Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coorg Photo Shoot!

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I had been thinking of writing a post with only pictures in it for some time now. The picturesque Coorg gave me just the opportunity I was looking for.

Hail storm welcomed usFour MusketeersCrossed the free flowing Cauvery River
To watch wild Elephants in its natural Habitat
Couldn't help but wonder at Nature's amazing colorsand its picture perfect setting.We set out towards the source of river Cauvery. Through the country side, turns and bendsStopped over a lil to stare at a lovely man made wonderPosed for a few pictures
and finally reached Talacauvery (Structure in the background)
Rounded off the trip with a visit to Abbe fallsand a stopover at one of the Coffee Plantations

I had seen Coorg three times earlier had never captured it a camera. Now that I have successfully done it I wanted to showcase it. That is exactly what I am doing now :)
Hope you enjoyed the short trip!

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  1. Nice snaps ! My fav is the four musketeers one !

  2. Loved the pic of the treesand their reflections.
    Pictures do speak louder than words!

  3. wow... thanks... almost did the trip myself... with all those beautiful snaps...

    btw, your last and third last snap have you in exactly the same pose and expression... :D :D :D

  4. very picturesque,,,,i must say that...:)...especially the tree and its shadows:)...

  5. Must say some scintillating pictures......Its always great to capture nature and the lovely moments....Good one! Hope u had a wonderful time....

  6. how refreshing it is to see a blog with pics in it! lovely snaps. :))

  7. you should be a pro photographer. :)

  8. Nice! What the hail!
    (Be careful with the pics.Prospective invites may come up!)

  9. wow!!! Lovely snaps!!!!

    I loved "red tree & the man made wonder" the most :-)

  10. Cool! You had a helluva trip dude!
    Let me know more about this place..how to get there..etc.. Will def plan a trip sometime..

  11. Ah, lovely... Why no pics of Golden Temple? Didn't go there???

    Coorg is like my 2nd home in Karnataka. Been 7-8 times.

    That four musketeer one.. it's Nisargadhama na?

  12. Vimmuuu,Thank you :) I like that snap too :)

  13. Preeti,That picture is one the best I have clicked thus far. Thanks so much :)

  14. Chiranjib,Am glad you enjoyed the trip through those pictures... I just noticed my pose in those snaps... LOL :D

  15. Richa,That snap is indeed lovely! I am proud of myself :)

  16. Valerine,Thanks so much :). We had an amazing time there.

  17. Anjana,Thanks a lot :)

  18. Bhargavi,Thanks for the lovely compliment. I love photography but have never thought about it as an alternate career. Some pictures have been clicked by my friends too.

  19. Vivek,That was the whole idea of the post ;)

  20. Smita,Thank you :) Man made wonder was clicked at a flower show.

  21. Swetha,It was definitely one hell of a trip. Another friend of mine has posed the same question. I'll update my blog with those details or will email you across the details asap.

  22. Vee,I have been there quite a lot of times myself too. We had only a day and a half to roam around. Skipped Golden temple. That is not Nisarga Dhama. It is Dubbare - Elephant Reserve. Lovely place to spend a day.

  23. Nice Snaps!! The view of Cauvery River is awesome...

  24. Hey, come see my new post and leave lots of comments. :)))))

  25. Snaps are too good..
    Orange County.. if you had been there.. i'm sure you'd have had a great GREAT meal..

  26. awesome place!! I plan to go there someday.

  27. No new post :(
    You must be busy

  28. Your photo blog is awesome and brings back several old memories of Coorg.:)

  29. What a place to visit.. and you have done a good job in capturing the essence :)

    Loved the red flowers one the most! :)

  30. hey great snaps..

  31. Aah the one place I want to go spend time in off late!! You are making me jealous!! The pics- lovely! :D

  32. My favorite are the Elephants in their natural habitat and the beautiful colours of nature... also loved all your creative captions :)

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  34. Nice Pics dude....You should have covered Buddha temple and Iruppu falls as well (Nagarhole..)..
    Majestic place ....right in centre of forest ...

  35. Nice pictures! I went to Coorg a couple of weeks back & my, what a place!

  36. Nice pics :)

    The pic with trees and its reflection is really nice :)

  37. Could possibly be the Very best topic which I browsed through all holiday season?!

  38. I am not so brilliant to be enterprising to write out top stuff like you do but I am trying to pay it back so hoepfully this will cause you a broad grin or make you chuckle or at the very least give you a thought for the day? :

    I may be slow but I'm ahead of you!


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  40. Hey Anonymous,

    You can check this link for instructions.