Sunday, January 13, 2008

Beete Lamhein

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13th January, 8:45 AM

Dard mein bhi ye lab muskuraajate hai… beete lamhein hame jab bhi yaad aate hai…. Apart from the fact that I am stuck in Bangalore Airport for 3 hours now and still no signs of boarding the flight, the Bangalore trip has been one such experience which would bring smile on my face any day, any time of my life. It was mainly due to a wonder kid named Archith who also happens to be my cute little nephew. I would remember each and every little moment spent with him. Even though I got only 8 days I am glad that I came to Bangalore. I would have definitely, without any doubt regretted later in my life if I hadn't made this trip possible.

13th January, 9:00 AM

Just spotted the silver lining. The incoming flight landed. Its landed 4 hrs late. Just imagine the plight of the passengers in that flight. Phew... We might have to wait another hour before we can board the aircraft I guess.
Will continue once I board the flight.

13th January, 3:25 PM IST

Have to add the IST coz am flying over time zones. I am flying over Afghanistan at 35000 feet as I type this with 6.5 hr of journey still left to complete. Just finished finished watching a musical comedy 'Hairspray' (***.5). There isn't a laptop battery charger available in the Economy Class which is not making things easier for me. Will try to finish as much as possible with the battery backup left in my laptop.

I reached Bangalore on 5th to a warm welcome from my family. The newest addition was also there all awake at 5.30 AM in the morning, little eyes twinkling, trying to find his mama (or is it what I just felt). It was the warmest welcome I could ever get. Thanks Chaiti for bringing my nephew to the airport. This was just the beginning of the event/action packed days that were to follow.

After unpacking the luggage and the gifts that I had got for everyone we had to rush for lunch at my aunt's (atte /bua) place. I met all my loved ones there and one more latest addition to our family. The cutie pie named Anshu. She's my lovely mumbaiyya niece :). Have plans of visiting her every weekend once I am back in Mumbai. Had great home cooked food almost after 6 months. I had to close my eyes and sleep for sometime after the lunch because the food and the clock made me realize that I hadn't slept for over 27 hrs. It was in evening I had planned to meet my best of best friends. She had come to Bangalore all the way from Hyderabad to meet me. This is something that no friend had ever done for me. Thanks Mimi. My family still cannot believe that I have such good friends due to the history I have with friends. I know I had given her a short notice and very little time but my mommy had cooked a sumptuous meal for us. The dinner was great. Thanks Amma. Dropped her at her place around 11.00 and came back home around 11.30PM. Wait... The day's still not over. My bil (jiju), Sridhar had just returned from his workshop and was waiting to see me. It was a great feeling to meet him after almost 2 yrs. The technology has definitely reduced the distances. We talk everyday, we see each other on web cam but meeting someone in person has its own feeling.

At the pace I am currently going it would take at least half a page per day I guess. On 6th there was a Satyanarayana Pooja scheduled. I met all my Mamas, Uncles, family friends during this function. This get together was postponed from 25th Dec to 6th Jan only to accommodate me. Thanks Appa for getting this done. It was nice meeting so many people in just one day. It would have never been possible in Bangalore to meet so many people in the amount of time I had. The breakfast and the lunch in the pooja was absolutely fantastic and very heavy. By the time we came back home wrapping up everything it was around 5.00 pm. I don't remember going out anywhere again that day because all of us were damn tired and needed some rest. All along these two days the maximum amount of time I would have spent would be with the little fella.

I fed him. I got him to sleep on my lap. I changed his dress. I changed his diaper too on the last day before I came back. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with him because by the time I might get to meet him again he might be walking and running away from his mama.

13th January, 7:25 PM IST

I had not planned a trip to Mandya this time. It's a place which I love going to anytime of the year. I just have this strong attachment with that place. Have spent almost 20 yrs of my life there. I had to submit tax declaration proof in my office before 10th and the only way to get any proof was to pay the insurance premium in Mandya itself. I jumped into the idea of going there and get my work done but to my surprise everybody jumped into the idea :). All of us got ready as soon as we could and the wheel was taken by none other than the schumi himself. If you still haven't recognized the person its yours truly. The Bangalore to Mandya road is terrific to say the least. I guess in another 2 to 3 yrs time, people would refer to distances in India as the time taken to reach the destination by road (30 min drive or a 90 min drive )just like they refer to the distances in a US of A or UK. The trip more or less became an unplanned picnic which all of us quite dearly enjoyed.

To give you live update, I am still flying 35000 ft (10 km roughly) above ground over some place called Kiev. I had taken a break to watch yet another movie. This time it was an action flick 'Stardust' (****).

Wednesday was a daawat day. We were invited for lunch and dinner that day. Started at my uncle's (chacha) place. Met my granny there, She was happy to see me after 6 months. Both the lunch and dinner were very good and so was the time spent. My brother Arjun was all smiles and pleased to meet me after a long gap.

Thursday was for shopping. Went to a nearby shopping complex which is famously known as the 4th Block Jayanagar Shopping Complex. Started to shop after lunch and by the time we returned it was quite late in the evening. I had to shop for a laptop bag cum cabin baggage cum back pack. I got a bonus trouser for shopping with my sis and mom. I took some time out in the evening that day and called few friends. Decided to meet one of them the next day.

Everyone would have heard about the world famous food brand MTR. They have a restaurant in Bangalore which is very old and very famous for everything that they prepare there. We decided to have lunch there on friday. The lunch was good and not fantastic as I expected. I guess I expected too much out of the poor little restaurant. But again, all that mattered was the time spent. In the evening I met my friend, Runa as promised. Gave her the chocolates she always longs for. Her flat is quite near to our place. I missed out on meeting one more friend who's her neighbor because she had gone to her mother's place that day. We went to forum (a mall in Bangalore) to have our dinner. Another friend of ours, Ratnakar, joined us there. It was fun.

I have 25% battery remaining in my laptop and just one more day left to write about. On saturday it was just me and my nephew playing as much as possible amidst the packing marathon that was taking place in the background. By evening everything was packed and I was all set to board the BA0118. Little did I know that the flight was not ready :).
To sum it all up it was one of the most memorable trips I have ever made home. I was absolutely in no mood to come back to UK. Its just that if I wouldn't have come back I would have stayed permanently at home :)

Am thinking of something nice to end this post. I've been given some snacks to eat now. I'll take a break here, go home, find something lovely to end and then post it. Will actually try to catch some sleep.

14th January, 2:45 AM IST

Home sweet home!! Reached an hour back. To rub Insult to Injury the baggage was also delayed due to some stupid cargo which was placed in front of our luggage in the aircraft. The sight from flight during the landing was breath taking. All the major attractions of London stood there proudly all decked up in lights. It was as though they were welcoming me back. The sight certainly signaled the end of what had been a wonderful trip to India which I would cherish for long time to come.

For people who had slept reading this you can open your eyes now. Its over :)

The prince is back!!!!