread the word amongst all your friends, fellow bloggers, relatives and all netizens you know. Orkut, Facebook and Gtalk status messages are a great place to start :)

Below is the teaser of what is in store. Keep watching this space for more on Movie Maniax Awards. Don't forget to bookmark the award site.

Once the site is up all you need to do is vote, vote and vote... Vote Karenge na!?

This Movie Maniax Blogger Awards is an award 'of the people (Aam-Junta), by the people and for the people(movie stars)'. Isiko Kehte hai Democracy. What an Idea! Hai na Sir jee :)

Endeavor by: Vee with able support from Poonam, Reema, Smita, Yours truly and Vimmuuu.

Creative Consultant: Magik

Awards Badge Designer: Dev

Publicist: Nikhil

Judges: You Bloggers, Aam-Junta

The Nominations are finalized and polls will be live shortly. We are looking for support from all of you in making this a great grand success. You can j 'The MovieManiax Awards' group on Facebook and pledge a vote.