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New Vehicle

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I have finally done it! I purchased my first vehicle last Saturday. All the vehicles I have driven so far have all been gifts from my parents. This is the first vehicle I have bought with my own money! Feels great! It is beautifully crafted, has two wheels, is very light and zippy and is probably the best bet to beat Bangalore Traffic. It comes in two or three colours but I picked up a twin tone one. Black and Silver! And since I was looking for a basic version with no gears, I had very few brands and models to choose from. Everybody wants a vehicle with gear these days. I am tired of changing gears in this traffic.

Once the selection was made, it was time for the payment. A payment via credit card was costing me an additional 2.5%. I was in no mood to fight for the additional amount he was charging for the credit card as I had already set my sights on my beauty and had to buy it at any cost. I withdrew money from the nearby ATM and made a full payment by cash instead. They promised to deliver it by 5.00 pm that day but to my surprise, the delivery was made one hour earlier than scheduled time. I tore all the packing off as soon as it was delivered at my door step and parked it in its assigned space. I hate to ride vehicles with their packing covers still on. And why did I park it instead of taking it on a spin!? I had to rush somewhere and didn't get time to test ride it immediately.

I had to attend an Arangetram or Ranga Pravesha that evening and it was about to start in thirty min time. Arangetram is the debut on-stage performance of a Bharatanatyam student, after undertaking years of training. The student who was performing her Arangetram was a fourteen year old kid. My distant relative! Since our families are in touch with each other even today, distance doesn't seem to be evident. The show put up by the little girl was spectacular to say the least and so was the dinner that followed it :). I enjoyed the show even when I am not an ardent fan of that form of dance.

Coming back to my vehicle, I finished my dinner ASAP and rushed home. I had taken my car out as I didn't know how the new vehicle would perform. I didn't want to take any chances with it. As soon as I parked my car, I took the new vehicle out of its parking area and took it out for a spin.
Even though it was not as fast as the car or the bike, it surely was as smooth as both of them.

To add to that, my new vehicle is eco friendly (No Pollution) and brings with it lots of amazing health benefits;
- It gives one's heart, blood vessels and lungs a workout, thereby reducing the risk of heart problems.
- It'll give one a trimmer and toned muscles.
- It helps one a great deal in building one's stamina. Fitness levels are improved.

Riding it is quite easy but it requires some pedalling to be done to move it forward.
Did I just say pedal! Yeah! It is a bicycle I bought! A 'Hercules MTB Thriller'. I tried my best to keep up the suspense but I am sure most of you would have surely guessed it by the end of first or second paragraph. I wanted to buy a bicycle for a long time now and I finally had enough time last Saturday and found the right bicycle.

It brings with it lots of benefits all right but the main reason I bought it is because I love to cycle. I have loved it ever since I first learnt to ride but quit due to laziness. The last time I rode one was probably in the year 2000. I have put all the laziness back now and have gone back to my first love. I have so far successfully pedalled for 4 km everyday and plan to increase it gradually.

What do you think about my first ever investment on a vehicle and when was the last time was you rode a bicycle!?

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  1. Nice to know that you still have passion left for cycling :)
    Good vehicle and interesting description :)

  2. abbey kya kiya... tera repo... giridhara se... girahua ho jaiga..
    Cycle pe office jaiga? Cycle se dhoodh wale aate hain roj!

    Kuch toh socha hota... ab kon ladki terese lift mangegi?

  3. You are going to hold heritage...
    Better to quit this job and join BR Hills camp.
    I will help u :)

  4. Hmmmmmm...............
    U kept me guessing. :-)

  5. Congrats....M sure it feels great to buy your own vehicle a great sense of Independence...

  6. Hey great yaar! Cycle is a great vehicle any day! I had my own in my school and college days, but had to part ways, given the way Kolkata's traffic behaves!

  7. wow!!!!!

    I have been planning to buy one since ages but yet to buy :-(

    I lost rode cycle in around 1996-97

    It was fun!!!!

    And good u have cycle way because it will save fuel, energy, keep the environment clean & will kepp u fit also :)


  8. hey gud job...
    Cycle- eco friendly,Money freindly and health friendly..

  9. heyyyyy....awesome...
    i have been meaning to buy a bicycle for myself as well:)....
    great job !!congrats!

  10. Great to know about the wonderful purchase. Glad you listened to your heart and purchased it rather than waste your time about what others would think of such a purchase. Keep pedalling towards a healthier environment and your own health. I am eagerly waiting for the day I return to borrow it from you at times. Lots of love.

  11. hey congrats on your brilliant purchase....

    do you know that i never had a cycle at all?.....the only one i had was a tricycle....

    will definitely borrow it sometime when i am around!!! have fun riding!!!!

  12. I love bicycles too and am waiting for my budget to settle so that i can get one for myself.. though i might preper to go for a geared one! :)

  13. Gr8 to hear abt that... Congrats dear... Next time wen we will be at B'lore, lets have a bicycle trekking trip... wats say?

  14. Cycling Rocks actually! :)
    Good to see someone who chose a bicycle for his first buy! :)

  15. hey wow a cycle.. congrats..

    you've just bought great health.. :-)

    good ol' cycle is the best..

  16. Congratulations :)

    Its an amazing gift to yourself :)
    And hello ! Where is the pic of your new bicycle :) Put it up soon :)

    What exactly is Arangetram ?

    And you know what... you ve brought back my age old wish in being :) I think i will again start looking for a bicycle to buy ;) the only thing is that I wanna do it when I have some time on hands.. Currently so many other things are already keeping me busy...

    Anyway !! Happy Cycling dear :)

  17. Hi Anon,
    I am glad you found it interesting! It a a great vehicle! I have always loved

    a cycle and was waiting for an opportune moment to buy one.

  18. Hi Akshat,
    LOL! Doodh wale aur news paper wale bhi without whom most households wouldn't start their day :)

    You will be surprised to hear it but bahut log queue mein hai ;)
    Aur cycle se to Narayan Murthy bhi office jaate hai when he's in his Mysore centre.

    I have yet to get it to office though. Still using it as a vehicle for exercise.

  19. Hi Pradeep,
    Haha! What are weekends for!? BTW, BR hills camp is a very good idea. Do help me on that! :)

  20. Hi Rahul,
    Did I!? That was the whole idea of the post. Thanks for mentioning it! :)

  21. Hi Valerine,

    Thank you :). I am planning for a dandi march with my vehicle now ;).

  22. Hi Chiranjib,
    I have seen Kolkata's traffic. Its behavior is worse than Bangalore. I don't intend to take it out during rush hour any way.

  23. Hi Smita,


    How come you are taking so long to buy something. It is totally unlike the Shopaholic Smita I know :)

    Riding cycle is always fun unless we are riding it uphill :)

    You summed up most of the benefits in one line but there are lot more :)

  24. Hi Richa A,
    Thank you! :)
    Trying to make the neighborhood friendly :)

  25. Hi Richa P,
    Thank you! Go ahead and buy it then! What are you watiting for :)

  26. Hi Appa,
    I consulted nobody before buying one :)
    It will be my pleasure to hand over the keys...I will be waiting for that day too.

  27. Hi Pakuthi,
    So good to see you here! :) Welcome to my Digital Diary!

    Thanks a lot! Was that Pallu's cycle then!? You are always welcome to borrow it!

  28. Hi Anjana,
    Thanks so much!

  29. Hi Sakhi,
    A ritukumar dress costs more than a bicycle these days. Don't wait for any budgets! Go ahead and buy one :D
    Geared ones are a lil expensive than the basic models.

  30. Hi Goru,

    Welcome to my digital diary! Thanks for dropping by! Sure! We can have any kind of trek you want! :)

  31. Hi Chiju,
    Welcome to my Digital Diary! You have a good blog. I'll definintely drop in when I have some time.

    And cyclying truly rocks! And I believe in going step by step :D

  32. Hi Oorja,
    Thanks so much! Yeah! I just hope I stick on it and never let it go!

  33. Hi Nidhi,
    Thanks a lot! I have not snapped my cycle yet. Will surely post it when I do!

    I had written a line about Arangetram in my post. Guess you missed it.It is the debut on-stage performance of a Bharatanatyam student, after undertaking years of training.

    I am glad that my purchase has brought back your age old wish! Go for it now! Don't look back :)

    Time nikalna pad ta hai for these things. You'll never find it if you wait for it to come!

    Thanks again!

  34. Ohhh, congrats. We need a pic of the cycle. I lovvve cycling, though its been quite a few years since i actually pedalled.

  35. @ Vimmu

    With your weight am sure you can not move the cycle for more than a KM :D

  36. Smita, You are mentioning the cycles at the gym, right? Dont you know that they dont move !! They are fixed ones !!! This is why they should let illiterates inside the gym !!! :D :D :D

  37. @ Vimal

    Have u even read this post??? Or have u assumed that Varun has bought a exercising cycle???

    HA HA HA

    This is why they should not let illiterates inside a blog!!!

    PS Go read ur comment again :D :D :D

  38. LOL, I have no more words to counter argue !!! Sigh ! Catch you sometime in someone elses blog !!

    Btw, theres a typo in mine. Its they should not* let. But Im glad you understood that without even me pointing it out. LOL !!!

  39. congratss!! cool description!! n hey.. u cud hav put a pic of u using it! :)

  40. Welcome anytime Varun! :)

  41. Congratulations....we only talk about cycling, atleast somebody has gone ahead and done something!

  42. Hi Vimmuu,
    Thanks so much! I'll post the pic as soon as possible :) Probably on orkut.

  43. Hi Archana,
    Looks like the pic is in demand. Will post it asap! Thank you :)

  44. Hi P&P,
    Welcome to my digital diary! Thanks so much! I have cleared the hardest part by buying it. I just hope I cycle everyday now :)

  45. Hi Varun! Congrats on your first vehicle!! The last time I rode a cycle was in Infy, where they keep it to commute to different buildings in the vast campus. It was a basic model but I loved it so much!!

  46. Hey....what a surprise.....a bicycle!!!!! Good, it is very good for health......but Varun, do YOU really need to worry about it???? Yes, have the guts to zip around town in it and set an example for others to follow.....champion for the cause....."Save Our Earth"!!!!

  47. Hi Ashwini,
    Thanks so much :) Mysore Infy campus is such a cool place to hang around.

  48. Hi Moumita Di,

    Welcome to my Digital Diary! Am glad you liked the surprise. Cycling is something I have a passion for. If good health comes as a by-product I am ready to accept it :)

    I am so far using it for my early morning exercise and to buy groceries :)

    Will bring it to office as soon as I am confident enough of riding a 4 km stretch continuously.

  49. i understand i am a cruel...coz i did nothin but watched my bicycle eaten up by rust..! after 10th std, i thot is as a useless metal and was sidelined to the corner of my bike and car was laufing on it...seeing his i din do justice to him..sobre.

  50. :)
    Never guessed it was a cycle.
    Congrats for a choice well made.

  51. Nice! I love riding a bike too... its so much fun! 4 kms is kind of less, right? You should do like 10 everyday if its for pleasure n exercise! But i'm sure u have ur reasons for doing 4....


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