Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coorg Photo Shoot!

Posted by Varun | Tuesday, May 5, 2009 | Category: , , , , | 40 comments

I had been thinking of writing a post with only pictures in it for some time now. The picturesque Coorg gave me just the opportunity I was looking for.

Hail storm welcomed usFour MusketeersCrossed the free flowing Cauvery River
To watch wild Elephants in its natural Habitat
Couldn't help but wonder at Nature's amazing colorsand its picture perfect setting.We set out towards the source of river Cauvery. Through the country side, turns and bendsStopped over a lil to stare at a lovely man made wonderPosed for a few pictures
and finally reached Talacauvery (Structure in the background)
Rounded off the trip with a visit to Abbe fallsand a stopover at one of the Coffee Plantations

I had seen Coorg three times earlier had never captured it a camera. Now that I have successfully done it I wanted to showcase it. That is exactly what I am doing now :)
Hope you enjoyed the short trip!