Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Day First Show

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It is the first day of yet another year for all of us. The word 'first', never fails to amaze me. I always liked first day's of anything. Be it

  • First day of school after after a holiday break.
  • First day in a new class.
  • First day in a new city.
  • First day in a new organization.
  • First snow.
  • First rains.
  • First day of a training or
  • First day of a new year.
It is on these days I somehow feel great from within. I suddenly feel like putting a little extra effort in everything I do. I am not sure what exactly these first days bring in me but I always feel first days are the trailers of the things to follow. If we put a little effort and make sure that the trailer goes alright, the movie to follow is definitely going to be a blockbuster.

I was looking for a picture to include in my post when I found the following image. It more or less sums up what I wanted to convey.
Here's wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2009. May all your first-day first-shows run to jam packed houses and may all your movies be a blockbuster. May the coming year be a great one for all of you and be as crackling as the fireworks in the video below. I had witnessed this spectacle with my own eyes last year but thanks to technology I did not miss it this year as well :)

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  1. Happy new year varun !! I am sure u will rock with ur blogs in 2009 as well.

    Though i admit that this year i thought the amount of money spent on Fire Works @ London eyes which is in Millions of £££ is not worth it.

    This money could have saved jobs of atleast handful of people for next couple of years and have brought smile to their families but it was converted into smoke in some couple of minutes!!

    Anyways wish you a rocking year ahead.

    Best Regards,

  2. Happy New Year :)

    And u know what? am feeling lethargic on the 1st & 2nd day of the year...sigh!!!

  3. Awesome post, dude! :)
    Wish you a fantastic new year ahead!! :)

  4. Happy new year Varun! Nice post :)

  5. Nice, Varun...
    Happy New Year 2009!!! :)

  6. Nice blog and a wonderful video to go with it. Let every day in your life be a first day so that you will always enjoy them to your hearts content. All the best dear .

  7. Nice blog and a wonderful video to go with it. Let every day in your life be a first day so that you will always enjoy them to your hearts content. All the best dear .

  8. Hi Harsh,
    Thanks so much! They could have cut down on the amount of money spent on the fireworks but then this same thing brings in lots and lots of tourists from across the globe as well. More tourists = Increase in economy.

  9. Hi Smita,
    Thank you :). Feeling lethargic!! Put the book you are reading down and watch a Sallu movie!

  10. Hi Nikhil,
    Thanks so much! Blog guru calling my post awesome! I am flattered.

  11. Hi Apar,
    Thanks a lot! I am definitely going to complete the tags you've passed this year :)

  12. Hi Chiranjib,
    Welcome to my Digital Diary! Thanks so much! Since you are still an enigma to yourself, I would like to follow you and know whether you will finally be able to figure out the real objective of your existence ;)

    I am blog rolling you!

  13. Hi Appa,
    Thanks a lot for the wishes!

  14. Nice post! Wish you a great 2009. I agree with you that there is an excitment abt beginning something new and if we live each day like its the first of the rest of our lives the excitement will be lifelong. :)
    Here's to an exciting year ahead. :)

  15. Wish you the happiest year ahead buddy !!! and expect to see more from your digital diary ! See ya around.

  16. Hi Varun,
    Have a fantabulous 2009. Simply loved the new post on the first day !! The image u hv given along wid this post is too cool.. take each day as though its teh first day in one's life, how wonderful life wud be then!!

  17. Wish you a very happy new year!:)

  18. i agree..but...Not every 1st is good. try being a first born..

    Happy new year

  19. Hi Vimmuuu,
    Thanks so much! Ya.. I'll see ya around :)

  20. Hi Harshada,
    Thank you. So simple isn't it!!? :)

  21. Hi Reema,
    Thank you. Have a wonderful year ahead!

  22. Hi Reeta,
    Welcome to my Digital Diary! :). Thanks so much!
    The theory is quite simple. Isn't it!? All it takes is a lil bit of determination to implement it :D

  23. Hi Oorja,
    Welcome to my Digital Diary! :). Thank you! Happy New Year to you too! I thought first born people always have a blast. This is something new to me! I cannot try being first born now :D

  24. Hi Sakhi,
    Thanks so much! Have a fantastic year ahead!

  25. A Very Happy New Year Buddy!!!

  26. I hope 2009 is the first in a series of really great years to come. Happy new year!

  27. Hi Oxy,
    Welcome back Oxy :)

    Hi Shivya,
    Thanks so much! :) You too have a wonderful 2009!

  28. A very Happy New Year to you also :)
    Yes it is the first day of the rest of our lives!

    A fireworks display in one fixed place and at one fixed time is beautiful and everybody can enjoy it safely, but do you like how we start fireworks at every street corner here in India ?
    Apart from humans, the noise also disturbs all the birds and animals, for them it must be like some thunderstorm is coming!

  29. Hi IHM,
    Thanks so much! I have stopped bursting fire crackers since last 3 years or so. Fireworks in one place and one time is a delight to watch. The way it is celebrated in India is very irritating.

  30. nothing beats the first love :)