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Weekend Movie Mania

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I am high!! Totally high on movies I managed to watch this weekend and before my eyes drag me to my bed, I thought I should post the reviews. Some are old, some are new. Some are comedy, some are action. It was a cocktail of movies that took to me to a different world altogether. All the movies can be enjoyed at home on a DVD or you know where you can download them ;)...  Links below the movie names will take you to IMDB and Wikipedia websites for more information.

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The Mummy

I have watched this movie a thousand times (Okay I'm exaggerating) and still watch it whenever it is on TV. I like both The Mummy and Mummy returns. Never tried to watch the third part as it did not have the complete cast and crew of the first two movies.

3.5 out of 5

The Hangover

Timeless classic I would say. Manages to tickle the funny bone whenever I watch it. Awesome.

4.5 out of 5 


Out and out Bruce Willis movie. Mindless Action but well made I would say.

3 out of 5

The Town

Loved the movie. It is a movie a about a small town called Charlestown and about Bank robbers.Ben Afleck has not only acted well but also directed it really well

4 out of 5 

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Geeky. A total geek movie. A guy to win his girl has to battle her seven evil exes :) in Mortal Kombat style. People who've played console and PC games at least once in their lives will be able to relate to the movie. If not, don't even think about watching it.

3 out of 5


Beautifully told story of a young 11 year old Boy who lives with his granny, a younger brother a goat and few cousins in a farm house. Fun fact about the movie is it the highest grossing New Zealand film of all time.

4 out of 5 ( 4 only because it is just a 90 min movie)

My best friend's girl's_Girl_(2008_film)

Romatic Comedy. Has its moments. But then thats it. One time watch only if it is on TV and you have nothing else to do.

2.5 out of 5  

Ghost Writer

Awesome! A tale of a ghost writer (Ewan McGregor) who gets himself entagled in political conspiracy when he decides to ghost write the memoirs of an Ex British Prime Minister played by Pierce Brosnan.

4 out of 5

Since it is 14th of February, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Saint Valentine a very happy birthday and wish a very happy Valentine's day to all my loved ones!

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  1. My God ! I knew you were a movie buff but to this extent !! Glad you could enjoy yourself in Nigeria . I will try to see some of them myself.

  2. Coincidence! It was a movie marathon weekend for me too...but watched them on channels :)
    Bounty Hunter
    A Cinderella Story
    Terminator Salvation (repeat watch)
    Princess & the Frog
    Love Happens (Repeat watch)

  3. considering how big a movie buff you are this post has been long over due..... needless to say great post and a an amazing collection of movies....u should do a hindi movie post soon

  4. @Appa - All movies are worth watching but I guess you will not find time to watch it now.

  5. @Deepa - Super coincidence I would say :) You have given me a list of movies to watch now. Thanks :)

  6. @Pavitra - Good to see your comment :) and thanks for liking the post. Hindi movie review is a good idea. Have watched quite a few in last two weeks. Will surely give it a shot!

  7. Will surely go watch some of them, atleast ! :)

  8. Town is an excellent movie. I must say Ben Affleck is best when he is either directing or script writing.
    1) Good Will Hunting (Script co-written with Matt Damon)
    2) Gone Baby Gone (Directed - his bro Casey Affleck acted in this)
    3) and now The Town.